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great r9k of beta getting pwned by slut he is in luv with, then he mopes and whines like a little fag

this might just be fictional copypasta, but my r9k neet lazy loser side really identified w it. college boy gets crush on female housemate, start cuddling and making out, he’s being a huge slow-moving niceguy, she asks if he’s a virgin, HE TELLS THE TRUTH (Yes he is), then she shuts it down, cuts him off, he gets even MORE Emo and Beta and Butthurt and Upset, at party they get drunk and he goes to talk to her, only to find her Sucking off some Masculine Jock, and now he’s even more butthurt, but of course she’s well within her rights to suck off whoever she wants, not like they were in a Committed Relationship!

There was a great comment in there like “Modern College Women were created by satan to provide entertainment for evil men, and to crush the souls of and destroy the lives of good men. For the sake of all that is good, if you’re a good man and want to stay good and not go crazy, stay away from these women.” and a guy who said he almost went crazy from a sim situation and his Academic Career ALMOST went down the crapper and become a Neet….but he saved himself at the last minute and is now successful. Of COURSE he cut ALL contact.

bottom line: don’t let crazy decadent grills derail you in your college career. cut all contact, go to shrink, go to acad counselor, lift, talk to professors, get unpaid internships, network, get good job when you graduate, never look back, never talk to that grill ever again, DEF don’t get drunk and blow off your responsibilities and become an emo neet failure.

* If you don’t have an Engineering Internship with a Big Company the summer after your FIRST year of college….you might as well drop out now and quit while you’re not ahead. Progressively higher-prestige Tech/Engin Internships EVERY summer starting the FIRST summer, right after Freshman year, are the only way you’re gonna make it. You screw up and miss that first one, you missed the ship buddy. Time to go to Trade School!

* Heh. Because I saw some kid on Facebook who is doing this. Their mom was like oooh wish my beautiful boy good luck on his interview for his unpaid internship! and that’s how old he is. And then I was like f00000000k I wish I was just finishing my first year, in ENGIN, and getting an Engin Intern at age 19. Cuz the choicest, sweetest, most POWERFUL internships are reserved for 19 year old Full Time Engin Students, not 40 year old Part Time Community College Losers!

nice fedora faggot

tues jul 9

so I started getting on this spiel that if you don’t have a Good Internship starting your FIRST Summer, you’re DONE, you might as well pack it in. Because You need a decent internship EVERY summer to be Competitive – to OUTcompete, to get The Good Job.

Heh. You can probably STILL “Make It” if you screw up that first summer and then get good internships during Summer 2 AND Summer 3.

But Summers 1, 2, AND 3 is the safest best for covering your 4ss. Wish I had read those College Prep books where they say this! Or, more importantly, wish I had Networked with a Mentor Who Knows His Stuff when I was that age, and he advised me to do that, and I had done that!

So what do YOU do? You do all these things you’d tell the Young Version of yourself to do, only you do them now!  When Big Company asks you why you aren’t in school FULL TIME, tell them you don’t want to go into DEBT, so you’re “only” going to school part time. And if Big Company is even Asking You That, that’s a good sign that they haven’t immediately thrown you in the trash! That they’d stoop to even calling back the likes of a Part Time Student!!!

So yeah I don’t wanna close this on a downer and tell you that if you didn’t get a Good INternship on Summer 1 when you were 19, that it’s ALL OVER, you BLEW your ONE chance. Because it’s like the Immigrant with a Good Work Ethic who is a Night Janitor who tells his children: “NEVER COMPLAIN. NEVER, EVER COMPLAIN. INSTEAD, TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE OPPORTUNITIES THAT ARE THERE.”  (Was watching the creator of “Shark Tank” on the Jeff Probst show (don’t like Probst) and the creator is a very entrepreneurial Croatian Immigrant with a GREAT attitude) And sometimes this involves being a Night Shift Janitor. Or it involves Working Full Time AND Going to Skool Full Time. Lots of people have done it!

“B-But I don’t have that Attitude! I don’t have the Work Ethic! I don’t have the Determination and PErsistence! I don’t WANT it bad enough! I would go to work, but I would blow off skool because I HATE School!”

Heh. Well then be the best Night Janitor you can be, be thankful for your 40 hours of work a week, and when you’re Ready for School, School will still be there. I can ASSURE you, Skool is not going ANYWHERE. Like All COLLEGES are gonna CLOSE DOWN. Ha! I WISH!

* well was gonna try to come up with something POSITIVE, and I DID, and then it developed into the whole next post. So that whole post will be a big upper to counter this huge downer. I promise!




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