sat july 13 2013

153 Furthur Official Soundboard recordings. I like Soundboards better than Audience Recordings. Typically better Sound, hahaha.

It doesn’t bother me that this John Kadlecik is a “Jerry Garcia Soundalike.” It doesn’t bother me that Bob Weir is a member of the BILDERBERG GROUP, hahaha, and the Grateful Dead were USED by TAVISTOCK to turn the best minds of that generation to MUSH, so that the PLUTOCRAT BANKSTERS could fully destroy and enslave us a generation later. heh, heh. heh. Actually that part might bother me.

Doesn’t bother me that Kreutzmann/Hart are not in the band, though I guess it would probably be better if they were. And maybe I’m wrong that a 70 year old Drummer can’t keep up.

Note: Sunshine Garcia Becker is NOT related to Jerry Garcia in any way.

ANYWAY. NOT a music blog. But those Furthur recordings WILL lift your Bad Mood and make you more productive on your Job Applications.

* Probably the most beautiful day of the year so far, AND had the day off. Since I am obsessed about getting SUN, and today was the PERFECT day to do it, and I’m CONVINCED that you get better sun EARLY the afternoon (before 5 o clock) than you do LATER in the afternoon, and how often do you get the chance to get Tons O Sun before 5 pm? Like twice a year! if you don’t go to the BEACH on a day like this, you have to spend at LEAST an HOUR outside, wearing your Muscleshirt, so as to get Sun on your Pasty White Fatceps!

* Think of it as MEdicine! As a PAYCHECK! As a GIFT! Something good you’re getting!

* I guess if you risk getting a Sunburn, then use sunblock. But most of us are the ANTITHESIS of Sunburnt. It would be NICE to get some COLOR on our Pasty White Bodies, but it seems like there’s not enough SUN to do that! So the 2 days of the year when the sun is shining bright, make the most of it, don’t waste it, and spend at LEAST an HOUR out there!

(I went for a brisk One Hour Powerwalk. I usually do 30 minutes a day but today HAD to do one hour.)

(And I’m so out of shape this is considered EXERCISE for me! But it’s OBVIOUSLY better than sitting inside Neckbearding like A Man does All Winter!)

* I guess if My Morning Jacket is more your style of Good Feels Jam Band, then go ahead and listen to them, they’re not horrible. It was always Grateful Dead for me, though.

* It’s better to do a SHODDY JOB than NO JOB! Better to turn in a BAD ResCLApp than turn in NO ResCLApp! It’s better to have a Bombed, Failed, Spaghetti Pockets Interview than NO Interview! It’s better to turn in a piece of crap than to turn in NOTHING! See, this is due to our PERFECTIONISM leading to our PROCRASTINATION. PROCRASTINATION is caused by PERFECTIONISM, so break yourself of that habit by getting in the habit of doing IMPERFECT things!

* So Practice doing IMPERFECT things but doing them on time or early.

* And Chances are, because you’re a perfectionist, your version of imperfect will STILL be Above Average, it’ll be bretty good, it won’t be a piece of crap, in other words.

* for example, I am procrastinating even on writing a brief thank you note because I am thinking I got to write it out beforehand on the computer and then copy it from the computer by hand, because I don’t trust myself to write it straight out on the card without having to scratch out stuff and have it look like crap. Well, perhaps I should trust myself more, and just write it directly onto the card, and not CARE so much if it looks or sounds like a kindergartner wrote it! Because a thank you note from a kindergartner is 90000000 times better than NO thank you note at all!!!

* ahhh yes “reason for leaving.” or “have you ever been told to resign.” I’m no attorney, I’ve never seen an Official Background Check, I’ve never had to Manage Human Resources Records so if someone called me and asked to verify the employment of somebody who worked there 10 years ago I would have to give them to my manager.

sun 7 14

ok did i mention it took at least 4 hours to do one application, and that is not even counting the cover letter, hahahaha. I am taking a chance here because what I did was, instead of filling out the app by hand, I copied and pasted all the fields into a Word Doc (uneditable PDF) and then typed all the information nice and neat. My only fear is that this might not be “official”, so into the trash it goes. Besides it asks for signature twice. So I am gonna turn in the actual application, with the typed up application attached, and signatures on both. Turn one Packet into the person listed, and also email them the stuff. But I’m honestly surprised this organization does not have a more “Streamlined” Internet-Based Application System, not that those are much better.

* the more people you can get to help you, the more successful you will be.

* if you fail at life because you blew off school and work to go WORK OUT or EXERCISE, well, that’s not too bad, because Exercise is Healthy and Good For You. Better to be a Healthy Loser than an Unhealthy Loser, because being in good Health will help you be a winner! In other words, You’re never too Busy to go Exercise! Just Blow off your Reading and Studying and Tasks and Responsibilities and Job Search and Go For A Nice Walk!

* Heh. They should have CLASSES to help Losers Like Us Solve our “depression” and Loserness. If you have to take like 130 credits of Grueling, Superhard Classes just to get an Upper Working Class Job, JUST IMAGINE: If you had 4 hours of class every week, with readings and homework and tests, for like 12 or 16 weeks, on How To Stop Being A Lazy Loser!

* I predict you could CURE Morally Lazy Loserness for a lot of people, given the time and energy of ONE College Class. Heh. And it’s LUDICROUS people spend so much time and energy for their College Classes, but they DON’T EVEN DO 1% of that towards Fixing Themselves! Well, that’s what I am here for!