sept 12 thurs
wow lost like 5000 words of 10 movie reviews, including a very important one. was gonna start muh Movie Blog with them. f00k google.

ALL BECAUSE the button to restore the stupid compose window, you click that, then your cursor is left hovering over the DISCARD FOREVER button, so if you accidentally click twice, GONE FOREVER. then you panic and click back and don’t even see the “undo discard” link that appears on that screen only once, and never after you click back or anywhere.

and the draft just needs to go to the trash, so you can restore it. but it doesn’t. people have been having this problem for over 7 YEARS.

i know I’ve done it once before. only once, believe it or not.

can’t believe i’m not more ANGRY. there was like 16 hours of WORK there.

and yet I’m typing again into a draft.

but not a movie review!!!

1144am fri sept 13 2013

PROTIP: DON’T USE GMAIL DRAFTS. THEY SUCK DICKS. I hate to be a whiner, but you’d think after 7 years and many Customers Complaining, they’d implement that Simple Fix.


Or some other App that you can easily open, easily type, easily autosave, and can never delete.

Rule 1 of Design sez, never permanently delete something without putting a huge f00king alert in the middle of the screen that you MUST click ok.

The HYPSM Top 1% Supergenius Elite Tryhards who WORK their CAREER JOBS at GOOGLE HAVE to know this, if I do.

Heh. was watching “Girl Code” and they made the distinction between a




Modern Women tend towards the glib, cutesy, and stupid, but this time they stumbled upon a solid gold truth, or at least a genuinely clever way of describing something truthful, accurate, and important. An important Employment and LIfe issue I talk about all the time, hahahaha.

the interesting thing is, where I had never said “Career Jobs” but just “Career”, as if Careers and Jobs were different, with “Career JObs”, there’s the implication that Career Women recognize that a Career is indeed still “just” a JOB. Which is really is.

What I would call a Upper Working Class Job, Lower MIddle Class Job, or the VAUNTED Upper Lower Middle Class Job. And you won’t get a Middle Middle Class Job like at Google unless you went to HYPSM.

Not that I use “Girl Code” as an Accurate Representation of Reality! It’s just a entertaining but degenerate TV SHOW. You gotta go Out In The Real World to get a more accurate rep of reality.

But I find the stuff Captured in Girl Code does indeed accurately Capture some of the view of some Modern Women that I and increasingly numbers of Men find bretty annoying and Not Worth It and makes you Not A Fan of Women.

Not A Big Deal. Just work on developing your own career job, and have Nonperverted, Nondegenerate Threesomes with 18yoqtz. No Prolapse Parties!!

If you are fortunate and lucky enough to have good friends that you have known longer than 50% of your life, then be grateful with them and try to spend time with them regularly, assuming they are not too much of a winner to hang out with Losers Like Us, or keep Losers like Us away from their Wives and Growing Families and Careers!

I did this recently and it improved my Negative Nancy mood significantly. And there was nothing fancy about it, no Big Plans! Simply Eating Pizza, Watching Jeopardy, playing Vidya Gayms, making Jokes.

It was like a small miracle from God. The person needed to Buy Some Clothes, not an unusual situation for Normalfags, and they are probably more of a Normalfag than I, or at least somehow have the energy to drag themselves out of bed and occasionally do Normalfag things like run the Normal Normalfag Errands of Life like Clothes Shopping, so I said, “Yep, that would be OUTSTANDING, I really need to do some of that myself too, I have been trying to do that for the last 3 months!”

So we went to Burlington Coat Factory and they bought their clothes and I found a very nice shirt for a decent price.

Did not take much time or energy at all. I think incorporating it with the Friend Visit really facilitated the Shopping Errand.

Like I say, A Miracle from God.

It was a pretty good day, so I HAD to write about it. Many lessons learned, good for sharing, good for uplifting our desperate community!

