aug 31 2013, 3pm, saturd

would i let miley cyrus sit on my face? probably once. I would definitely Bone her while she Twerked my Crotch. However I would never marry her, even though she IS prime of youth, because she is filthy and decadent and not the kind of girl you marry.

was watching the ABC FAmily channel and they showed “stick it” with “Missy Peregrym” (Jeff Bridges girls gymnastics coach, 2006), and “When in Rome” with Kristen Bell (zach duhmel, dax queerphard, will arnett, danny devito). Then I thought I would DEFINITELY like both Missy and Kristen to sit on my face.

Then went for brisk powerwalk, and mixed a tiny bit of Jogging in there, which I have been too lazy to do lately.

The big thing I did was use this site dirpy.com to convert a bunch of youtube vidyas to mp3. this is my new favourite site for doing so.  went through spotify queue and history of played queue songs and picked the favourite songs i had listened to recently. the best of the recent best. indispensible songs i could prob listen to at any time. grabbed the songs from youtube, put them on player.

You should try doing this. get like 30 songs you could listen to at any time.  time tested songs that you had listened to and enjoyed 9000 times before. songs with that special x factor.

that goofy faced girl from “when in rome”, she could also sit on my face. She is kinda a Hipster Grrll in some Twee Comedy Musical Group as well, playing ukelele “garfunkel and oates”.  I forgot her name, don’t want to look it up right now. “kate micucci”. hmm. didn’t think that was her name, but that is definitely the girl. 33 years old and still facesittable. not bad. see, I’m not so EXTREME.

anna faris, she could DEFINITELY sit on my face ALL DAY even though she is like 40. See? I can like older women too, hehehehe.

watched an australian movie and then explored maps of australia. seemed like a nice place to live.  i have this notion that the economy in aus is good. or at least Gainful Employment is higher than in US. could be wrong. and there are plenty of 18yoqts in aus. why not.

i don’t just like gurls Butts, I also like their Legs, and I especially like their necks and neckbones. collarbone. where the neck meets the chest. i am SURE, as apropos of rule 27, (actually Rule 34…or is it 36??) that there are Fetish Porn Sites for Clavicle Porn. I do not approve of Any Pornography, it’s all filth, but sometimes a necessary evil to get your Rocks off once in a great while, and you don’t have any 18yoqts on call. Doesn’t mean I LIKE Pornography. Nope. I DISLIKE it. But sometimes I really want to look at naked 18yoqts.

not 10 times a day, maybe 2 times a week. nothing  TOO perverted. wouldn’t even do THAT if I had a harem of 18yoqts on call, on demand, where I could be like, lets get down, I’m coming over.

on saturday night if you have nothing to do and wish you could have a super cute grill to make out, cuddle, sit on face, but you don’t, then Treat Yourself to a Movie. actually go out to the movie by yourself.

I used to do this ALL THE TIME, but got out of the habit. Prob cuz movies SUCK and they’re too EXPENSIVE, but there’s NO REASON to cut it out ALTOGETHER. go once a month or so.

actually saturday night would kinda suck because there will be a bunch of 18yoqts in the audience with their boifranz and they will look at you like youre a creeper. not that that matters, just that all those goddam PEOPLE can be ANNOYING.

ok. so if you have an underjob where something like wednesday is your “day off”, and you have nothing to do on tuesday night but sit around and jerk off to porn, then that would be a PERFECT time to take yourself out to a nice movie. make a big production out of it.  go out of your way to a fancier theatre, or go the distance to see an Artsy movie; and buy a Popcorn and put lots of salt and butter on it.

But don’t spend money on Soda or Water or Candy. if you don’t want Popcorn, just sneak in some of your favorite Candy. but if you plan on getting Popcorn, then also you must plan on sneaking in a Soda or Water. I recommend Code Red Mt Dew, hahahahaha.

maybe just go to the strip club already, find the cutest, youngest girl there, and keep throwing money at her and saying what will $100 get me. you will probably get to actually bang her if you are willing to spend enough money. Note: probably more than Spending Time with an Official “ESCORT.”  good news is that you get to actually see the girl before choosing her. bad news is that it will prob cost a lot more, and you have to go into a filthy strip club. might be better to just stay home and look at Prono, hahahaha.

