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june 27 2013

* read the jargon the managers and Decision Makers read so you can talk like that gooder. Trying to give you a good list of example publications. Maybe Wall Street Journal, Business Week, Forbes, Fortune, Money, Inc, right off the top of my head. But some of those are probably more FUN than others. I have been reading Business INSIDER semi regularly cuz it seems to be geared toward M-Muh Generation and Younger. The Student Debt Lost Stolen Genocided Generation, the Unpaid Internship Generation, the Unemployable Generation.

* Heh. there will come A Generation where, in order to work Full Time, a person will have to have FORTY PART-TIME JOBS at one hour per week. Did I already predict this here? Well I’m predicting it again. OK, how about TEN jobs at Four Hours per week. Because I can’t imagine even a Part Time Job scheduling anyone for a SHIFT that’s less than FOUR hours a shift. Per Week. Four Hours Per Week, Ten Jobs Of That BS. Welcome To The Global Community!

* a lot of negative feels boil down to basically anger and or fear. sometimes a mixture of the two! for example you get ANGRY when you see College Students studying hard Every Day during the summer because 1. you’re envious of their drive 2. the envy is bretty much anger 3. angry that you can’t disclipline yourself to study every day during the summer without getting angry at skool 4. skool in general makes you angry 5. anger that they are so different from you, and they have the Good Work Ethic it takes to succeed because they are Paying Their Dues while You would rather work a crap job and go on hiatus from school and lay in bed and watch tv, or hang out with your Friends if you’re a socialfag

* heh. I have actually talked to people and normal people do not Hate Skool NEARLY as much as I do. They don’t necessarily LOVE it, but they SURE as hell don’t COMPLAIN about it as much as I do. So they finish their masters degrees and get a Good Job during the YEARS that I waste COMPLAINING Angrily about how much I Hate College!

* But at the same time, skool is EASIER for them because they don’t get so ANGRY about it. They just do it. Not necess a walk in the park, but LIFE is generally easier when you’re not getting RAGING ANGRY EVERY 5 MINUTES!!!!!!!! ALL DAY EVERY DAY RAGE!!!!

* It’s possible ANGER is My Main Problem. The Root of all the other problems. SOME anger is ok and justified, like anger at Greedy Plutocrats who want to Genocide Your Generation, but stuff like my raging constant ever raging torrent of anger at Actually Being A Kollige Student is NOT ok. It’s ok to be angry at College-As-A-Plutocratic-Genocidal-Scam, but not ok to be raging angry at the idea of day-to-day Studying and Academic Work.

* There’s a lot of FEAR in there too. Fear of Success, Fear of Failure, Fear of People, Fear of Social Interaction, Fear of Losing, Fear of Dying Alone, Fear of Regret, Fear of Fear, Worry, Worry and Anxiety are kinds of FEAR, and REGRET is a GREAT example of Fear MIXED with Anger.

Fight And Flight. Bad Fight and Bad Flight.

* I invented this great “You Don’t Deserve A Job” Meme, oh great, now Edward I Make 200k a year Snowden can find me on the internet, or any internet savvy 4chan geek who knows how to use google. but it’s a great meme and I am still proud of it. Then it evolved into a Darwinian Struggle To Survive thing, like You Don’t Deserve To Work, Mate, Or Survive IF you don’t do This Ridiculous Thing, like Wear a 6000 Dollar Suit 365 Days a Year, then when you go to bed, you wear SUIT pajamas, or if you’re a Blue Collar Worker, you wear a Carhartt/Dickies SUIT.

Basically Mocking the Lengths of Tryhardism. Like You Don’t DESERVE A Job IF you didn’t have at LEAST 5 Unpaid Internships with Fortune 50 Companies. You do 4 unpaid Internships with the Fortune 51 Company, and you don’t DESERVE a Job, you DESERVE to be a Neet Neckbeard Parasiting off Your Parents like the Obviously Morally Lazy Loser that you are. You don’t Have What It Takes, Loser. Shoulda Worked Harder. SHOW, don’t TELL, 4sshole. Slacker. Lazy PARASITE. You didn’t have enough EXTRACURRICULARS in COLLEGE to DESERVE a COLLEGE JOB. (aka Upper Working Class. OR IS IT LOWER MIDDLE CLASS? )

(Remember the solution to being a lazy loser who doesn’t deserve a job?

Obviously “You Don’t Deserve A Job” became very Cynical. Mocking with a Bitter Tone. Reflecting my own failure and Bad Attitude.

BUT I don’t see a problem with generally making a Parody of How Competitive the Job Market is, Parodying the Competition among College Students for Upper Working Class Jobs.

I still do this ALL THE TIME, I just kinda abandoned that Twitter Hashtag Friendly Meme. But I might explicitly bring it back! It’s always Crypto been there, though!

Sometimes you get so Angry and Discouraged and Angry and Sad and Mad and Fearful that you just want to DO DRUGS and Block It All Out, just Escape It All. I KNOW THAT FEEL. I FEEL YOU. But you CAN’T Do Drugs (Or DRINK.) You now know the one thing you must do. Not Drugs.


(Praying (for mercy and A Miracle) is not bad too. Lift And Pray.)

(TO BE HONEST, I’ve been HORRIBLE About Lifting lately, which is bretty hypocritical. I’ve been GREAT on Powerwalking and Getting Vitamin D on my Fatceps, and I have Upgraded my Pushups Regiment into SETS, resulting in Dramatically Moar Pushups, and indeed SETS are what you should do when you LIFT, but, unfortunately, I am not LIFTING SETS just yet. But I know I SHOULD. AAAAND I’m not Praying For Strength and Mercy as much as I should be.)

If you’re not willing to walk outside during a TSUNAMI HURRICANE to Take Calculus 5 Over the Summer and Do 8 Hours of Homework Every Night After 4 Hours of Class Every Day and being at the College Open To Close, and you can’t even wait inside for the RAIN to stop because you’ve got to HURRY to go to WORK at the end of that 12 hour School Day, Go To Work for 8 hours at least but prob 10 on the Midnight Shift(where your Managers, who get paid at least Three Times As Much As You, if not 400%, do not even know how to use Email Or Do Basic Math!), and then Class Starts again in 4 hours, and you never get more than 2 or 3 hours of sleep Every Night Monday Through Sunday January Thru December…….YOU DONT DESERVE A LOWER MIDDLE CLASS COLLEGE JOB.

Heh. and I am still this angry AFTER essentially QUITTING COFFEE and switching 100% to TEA. Maybe I’m drinking TOO MUCH TEA! At about 1 pot / 6 bags of Tea per day. COME ON. What about those people who drink like 2 or 3 Arizona Tea Tallboys a day! (Don’t Compare Yourself To Others.)

*If you can afford to go to a restaurant and get a Large Meal, NEVER eat the whole thing. THAT is how you get FAT. Get a box IMMEDIATELY and put HALF the meal in the box IMMEDIATELY. Then when you wolf down what’s on the plate real fast and wish you could have more, put your hand on your Big Buddha Belly and remind yourself THAT’s WHY you can’t have any more! Because You ALREADY HAD too much, THAT’s why you have such a FAT GUT!