7 11 thurs

* day off today. yesterday was a real GOOD day, a real high point, thank god, but today I was super tired and angry and lazy and hopeless when I woke up. Just felt like taking a NAP. If I Lived Alone, maybe I would, hahaha.

* So I forced myself to call for an oil change like I’ve been meaning to do the past 2 weeks or so and am going to do that.

* felt good about that, so I finished the Email and Sent it like I was talking about last post. the email has been weighing on my mind the past 2 days.

* IDEALLY I would prepare my stuff for this Job Application. Scheduling about 4 hours to do that. Gotta write down all the information from all the jobs of the past 10 years. MAYBE I should actually do the Cover Letter first, because that is gonna require the most Creativity / Inspiration / Miracle, whereas the Complete Job History is just tedious. But if I save that effort for the Cover Letter, then better chance at getting interview.

* other day looked at “Student Internship Coop” postings for a Good Company, offering Paid Engineering Coops. They said they only wanted FULL TIME Students in an engin program at an Accredited University with a Record of Academic Excellence. So, Uh, Declare Engin Major on day 1 of Freshman Year, EStablish Academic Excellence, get letters of rec from ALL your instructors, and BOOM you get Sweet PAID INternship on Summer 1 when you are 19 and your life is Set Up for Total Success. Don’t do this, and life will be a lot harder.

* The Job is Nowhere NEAR the Good Jobs that 21 Year Old Engin Grads get, nowhere near a Successful College Normalfag Who Can Get Married Job, however it would be a signif step up from my current job in pay. Was shocked to see it doesn’t require a masters degree. or even a bachelors degree hehehe. So it’s not a “Bachelors Degree College Person Job”, but it def pays a lot more than my current job! and doesn’t even call for f00king 5 to 10 years of relevant experience!

* I always watch waitresses and servers in restaurants and wonder, HOW THE F00K can people DO this? I would freak out and quit the first day on the job. But I imagine that kind of work would be INVALUABLE training for just about any other job where you have to Deal With People, which is ALL jobs. Heh. So a restaurant job would be like Boot Camp. Which you need. So get a sh1tty restaurant job, pref as a Server or Waiter. When the manager asks you if you like serving people, just LIE and say YES like everyone else does.

* Get in the HABIT of going to Other People for HELP as MUCH as possible. A Shrink, a Career Counselor, an Academic Advisor, a Professor, a Networking Contact, a Work Colleague, anybody and everybody. Better to Lean On Too MANY people than Too Few. Plus, if you’re like me, then you’re NOT in this habit already, so you have some extra Outreach to do. Plus this will make you feeeeeeel more accountable and you will Follow Through if these people ask you to do something.

* For example, I will be serious about applying for this one job which this one person who has been helping me suggested, and they wrote a nice letter for me (see prev post.) So besides WRITING THEM A THANK YOU NOTE, my real “Thank you” will be Following Through on this, rather than blowing it off and lazily doing nothing.

* Did I mention my Successful Relative who contacted me out of the blue? I think I did. So I am gonna try to do a Mini-Unpaid-Internship with him, aka “Free Work”, at the very least to put a blurb on my resume, pick their brains as a MENTOR, and get a more intimate view of Successful Career People doing Successful-People Work. Shadowing. Also a kick in the pants for me to learn new skills, and even more importantly, see how those skills are used in the The Workplace.

* And you can see how this can be a Reverse Slippery Slope UPWARDS, if you know the right people!

* Find the most successful person in your family and supplicate before them. Cousins, second cousins, third cousins. And if they DO want to help you, then do your damnedest not to disappoint them.

* I might be getting in over my head with this guy, but I should at least TRY IT OUT first, and if the sh1t hits the fan, then I can apologize profusely.

* If you have to fill out a f00k 50 page FORM / application, and the Shouldn’t-Be-Employed F4gg0ts give you a read-only PDF you can’t even edit, so you think you have to print it out and then hand-write all the info as neatly as possible, and you think, CHRIST, this would so much better for me AND for them if I could just TYPE it in there, well…..then just fire up your Word, LibreOffice, etc and create a Doc containing the exact same information called for in the PDF. Create your own editable version of the PDF in Word, basically.

* Some people might like that you Took That Initiative. Some people might think you’re a dumb 4sshole who deserves to die unemployable in a gutter. Well, they don’t deserve YOU; THEY deserve to die in a gutter.

* Listen to Grateful Dead while doing the tedious applications and don’t think about what you’re doing too much. then when you’re all done go back and scan it for obvious errors. but don’t K yourself!




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