931 am sept 3 2013 tues

REAL grim today. should not be: took the Rx, did Lites Out at 7pm last night, however didn’t sleep nearly as well as that implies. did not have ANY coffee. and all the 18yoqts taking their toll!

wed 738 am

again tried going to bed at 7pm, didn’t work out so hot. 5 am came too early. try going to bed at 6pm, hahahahahahaha. i think it’s cause it takes at LEAST 2 days to get into this rhythm. so, on the third day, i will be able to get effectively to sleep at 7pm.

takes forever to clear the mind, always in a bad mood, walking through sludge, end it all, real life is impossible, do not have what it takes, other horrible feels and thoughts. o god please.

a couple things that helped: calling people on the road “YOU STUPID SON OF A B!TCH”. That is a real good insult, and hilarious.

Praying to Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, and Holy MARY, MOTHER of God, PLEASE Grant Me Peace, Amen. Over and Over again. Please Grant Me Peace. Don’t forget about MARY. WE need all the help we can get! I know I do! I’ve got the best life in the world, yet I have no energy or motivation to do anything! I could have cancer or be homeless!!!

When my mind starts wandering to horrible thoughts like that early in the morning, and all it takes is like 10 slow minutes of downtime from my Work, then my new trick is to go right to my Netflix Queue and meticulously rearrange the first 100 or so movies. This is a miracle worker. While still praying to Jesus and Mary, of course.

Warning: yes I realize this is Pretty Much BLASPHEMY. That I can’t be talking about 18yoqtz sitting on muh face, and then praying to jesus and mary for a miracle, for strength and peace, all in the same sentence. or getting angry at people and calling them stupid son of a b1tches, for that matter.

I was at College doing some Studying, because maybe my problem is that I just don’t have enough EDUCATION to be worthy of a $9 an hour full time job, let alone a $15 an hour!, when I saw some Perfect Beta Boy Behavior. An Articulate and well-spoken and prob intelligent young man was Telling Some Gurl what to write for her paper, speaking the phrases out carefully as she wrote them. He was saying articulate and well-formed phrases that would probably get an A on the paper, like he was accustomed to Readin N Writin, whereas she prob was not. His voice also sounded totally unmasculine. Heh. I bet he was In Luv with her. Bad Move, Buddy!!

I’d be like, Write Your Own Paper, Stupid! and then she would sit her 18yo 4ss on my face, whereas that will never happen to him! “Rub your huge t1ts all over my c0ck while you’re at it!” I’d also say, and she’d happily oblige.

OK, here’s Another Cognitive Distortion, or is it:

“30 Years Ago, Your Parents Could Easily Find A Job with just a High School Education, that you, 30 years later, would have to have a Masters Degree and Bust your 4SS outperforming 9000 other people, and have a very good chance of not being as paid as well!”

or, more succinctly:

“Your Parents could easily find a job and make more money with a high school diploma than You can with a Masters Degree. And you aren’t gonna come by that job EASILY either!”

Rational Response: While it is true that certain Trends have taken shape over the past 30 years, this statement is a Gross Exagerration. It’s Not REALLY THAT Bad.  This is classic AMPLIFICATION or MAGNIFICATION, where you see something, and Grossly Exagerate it, so you believe it’s worse than it actually is. You’re not completely imagining it, but you are Overimagining its Importance.  This is a particularly Tricky Cognitive Distortion because it’s not like you’re pulling something out of thin air, and you can point to Some Evidence. It is a matter of degree, not of kind.  So it can be tricky convincing yourself the problem really isn’t THAT bad. Especially if you’ve been using it as a Convenient Excuse!

This is JUST THE SAME as me with my Gross Magnification of focusing Too Much on 18 Year Old Girls, at the expense of other perfectly attractive “Older” Young Women.  Just because Men Prefer Younger Women, on average, doesn’t mean Women past the Prime Of Youth (18 to 22, hehehehehe) can’t be attractive. Nope. Not until after they “HIT THE WALL” at age 30, only then is it truly all over, hahahahaha.

“You’re A Woman-Hater!”

Well Women, you don’t HAVE to read this!! Go read Cosmo! Or Masters Of Human Resource Information Systems Textbook!

So yeah. you can get REAL CREATIVE, with the stupid rules you make of How Easy it was to get a $x an hour job xy years ago, that you didn’t need a minimum of 200 college credits and 1000 hours of unpaid internship and have to spend at least 800k on your education to Prove You Want It, etc etc etc. Don’t forget about the Jagoffs even Dumber and Lazier than you, who Easily Waltz Into, in 2013, a nice $15 an hour entry level full time Business Job with their Bachelors of Business degree from a Fourth-Tier Sewer and 2.8 GPA and no internships.

All right Fellaz, take care of yourselves, try to have at least one productive day per week, then step it up to two, then three. Pray to Jesus and Mary for strength and guidance and peace and a miracle and gratitude, don’t eat too much junk food, get some sun, buy a light box for the winter, try taking some prozac or similar medz.