thurs 8 29 2013 732pm

addicted to writing about crap. narcissistic, whiny bullcrap. figuring nothing out. hand=wringing navel gazing. just a nervous habit. well it’s slightly better than that. but still very formulaic. ideally i would be TALKING this out as an audio file. I write like I talk. SOunds a lot better when you talk it. But I do not talk because that would REALLY identify me.

I am A Little Racist, but like my Ridiculous Sense of Entitlement to 18YOQTs, I don’t Feel Ashamed about that. So I’m a Little Racist. Big Deal. Everybody’s a little racist. Yet sometimes, depending what you read (mainstream media hehehehe) or who you talk to (middle class whites, middle class masters degree jobs, hehehehe) then being a racist is HORRIFYING and the WORST thing you can possibly be, and it means you’re either IGNORANT or HATEFUL.

Then I read something suggesting a lot of “smart people” (scientists, engineers, MDs, lawyers; obviously not Univ Professors hahahaha) are pretty racist, although they obviously don’t come out and SAY so, because it’s a career-killer, and they obviously don’t want to lose their good jobs.

But yeah I am obsessed with Race, thinking about Race all the time. Who’s the most Racist Race. How does Race X treat Race Y. What would an interracial relationship between race w and race v look like, with the families. what if you raised a child from race z in race a conditions. why do so many of race b REALLY act like that? how do you explain these patterns of behavior??

that kind of thing.

However I had concluded that you have to be in a real position of power to really make Racist Decisions. Like lets transfer this race from that area to this area. I am way too low on the totem pole to do that. It would be impossible for me to DO anything Racist, even if I WANTED to. And I don’t really. THe most racist I get is that I prefer the company of my own race over others, that I prefer not to be forced to interact with obnoxious members of other races. Is that too much to ask?

“But what about obnoxious members of your own race??” state the anti-racists.  (BTW: What race are most anti-racists?)

Sure, I don’t like them either. But I feeeeeel closer to them than obnoxious non-co-ethnics.

I was on a HUGE racial kick not too long ago, and found that it can create some real stress in your personal life, if your real life friends know you’re A Racialist Writer. So I kind backed away form publicly writing about Race.

Also, it sucks when you’re a LOSER and you write about Race, especially if you’re a White Loser, because then you get painted as That Angry Loser White Guy that wants to blame Affirmative Action for his OWN Shortcomings. You KNOW that is a real risk.

It would be a lot more convincing for me to be a huge winner, a huge successful engineer making 300k a year, and THEN coming out as a Racist, and saying, hey, I’m smart, I’m a winner, and I’m here to give you some straight talk about Racism. It’s not as bad as you think! You have been lied to! To be saying that from a Happy, Healthy, Secure position of Winning.

I’m not even 100% SURE I AM a racist. Maybe I’m just TRYING TOO HARD to BE a racist. A Racist TRYHARD. Well, I know if it came to light that I WAS a racist, I would be bretty ok with it, and so should you!!

I’m just coming at it from a Practical Perspective. Blacks and whites behave differently. whites and arabs behave differently. getting along in the here and now is probably more important than WHY they’re different. (“But YES it DOES matter WHY, because WHITES oppressed BLACKS and that’s why blacks are so poor right now! As a member of the Oppressing Group, you feel oppressed when people call you out for your oppression!”) Although it’s true that Black, White, and Arab Cultures ARE very different, so it makes perfect sense that Children raised in those cultures turn out to be very different adults.

And that’s really about it. nothing too shocking there. and if that’s too racist for you, go eat your daddy’s D, Whitey!

Heh. It’s usually Middle Class Whites that get all OFFENDED by RACISM. Makes me glad I live in a more Working-Class Hood. (Albeit Upper. As you may have guessed, my Specialty Class is Upper Working and Lower Middle.)

Oh yeah, CLASS is hugely important too.

But yeah I am about done with all this for now. I am much more concerned with Banging 100 18YOQTs! And making $15 an hour!

“You think you’re ENTITLED to a $15 an hour job just because Baby Boomers were? Adapt to conditions! Prove that you’re WORTHY of a $15 an hour job first, by Demonstrating a Needed Skill, and THEN you might be able EARN that money!”

Yeah yeah ok fine I will go back to COLLEGE, hehhehehe, f00king faggot.

anyway. reading blogs of people arguing about race is boring and makes me want to bang 18YOQTs. maybe then I could think more clearly about race, or about how to get a $15 an hour job.

