sunday, setp 29 2013, 155pm, day off, lets have a LIVE POST here for the first time in a long time. 1000 words tops just like the good old days.

Don’t mean to be narcissistic, this is more like a person standing up and sharing at the Lazy Losers Anonymous meeting. You hope others can learn from your experiences, or maybe YOU can learn from your experiences by Talking about them.

got the #BreakingBadMarathon going on here, 7 hours till the series finale, I’ll actually stay up late and watch the Talking Bad too. I think even if Walt Lives, Gilligan and Co will find a way to punish him, like he’s got nothing to live for: his family will die, or they won’t accept his money, etc, he’ll be doomed to wander the earth alone. or get arrested and die of cancer in prison alone. or shanked in prison. or shot to death 1000000 times by police, dea, nazis, AND his family all getting shots in. OR he dies AND they all die in a final shootout with him and his huge gun. any of those would be ok. just be sad to see prob The Best TV show Ever come to an end, they could have EASILY done one more season. Pretty exciting to be experiencing TV history, hehehehe.

But the point is, you should be experiencing some exciting history for yourself. One of my favorite bloggers sez, don’t get stuck in a Boring Life, go move to an Exciting City, so you can be around Energetic Exciting Young People, have an exciting social life and romantic life, maybe find a nice wife even.  (not that I recommend Legal Marriage, although I do support Monogamous Partnership and Having Lots of Children.)

Still thinking about my Love Vs Lust thing, and how the best Love is build from a foundation of Lust. Like you see the 18YOQT and IMMEDIATELY think HNNNNGGGGG!!!! I’d LOVE to have HER Sit On Muh Face ALL DAY! as opposed to, well, she’s a nice girl, and not even ugly, but I really DON’T want her to SOMF. That’s the struggle. If you get along with a Nice, Decent Woman, but you don’t have LUST for her, then why the hell SHOULDN’T you “cut your losses” and have Kids with her? ANd I do not have an answer for this.

Of course it is real hard to have children if you’re not making enough money!

Of course the solution is Multi-family, multi-generational, extended family houses. And I certainly don’t have a problem with THAT!

Is it more worthwhile to do something FUN, or to SLEEP, noting of course that sleep is INHERENTLY fun.

Like I was debating whether to NAP right NOW, or to watch #BreakingBadMarathon and do a little writing. Because I was having a kinda grim day and knew some writing might turn the ship around. So here I am.

How To Not Blow Off Your Friends

Well, I guess let them know the Price of Admission for You is that you never call, so they have to do all the calling, hahahahaha.

But Ideally you would push yourself to do a little MORE calling, and break your Bad Habit and replace it with a Good Habit.

Also let them know you are a Planner, and don’t mind planning something even a Week in Advance, rather than waiting till a couple days before a day and Seeing How You Both Feel.

Heh. I remember I was Courting A Grill and she refused to make plans with me because it wasn’t SPONTANEOUS enough. Heh. There were a couple Grills I Liked where it was a Bad Idea, a Bad Choice on my part. I should have told her to S my D right then and there, is that spontaneous enough. But I was desperate and In Love.

Anyway it’s perfectly ok to not like being spontaneous. It’s ok to think spontaneous sucks. And to want to make Solid Plans a week in advance. So what if you’re not in a Good Mood by the time the Day comes around. Put on your Damn Happy Face and try to enjoy the time with your Friend. do something nice for them like buy them dinner. Then neither of you will know or care that you’re in a bad mood. Unless you try to bring them down with your bad mood. Don’t do that!

And just go out for an hour or two, you don’t have to stay out partying all night, you can still be in bed by 9 or 10 o clock.

To get yourself to do Errands Better, force yourself to go to stores that are directly on the way to or from Underwork. For example, I stopped at the Supermarket Directly on the way home from Underwork, rather than go to my USUAL Supermarket, which is the complete opposite direction from Underwork. Even though this New Supermarket is a little more expensive. I considered that a “convenience charge” for being right on the way, and for getting me to actually Get The Errand Done.

* Buy a Big Bag of CANDY for yourself once in a while. something bite sized. Little chocolates or caramels or I myself am partial to Starbursts or Butterfingers or Nerds or Mike and Ike or Jolly Ranchers or Now and Later or Mambas or Sour Patch Kids

English: College student studies while eating ...
English: College student studies while eating Sour Patch Kids sour candies (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

or Skittles.  Something like that. I say, Start Out With Starbursts.

Obviously don’t do this ALL THE TIME because you will get FAT and also all your TEETH will fall out from the godawful sugar and HFCS, which is HORRIBLE for you. I’m talking more like a few little candies to help you celebrate on your Day Off, not stuffing your face with candy and ice cream all day every day. Like on Saturday Night or something, when you would REALLY like to have an 18YOQT SOYF or even just go on a Romantic Date with some Making Out and Cuddling, but you’re too old, loser, and omega to pull an 18YOQT to make you go HNNNGGG. Then on a day like that, watch your movie and eat a little candy. or take yourself out the movie theatre like I said in a previous post and really spend some money on yourself, getting soda and popcorn.

