friday july 5 2013

hinted that I would be looking at more books now. well the one i looked at today


OK there it is. a little light reading material hahahaha. briefly swing by the “Depression” section at the library.

* Do this if you haven’t already. There was a time when I was taking out like 15 books from the library at a time.


* this book was a little surprising maybe. First the author is an MD Psychiatrist not a PhD Psychologist, and I was sorta looking for an MD. But he gives a very fresh and opinionated take. full of interesting bullet points. I think he might be slightly Freudian, and he does disclose some “psychodynamic” interest, and he mentions how HE was in “analysis”, and IMHO that’s a really Freudian Psychoanalytic thing. Now I don’t LUV Freud, I am much more of a JUNG guy. Sometimes I wrestle with the idea of Boycotting Freud altogether because he secretly wants a decadent, destroyed society. IMHO, hahaha. Who knows. Interesting guy, interesting ideas, fo sho.

anyway this book. he talks about how depressed men can be very nasty and mean and sadistic and push away those they love. in the first page he says he is going to be politically incorrect. Not sure what parts are so politically incorrect but OK, I hate political correctness.

One thing that always amuses me about depression books though are the case studies and stories of people. the husbands who go to work every day and have a nice family and home but deep down they are very depressed. I have to laugh and say, well at least you aren’t a Neet Loser who can’t get a job or wife!

Or Depressed Rich Dockers and Lawyers. OK I GET it, you can be Professionally Successful and wealthy and STILL Suffer From The Disease Of Depression. But this is NOT my Target Audience!

* My Target Audience is Depressed LOSERS, who are so depressed, lazy, hateful, f00ked up, from an early age, all through their adolescence, that they could never achieve a bare minimum of success in the first place! Have a good job and live in the Big City? Forget about it! You wife complains that you are moody and angry and that you need help? Forget It! Try being Kissless and no gf EVER!

> tfw no qt shy introverted awkward autist cuddly college gf ever

top kek

* read the book for about a solid hour.

last night I had read some of “undoing depression” by o connor


I dunno, this one is OK, I bought it off amazon, and would not throw it away when it comes time for Spring Cleaning, but I’m not hella impressed by it. wouldn’t really call it a WASTE OF MONEY though. one of those $.01 books where you basically only pay for shipping.

* Just buy a bunch of Cheap and Well-Reviewed books off amazon.

* Sh1t I might buy one RIGHT NOW to show you how goddam SERIOUS I am!!!

* Maybe something that deals with anger too. Anger Is A HUGE Part Of Depression In Men.

fun picture break time

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* It’s ok if you don’t want to read anything written by a WOMAN. there’s plenty of good stuff written by men.

* Especially women that don’t have an MD or haven’t had 30 years of experience SUCCESSFULLY Treating Depressives. For example Gurls who give Patronizing, Naive, Can’t Even IMagine The MAN’S world, Advice on /adv, hahahaha. HIDE FEMALE THREADS IGNORE FEMALE POSTS DO NOT RESPOND TO FEMALE THREADS

* “If you stopping HATING WOMEN so much, then you wouldn’t be so hateful, angry, lazy, and depressed!” – Women

* Of COURSE I do not HATE Women. I’m just NOT A FAN of Average Women, Average Female Behavior is ANNOYING, so I prefer to STEER CLEAR! BIG DIFFERENCE!

* but seriously folks, if a woman has some RELEVANT advice I am more than willing to listen.

Fun quote from Kantor book:

” you might benefit from understanding why your self-esteem is so inappropriately low. here are some possible reasons…

* being APPROPRIATELY angry at yourself for mistakes that you should have avoided making, are still making, and may still be able to correct – but are doing nothing about correcting.” (p 180, 2007)

* nice blockquote uh? emphasis mine. wonder if it was a freudian slip by kantor. can you have INAPPROPRIATELY low self-esteem but APPROPRIATELY high anger at all the stupid mistakes you’ve made in your life? GREAT QUESTION.

* can’t remember if I read this in kantor or in o connor or BOTH, but the Hopeful, Encouraging Idea that even LITTLE CHANGES can have BIG, POSITIVE RESULTS. Avalanche, amplification, ripple effect, that’s the term I was searching for. Unexpected, Unforseen Positive Consequences from just getting off the computer and taking a 20 minute walk hahahahaha. But men can be so angry and stubborn that they don’t even make LITTLE changes.

* So Go see your College Counselor, bring them copies of your transcripts, and say, “I’m sorry to unload on you like this, but I am really burning out here, I can’t take this much longer, I need a shot in the arm here, I might need to do something new, help me find some way so my 9000000 credits don’t go to waste, help me get a better attitude about skool.”


Some Educators recommend this book, dunno if it’s actually good. maybe I will spend the 2 bucks and buy it, hahahahahaha. better to read BOOKS than get raging ANGRY. Be grateful for THAT, especially if many times you feeeeeel too angry to even READ a book period!