sunday june 23 2013

promised to talk about giving up. well I give up on that hahahaha. No but I WILL come back to that, it’s unavoidable, it’s staring at us every day in the mirror.

But I might as well share ANECDOTES, of course anecdotes are not PROOF of anything, there’s no right and wrong, nothing means everything, don’t you wish you could be an Intellectually Superior Fedora Wearing Atheist PHILOSOPHER who is Intellectually and Morally Superior to Religious People who are all HURRRRR DURRRR MUH HUMAN DIGNITY, MUH MORALZ. There is no such thing as morality or right and wrong, and if your Gurlfran wants to set up a website of her getting plowed by 900000 dudes, you have no right to get all butthurt and creepy and jealous and buttmad and buttangry about it, you intellectual inferior!

Heh I was thinking of this article on Bad Catholic where an Anon Atheist Philosopher talks about how wrong and intellectually inferior the Catholics are to be against Porn because it Degrades People. Hurr Durrr. Heh so maybe the article wasn’t perfect but god damn I wanted to punch that Anon Commenter in the Face! Go Become a f00king Fulltime College Professor with your PhD, Beotch! Hope when you have a Kid they Consent to do Really Perverted Porn! But as long as it’s FEMINIST Porn THEN it’s ethical.  F00KING MORONS.

So that got me fired up for a few mins.

So I figured stop looking at the more “negative” things of 4chan like r9k, and look more at the “positive” things of 4chan, namely /fit.

the health and fitness board. /fit has the power to turn r9kers into HAPPY HEALTHY NORMALFAGS.

“Normalfags” or “Normies” is one of those words that can have a positive or negative connotation IMHO, depending on context. Sometimes r9kers rage against the stupid moronic normalfags who mock and reject them……sometimes as they cry on a foreveralone nevergf night they wish they could just been born a normalfag because normalfags are happy, healthy, productive members of society, who are able to set and reach goals, have a gf, have a job, not drop out of school, get respect, etc.

so sometimes we hate the normalfags, other times we just wish we WERE a normalfag winner and not a neet virgin foreveralone disglacefur shamfur rosel.

Heh. so this blog is just becoming my own personal 4chan text archive.

“why don’t you lower your standards” on what board do you think, haha

“how many D’s is too many? for a gf? for a wife?”

heh robots ask the most penetrating incisive questions.

I would say if you can get action from a real QT it doesn’t matter how many D’s. but the more d’s she’s had, the less likely you should be to Get Serious about her!

Also, if a Conservative Woman is taking D’s under Conservative Moral CIRCUMSTANCES, ie, ONLY within a Monogamous, Committed Relationship, then because of that, her Number will HAVE to be quite low!

(You Want a Conservative Woman for Monogamous Committed Waifu Gurlfran Relships.)

But I would also say if a QT wants to Bone Down you shouldn’t reject her because she’s taken too many D!x!!! or else you might always regret passing up your Big Chance to Practice Having S with a QT slut. Just don’t f00king marry her or Fall In Luv with her! Make a game of it, see if you can bang her 50 times before you get too beta and in luv and she dumps you. And use the energy from the banging to help you Gain Momentum in Good Habits re Career and Education. Like filling out papers or signing up for so and so program or writing cover letters.

* buy a Calculus Textbook off Amazon for $5 and take your time to work through all the chapters, all the problems, one by one, at your own pace. It will take much longer than if you were taking the actual class, because the class is fast as f00k. Note To Educational College Plutocrats: you could MAKE MORE MONEY if you split up calculus in 4 or 5 classes! in this case the students would probably understand the material better. It would be more worthwhile than making them take a Diversity or Political Sensitivity Class.

* reel fast Movie Review: Brother (“Brat”) by “Alexei Balabanov” A controversial writer whose controversial political and practical ideas I admire recommended Brother 2 as an example of a movie that wasn’t absolute degenerate immoral decadent FILTH, had good values, etc. NEtflix didn’t have 2, so I rented 1. It was not good. 2/5. The young actor was good, but movie became cheesy and silly. blurb sez a cross between lars von trier and quentin tarantino. lolwut. OK I LUV Lars VT, Tarantino not so much, but either way, that was not a very true statement. Started out kinda promising, ended up kinda boring and stupid. But the young actor was good, and he DOES maintain a sense of Morality and Decency and Justice. Letting the people live he promised would let live, standing up for the weak and mistreated, dispensing justice where none is, giving money to people who need it, and then walking away from the criminal life. maybe. Hopefully Brother 2 is better, cause this one was pretty disappointing. If you want a great Foreign Crime Movie, try The “Pusher” Trilogy. All of em are good, esp 1 and 3.  Anyway been a while since I watched a Russian movie.

Welp, Got to practice memorizing Muh cyrillic letters at least. Probably could do it if I studied it every day and had a test and prepped with Flashcards! So C is an S, P is an R, a “pi” is a P, an H is an N, a backwards N is an I, ummm B is a V, that’s all I remember. I think the “X” looking thing is hard K sound, and the thing that looks like a lower case b is a b sound. and the gamma is a G sound or L sound? But I’d say at least 60% of the letters are about the same sounds as they are in English.   Horasho still means good, spicibe still means thank you. Izvinyate means excuse me. Heh. I tried to learn Russian a few years ago and still remember 3 words.

* try to learn a foreign language, it’s a better hobby than neckbearding, neeting, r9k, fapping, eating, crying.

Anyway that was 1997, and Russia had only been out of the communism like 7 years. So perhaps everything western was Cool, the kids like their McDonalds and Blue Jeans. So how now, like 23 years after the fall of communism, is western stuff so cool anymore? plutocrats and globalization and such. also we now have an entire generation of kids in Russia who are getting their MBAs from Russian Harvard and starting their careeeeeers, kids who were born in a Noncommunist Russia. what are they like? ok getting too political hurr. but that is the kind of stuff I am politically interested in. And I might not like globalization or plutocrats, but I aint no Occupy Moron, and am fairly conservative. OK enough.

* heh. if you cared about your CAREER as much as you cared about WOMEN, you’d prob have a better CAREER by now and could thus get the WOMEN you want.

* Read /r9k less, read /fit more!!

4chan founder moot at ROFLCon II
4chan founder moot at ROFLCon II (Photo credit: Wikipedia) moot has a can-do entrepreneurial alpha spirit and has pulled more QT College Tail than you or I can fathom. He probably does not read r9k. also got an A+ in Calculus 4 without whining about it.