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do you hate your boss? does your boss hate you? if you answered no to both those questions, then you HAVE to find some way to get a reference letter out of them. Unless doing so will get you fired. if not, you have to do it.

I talk alot about Bribing, and wouldn’t it be nice if we could just bribe the interviewers with cash or a pizza party. Well here ya go, the Reference Letter is like a kind of Bribe in that sense, one that will ACTUALLY work!

Using this logic, we can put a DOLLAR VALUE on the Reference letter. Estimated. If it helps you get a new job, then it’s worth literally THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS. But let’s just say it’s worth a Hundred Dollars. Or Five Hundred. And your boss is willing to give it to you for FREE if you ask nicely. It is like a Five Hundred Dollar Bill laying on the sidewalk for you, just as long as you are willing to bend over and pick it up. And then you take that Five Hundred Dollar Bill and Bribe your future boss with it.

thurs 7 18

well, gotta be careful of muh privacy here. ANYWAY, TLDR is I just got a bit of that MIRACLE I’ve been PRAYING for for many years, haha, essentially an “unpaid internship”. I know I have spoken out against these, well, kind of. hate the fact that you have to be YOUNG, and FULL TIME STUDENT, to get a “good” or “useful” internship, and to be “good” or useful”, the internship HAS to be full time. But I understand how IMPORTANT and MANDATORY The Internship is for getting A Job, Any Job, Bare MInimum, Survival, and possibly mating if you’re lucky. No Internships, No Job, No Mate, No Win, No Life.

The good news is: I like the guy, like him a lot, good mentor role model type; also I didn’t have to do any work to find it (hence the MIRACLE aspect). just handed to me on a silver platter. And since Companies don’t like training you, you HAVE to do Unpaid INternships to get ANY kind of TRAINING in ANYTHING, well, why not. Plus I get more blurbs on resume, more reference letters. PLUS it is not intended to be a Full Time thing, which is good, because I can’t do 40 Hours Unpaid a week anyhow.

However since I like the guy and personally don’t want to disappoint him, that means I have to drastically rearrange my schedule and stay Busy Like A Bigboy.

I might screw up, but I don’t want it to be because of being lazy or blowing off tasks, like I did when I was a Useless Degree Field/Department (Social Sciences) Research Assistant. And I was getting paid slightly more than Min Wage for that!

This is something more ahem related to my current “major” of CompSci.

Even though Real Winners do 40 hour a week 3 month internships (sometimes paid! you KNOW it’s a GoodUseful Internship (kinda like a Useful Degree) if it’s PAID and it’s at a FORTUNE 500 COMPANY) during Summers 1 2 and 3, that ship has sailed for me, and I can only commit to less than 20 hours a week. Meaning most non-nice people would not want to even think of Training Me For Free!

But this guy is nice, and he’s doing a nice thing for me, so I want to not give up, because I don’t want to disappoint him, bc I could possibly leverage this into something bigger later, ie it’s NOT USELESS, bc I prob will never get another chance like this EVER AGAIN FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE. Meaning for the next several months this blog might slow down.

actually drew out The Grid/Spreadsheet of All The Hours in a Week. The Time Management Project.

AAAANNNNDDD if, God Willing yet another Miracle, I get this 2nd Part Time Job I’m trying for, then I would be Working Over Full Time, plus this thing, which you could probably an Internship, but I hate that WORD. But since I recognize The Internship as a Powerful, Job-Getting Thing, I might as well Reclaim the Word, Own it, as a way of saying, YES, THAT IS ME, I AM NOW A WINNER, I’M NOT A LOSER ANY MORE.

Which would be real nice! I’m so sick of being a loser! I’ve been a Loser for the past 10 years (although I started going Off Track a few years before that!)

Well no, actually I’ve only been a Real Loser for the past EIGHT years. come on now.

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Might as well say the word “internship” because that’s a way of explaining to others WHY you’re busy. Well the good news is that I am trying to stay so busy that I don’t have time to think of myself as a Huge Loser, the bad news is I am Totes Freaking Out about this new thing now. So I will say, well at least I’m trying something, trying to be accountable to someone, and give it some TIME, things are ALWAYS nerve wracking in the first few WEEKS.

Plus I will most assuredly learn SOMETHING about the old Web Dev. Think of it as a CLASS, but a Class You Can Put On Your RESUME. Heh. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could put CLASSES on your RESUME. So instead of saying: “Walmart – part time customer service. did cash register and had idiots scream at me all day.” you could say “Calculus 5 Incorporated – Manager InstructorName. Did really really really hard complex huge calculus problems and had my work evaluated as Superior by The Manager. Master level implementation of Green’s Theorem etc.”

Just want to manage my time effectively, which I’ve NEVER been good at, get stuff done and not be an idiot, but also for example do one social thing per week. Got a friend coming in from out of town and I want to see a lot of them for example, more than once per week!

So, a little worried about disciplining myself to Get Up Early To Do Unpaid Work From Home. Historically the only thing that gets me to Get Up Early is Paid Work.

So I guess just do it I guess. Just really quite ANXIOUS about it all, usually I am Lazy And Angry, not usually this Anxious. Hopefully the anxiety decreases as I get more used to things.

REAL GOOD RULE OF THUMB: keep forgetting to mention. If you do not have at least ONE THOUSAND HOURS of out-of-school, extracurricular, hands-on, workplace, working, industry, internship Experience, you will not get hired in an Entry Level Fulltime $10 An Hour Job. Shoot for 1000 hours of Experience As you Complete your Useful Bachelors Degree. Then you’ll have a bretty good chance of Getting A Job.

Hopefully I will get 400 to 500 out of my thing.

JULY 23 2013

well kiddos, didn’t think I’d reach this point. where I have no more drafts left. but I have been busy recently, starting the past week. or at least felt real busy, and real Stressed Out, and almost like Being A Lazy Loser is BETTER because at least they get time to REST.

Time management, free time, having something To Do 16 hours a day, not being able to schedule 8 hours of sleep a night because you have too many obligations and responsibilities.

So I am in a real in between phase right now, where I am officially doing “internship” tasks, trying to fit X hours of that into my Schedule, trying to do decent work and not disappoint My Guy is high on my priority list. Mitigating Factors there are: this Social Pasttime Hobby I have which, if you want to Seriously Get Stuff Done Like A Bigboy, is a Serious Time Burglar.

Trying to take it one day at a time AND implement a thing where, starting IMMEDIATELY, I Get Up Earlier and Earlier each day. I and Anybody can get up at 4 am if it is because we have to Get To Paid Work early in the morning. You do it for the money. But where there’s no paycheck involved, it’s harder to Get Up Early, when you are working an Afternoon/Second Shift at your Underjob.

Anyway. Say your Stress Level has Doubled Or Tripled recently, or you have found yourself with a New Responsibility that is gonna Push You To Your Limit, but you don’t want to Sh1t The Bed by Shirking Said Responsibility. So you go ahead and just do a half-ass job. A Half-ass Job Is Over 50,000% better Than A No-Ass Job!

So don’t let anyone b1tch at you for doing a Half Ass Job. This would be a HUGE “baby” step up from the Usual Behavior of Doing Nothing.