monday june 24 2013

* if it is an Official Hot Sunny Summer Day, put a Muscleshirt on your Blobby Pasty Body and get plenty of sun on your Fatceps and Neck area. Can’t emphasize this enough. When you walk around the neighborhood you might be pleasantly surprised at the amount of 50 year old men you see with no shirts on at all, who look even worse! Aint No Shame In Your Game! Who Cares if Young Attractive Wimmin think it’s “GROSS”? They think EVERYTHING’s “Gross”!

* so APPARENTLY Women/Wimmin don’t just want you to be in good shape physically, but “taking care of yourself” means that you ALSO have to be in good shape Mentally, and have CAREER PROSPECTS. Heh. This is why I am Taking A BREAK From Wimmin, and why you should too! What Have Women Done For YOU???! Just forget about them. If you are FORCED to interact with Young Attractive Wimmin, (job, obligations), then also FORCE yourself to show Fake Alpha Confidence to them. They can’t even TELL if it’s REAL or not, even if it feels PHONY for you. THEY have no idea!

* Humans can be SO EASILY FOOLED. You think we have Evolved Naturally to Deal With The World Around us….but we really haven’t evolved to deal with THIS Modern World that surrounds us. Humans find it real difficult to be Moderate in a Cornucopia Land O’ Plenty, even when being Moderate is the Obviously Healthy Choice. Humans develop Badass Habits that destroy themselves.

* heh the first part of this sounds bretty MISOGYNISTIC, but really it’s to encourage you to stop putting women on a pedestal, and to have a more NEUTRAL or INDIFFERENT opinion of wimmin, NOT necess a HATEFUL or a NEGATIVE opinion. Just simply Nonplussed.

* Brief Movie Review: “Damnation” by Bela Tarr. Hungarian auteur often compared to Tarkovsky. Huge long slow 10 minute takes, “sculpting in time”, etc. beautiful b&w photog. Very artsy, looks very beautiful. Bleak and sorrowful and pessimistic. Story of broken hearts and failures and love lorn. You’d think I would like it more. But the real slow pace made it kinda boring. Masterfully done though, I could see really being in the Mood for this sort of stuff. might explain why I am sort of excited to watch his “Satantango,” which is a SEVEN HOUR FILM of this kinda stuff. Think I liked “Werckmeister Harmonies” better than “Damnation,” though I was hoping I would like Damnation more than WH. Oh Well. Tarr is talented and a True Artist, but you do have to be in the mood. Wonder if getting Blazed on THC would help. Tempted to think yes. Bela Tarr sez he is retired after “Turin Horse” of 2010 or so (also on muh queue) but I hope not. He also says he has No Symbolism or No Allegories in his films. WHAT A SMART4SS! That statement made me enjoy him more, found that hilarious. Because OBVIOUSLY EVERYTHING in his films is a HUGE MYSTERIOUS SYMBOL of god knows what, and THAT can be kinda frustrating, along with the snails pace, if everything didn’t look so beautiful. 7/10 bretty good but not essential. maybe just go straight to “Satantango.” But I’m skurred to watch that because of the Infamous Cat Torture Scene. I do not approve of Cruelty to Animals, but Tarr has gone on the record to say….the cat wasn’t REALLY tortured?

* “Oh so you think that if you polish your cover letter bit by bit every day, that one day years from now you will Magically Stumble Upon that Magic Combination Of Words that convinces the person to give you an interview? NO! No Magic Combination of Words will do that! It’s pointing to a Deeper More Fundamental Problem, where you have to Fundamentally Change Your Whole Life and then write a cover letter about Your New Life, with New Volunteering Experiences and Internship Experiences and a New Education Path and New Career Path….”

f00k you, i don’t agree. besides you’re not getting the JOB on the basis of a COVER LETTER, you’re getting an INTERVIEW. And you can have a great interview-getting cover letter, but still bomb every interview, because you’re an emo anxious autist.

And  only I am trying to help you with the fundamental problem of THAT!




  • Kickstarter Apologizes For $16K Raised By Misogynistic Seduction Guide “Above The Game” (djsdoingwork.com)
  • I Don’t think he’s condoning Date Rape! I think he’s clever for trying to Pull One Over on these people and get Free Money! Women Naturally are attracted to men who are masculine and not too afraid to Touch Them! (“Kino.”) Of COURSE you stop if they say “NO!” or “STOP!” but if they put up “last minute resistance” oftentimes that IS a “sh1t test” to see how much of a MAN you are. This will involve them waffling and being wishy washy, but NOT using the Key Words of “NO!” or “STOP!”
  • Although I think these books are kinda silly, it could be summed up in two words, you guessed it! “BE MASCULINE!!” But I def went through my own Game / Seduction phase too.  Heh. I bought a book by Famous Pick Up Artist Roosh V!  But now, IMHO, if Boys were Taught to Be Masculine by Strong Healthy Masculine Unalienated Fathers At Home, there would be less Weak Unmasculine Betas, no more r9k, no more Game / Seduction community, etc. Boys would be able to Satisfy their Increasing Urges not long after they start developing them in the first place, they would not put women on an undeserved pedestal, not be obsessed with women, not be controlled by women, etc, just be healthier and happier regarding women.