Also made a fresh Classic Mix CD for the first time in 3 months. Should probably be doing this every TWO months!! Again, this should be composed of some of your All Time Favourite SOngs, especially those you’ve been listening to recently. Then put the date on the CD, cut it down to 74 minutes, figure out an ok order, but don’t kill yourself. Follow your gut, cut some songs to get down to 74 min, shuffle the order till it makes some kind of sense, but don’t TRY TOO HARD, don’t take more than 10 minutes doing that. Even if it’s not perfect, it will still have a lot of Sweet songs that you can listen to in the car or wherever.

for example, here’s a good song for me, maybe for you, haven’t had a good Song O The Post in a long time:

Heavy Epic Doom Metal with Chillass Spinechilling Keyboardz

Metal Band playing a Chill Classic Rock version of one of their Metal Hits

getting real exhbitionist today, if that gives my identity away to you, please do not expose me all over 4chan and the internet. f0000000000k me.

If you really need to buy clothes, and if you’re like me, you probably do, because you just LOOK like a NEET NIceguy Virgin with your CLOTHES, then you can get affordable new clothes at Burlington Coat Factory. The place was even better than Kohl’s, although if you’re feeling really extravagant and energetic, you can try Kohl’s too, it’s always a good Standby. But Burlington might become my new standby because it might be Cheaper.  And they also have SHOES.

I am fully Sensitive to the fact that you might not be able to AFFORD to buy new clothes and thus would have to go to the Salvation army or Thrift Store. That is fine. The lesson there is, try to go to DIFFERENT thrift stores, because if you go to the same one all the time, you can get burned out on their increasingly sh1tty selection.

However if you get Neetbux or Autismbux or LazyLoserBux from the gummint (Social Security Disability), then you prob make more money than some poor schmuck like me working an underjob, hahahaha.

I also realize that it can be harder than you think to get SSI money. A lot of Hard Work, really, hehehehe.

* here’s the other clothes related protip. I was orig planning on finally biting the bullet and going to kohls on my day off. my New Magic Bullet Plan was: even though I need EVERYTHING, shoes, pants, shirts, suits, EVERYTHING, and I have said before, Slow On The Uptake people like Mee need at LEAST TWO hours to do ANY kind of task, my new plan to Get Moving was to say, f00k this two hours, f00k buying EVERYTHING, I am gonna try going to Kohls for no more than 30 MINUTES. Get in and get out as FAST AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE. Even if it means not trying on the thing. Just run in, grab ONE THING that sticks out, and GET THE F OUT AS FAST AS POSSIBLE.

So that way, I have at least ONE new clothes item, Proved to self that Yes I Can Go Shopping, AND it would take WAY less than TWO HOURS.

I plan to try that move Next Time I Go Shopping.

* But the equally Important Lesson is, if you have a Good Friend who wants to go shopping, then try to get in on that, because it makes it 900000000000000000 EASIER.

Yes I am Sensitive to the fact that 100% of Neet Losers DON’T have Friends like this, in fact that is a large part of what MAKES them Neets or Wizards or v9ks. Heh. This is why I’ve said before and i’ll say again that I am grateful to not be a true wizard or v9k. Prob I am even more Normalfag than r9kz. But I sure as hell aint no full blown normalfag. But I am normalfag enough to have a small number of Good Friends, THANK GOD.

* Starting to get cooler outside, darker in the morning, football weather, beautiful crisp fall weather, leaves turning, etc. Great weather for Cuddling With Your 18yoqt awkward autist introvert Waifu amirite, hahahahaha. Yes, beautiful autumn season but you know DAMN WELL what’s coming up, so go to amazon and buy a goddam LIGHT BOX so you’re finally READY for this winter.

* I have been blowing off a request by a Old Friend to get back in touch with him, maybe you have done things like this too. It is from a period of my life I would prefer to erase, the time I’m paying The Karmic Debt for now, because of my own idiotic choices and mistakes. No reflection on the people I knew back then, the PEOPLE were GREAT, so that leads to hella conflict and ambivalence now, keeping in touch. Whereas some of Us can safely cut the ties altogether, because the people were crappy criminal burnouts and betrayers and losers and whatnot. But not in my case, so it’s Really Interesting.

So I WANT to respond to him, and I know I should, I just keep putting it off. So I’m gonna try to do it today, like 2 weeks after the request, better late than never. My secret method is that I will be QUICK and FAST and Nonperfectionist about it. Will take no more than 10 minutes. One paragraph. Be like, Hi, How Ya Doin, THANKS for asking about me, here’s my EMAIL, send me an email telling me whats up, and that way I will have your email too, hope all is well, I always thought you were/are a great guy.