* The American Education System is Designed to KILL a child’s Intellectual Curiosity, to make them Hate Learning and Hate Skool, and fail at skool, and become losers who just want to smoke weed and play vidya and eat junk food all day, and become welfare parasites, or unemployable or underemployed losers with no power of any kind. And this Curiosity-Killing doesn’t stop with High School! College is Just As Bad!

* So use Youtube and Problem Solving Books as opposed to reading your godawful textbooks or listening to your godawful instructors. Get the Powerful STEM degree, checking eveyr month on JObs Numbers and Employability of Majors, so you can switch to a More POwerful STEM degree if necessary.  If you don’t want to think about this too much, Electrical Engin + Math Double major should get you a good Lower Middle Class Job and Wife.

* So you see an 18YOQT at College or Church and think, god damn, that would have made ALL the difference in the world, to have an 18yoqt to cuddle and SOMF, then I would have been the world’s best student in the world’s usefullest degree, and gotten the best lower middle class job ever, and maybe eventually have married one of those 18yoqts when I was 23 and On Top Of The World.

And MAYBE that’s accurate. I cannot deny the power of a man’s lust for 18yoqt’s! Damn, I still get those thoughts whenever I see an 18yoqt and I go HNNNGG and want them to SOMF! I think how good would THAT be, I would put up with a LOT to have some of THAT, I would pay a LOT of dues.

So yeah. A Man’s Lust for 18yoqts is a very, very powerful Force of Nature. It’s no surprise that Real ETernal Monogamous love can be built on top of that, or successful careers, etc.

But if you DON’T have that, and of course you don’t, none of us omega losers has anything close to that, we pull SIngle Mom SeaCows or more likely nothing at all, because we don’t LIKE single mom seacows, we like 18yoqts, but we’re too omega and old and fat and loser to pull 18yoqts! vicious circle!

SO my response to that is, uhh go volunteer at the soup kitchen to see some people who really have it bad, and get your sleep, take it one day at a time, talk to a college counselor and tell them, listen, I just want something to get me an upper working class fulltime job as quickly as possible because I HATE SCHOOL, don’t eat too much wheat or corn syrup or corn or soybeans or processed food or fast food or carbs, get your omega 3’s, get a light box or get some sun, get some exercise, get 30 mins of exercise a day, even if it’s “just” a brisk walk, a brisk walk is better than sitting around watching tv , don’t watch too much tv, if you HAVE to watch tv, make sure it’s something GOOD like breaking bad or jeopardy, turn the sound off on the unholy commercials, give thanks to the lord, thank god if you have a decent family, beg god for strength and help and a miracle, move to a safe City like Pittsburgh or Fargo or Boise or Eugene and get the cheapest place you can and finally get some 18YOQT action, well, maybe more like 25YO semi-QT action, but that’s GOOD ENOUGH, try some apple cider vinegar, don’t deny your animal instincts, but don’t be a nihilistic decadent hedonist either, eat a little bit of candy once in a while, get some delicious comfort food for lunch/dinner once in a while, but realize it will be 900000000 times easier to pull 25 yo qt’s if you’re NOT FAT, Schedule something A Week In Advance with Old Friends and then buy them dinner to show you appreciate them, I guess maybe try a damn Temp Agency because anecdotale evidence proves they can get you jobs at good companies and some of those jobs can turn into full time things (not sure if the temp agency would still take their 30% Cut or whatever at THAT time), set up spreadsheets and use numbers to quantify your Moodz over the days, quantify what you feeeeeel before and after doing Godawful Chores and Errands, Do as many errands on your route directly to and/or from Work as possible, try to find an Enjoyable Way to Get Out In The World With People, try to find a way to Enjoy and have fun with people, I know that sounds mind-boggling, because people are annoying and you enjoy yourself the most when those annoying d!ckheads are NOT around, but I guess the point there is to find people that are fun to hang out with, because the Healthy Human does need that, think of a time in your life when you WERE more social (checking muh privilege because I appreciate than many of you NEVER had that!), spritz lysol in the crotch of your pants, use zappos.com to buy shoes as well as all sorts of other clothes from the comfort of home, good selection at decent prices, I really am quite impressed, and very well may take the plunge very soon, maybe save up and spend a little extra on GOOD shoes that will actually LAST a long time, rather than cheap pieces of chinese crap that fall apart in 1 year, don’t hate yourself if you’re a little racist once in a while, it’s natural and healthy for humans to be a little racist, it’s GOOD not bad like the godawful unholy tv sez, don’t watch too much tv, hell don’t watch ANY tv, perpare a personal Budget, look into Financial Investments like gold or land or oil, try your hand at farming and grow your own food and cook it and eat it and know that you literally made that from the ground up, all right, take care of yourselves and I will be back in a few days.