Looked at some pornography recently. it was OK, but again, it was only 1% as good as The Real Thing with An 18YOQT.  Now, I have had S with a Below-Bare-Minimum NUMBER of 18YOQTs, and each one of those, a Below-Bare-Minimum number of TIMES, but I can verify that it was over 90 times better than Porno. It was mind-blowing, game-changing, life-changing. NEVER FORGET.  It never leaves you. You literally could never forget even if you tried, god almgithy, even if you wanted to. And after a while you wish you COULD!!!!

Heh. I should go live and work on an Organic Farm. although farming aint easy, and it’s not simple, the best farmers get college degrees in farming. but of course hunting and gathering is better for you than farming. I dunno. I dont give a f00k. I don’t know why I’m still writing! I should be watching a movie, because my brain has Totes Shut Down even from its normal state of Never Being At Peak Performance! If it ever WERE at Peak Performance, then LOOK OUT WORLD!

Friday  8 30, 137pm

Go to Spotify, go to your huge list of 9000 Starred Songs (confirmed Good Listenable Songs), and then start at the top and go down and do “Add to QUEUE” like you were at a Real Life Jukebox. And line up like 20 songs that you actually want to listen to, and will listen to when the come on. Boom. INstant Mix Tape of that Snapshot in Time Of Your Life.  Give the Mix Tape to Grills to show how Deep and Awesome you are, and add another 18YOQT notch to the bedpost. But not sadistically. Not trying to hurt anyone. Hey, you can’t help how Cool you are, and certainly ok get some of your Physical Wants Satisfied.

Race. Who Cares. I’m not allowed to talk about Race anyway because I’m part of the Oppressing Race. Anyway, there are more important things in life, like

18YOQTs and $15 an hour jobs.

Notice the Two Big Things yet??


there’s the runner up for 3rd place, hahahaha.

I feel ya, buddy. Sometimes ya gotta get a LOT of 18YOQTs before you ooze that natural masculine alpha charisma that makes you Interview Well. So get out there and Get Banging!!

But one problem with that is The LORD does not smile upon you having No Commitment Sex with tonnes o grillz. OR DOES HE?

I guess there is some Christian Common Sense that you should not separate sex and love, and INDEED there is some great logic behind that, indeed I still strongly agree with that.

My position is: when A Man has had his True Love rejected too many times, AND he’s getting Old, AND he’s super Horny, then SOMETIMES this MAN has the right to separate sex and love for a while, if he wants.

Notice there’s a lot of ANDs in that Logical Construction:

If (Man AND (&&) Old && TrueLoveRejected > 7 && HornLevel > 7 && YearsWithoutEroticSatisfaction > CONST_MANY_YEARS) Then

let SexLove = SexLove / Love;

let Sex = SexLove;

end if;

note: THAT kind of code will not get you a SEVEN dollar an hour job! Because you got too many hardworking H1-Bs from INDIA who will do WAY BETTER than that for FIVE dollars a DAY!!!

I am not racist against Indians, in fact, Indians are one of my Favorite Nonwhite Races. Heh. Note: there is a White Racist argument that Indians are closely related to Whites. See: Aryans. Something about Dravidians.

All right MEN, and REMEMBER I don’t CARE what COLOR you are. If anything, this blog is more excluding of WOMEN than it is of whatever RACE. Brown and Black and Yellow and Red and Green and Purple and Pink MEN can be Kissless 30 Old Virgin NEET Neckbeard Wizard Virgin Losers too!

Not that I “HATE” Women either. I’m just going through a phase where I MUCH prefer the company of MEN to the company of Women, unless said Women are…..




(Bet ya did not see that coming.)

Your Homework for the day:

Hang out with MEN, Get out there and Get Banging, get some sun, some BRIGHT light, 1000 Lumens or something. Buy a LIGHT BOX for the WINTER, if someone accuses you of Being A Racist, simply say, “YES I AM”, and just SEE WHAT HAPPENS after that.

Do that QUEUE business with your Spotify or Music List.

Write an EMAIL to an OLD FRIEND you haven’t talked to in months or years.



Go to a Petting Zoo and Hang Out With Cute Animals and Pet them.

Buy some GOLD’N’GUNS.

Move to NORTH DAKOTA and START ANEW. Since housing is so Expensive there, simply buy the biggest cheapest VAN you can, and then LIVE IN THE VAN. Google Living In A Van. Because seriously. Even though you WILL find a nice Entry Level Full Time Job in North Dakota, AND it’s likely to may closer to $15 an hour than $7 an hour, the tradeoff is that you will pay $4k a month for a tiny one room apartment. more than in LONDON ENGLAND. So just LIVE IN A VAN.