* practice saying that mantra until you don’t even have to THINK about it anymore.

june 21 2013 friday

* so I heeded my own advice and got off the computer and went for a brisk powerwalk while listening to a political podcast. beautiful day. almost unpleasantly warm and humid, but i shouldn’t complain given we have 10 months of winter where you can’t even GO outside.  I try to powerwalk as briskly as possible so as to burn off anger and stress and worrying and hatred. maybe by the end of summer I will be up to a jog, even though I HATE jogging. then I did some Yard Work and took a Nice Cool Shower. You can only enjoy a Cool Shower when it’s HOT outside.

* Now I’m back. feeeel a little better. Don’t feeel like writing cover letters but I NEVER feel like writing cover letters. EVER. Even when I HAVE to write a cover letter I don’t feel like it. That’s when I randomly find a Job Posting that My Gut tells me You HAVE to apply for this, this is too good to be true. These are the classic Fulltime $10 an hour Upper Working Class Office Cubicle Jobs Entry Level that Do Not require a Masters Degree or an Engineering degree with 10 internships. Often call for “High School Graduate” or “Some College Coursework” or the vaunted “Associates Degree.” Anyway these jobs you only stumble across once every 2 or 3 months so you’d BETTER apply to them, and then you figure it’s better to send out your Most Recent Cover Letter with a few minutes of Last-Minute Polishing, than to send out NOTHING at all and NEVER be considered for this job that you’re ACTUALLY qualified for according to the listed qualifications.

* I really recommend Martial Arts. You really master your entire body, develop confidence and discipline AND masculinity from being able to dominate those who try to dominate you. Of course going to a gym and signing up for a martial arts / karate class with a bunch of f00king normies and nonvirgins and jocks and successfuls scares you. Well rest assured you will feeeeeeeeeel 9000000000 times more confident to Conquer That Fear. You don’t have to TALK to the normies or wimmin. Or just smirk at them and tell them you’re working on your Electrical Engineering degree, that will shut them the f00k up, OR maybe even they’ll say, OH I need an Electrical Engin Student to work for me right now for $11 an hour Full time with benefits and I’ll hire you on the spot right now without an interview, you seem like a smart guy! THen you can say, Well between you and be, just so you know, I do have a little social anxiety, and they’ll say, well I have even WORSE social anxiety! Don’t Worry about it!

Moore School of Electrical Engineering
Moore School of Electrical Engineering (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

* You could even meet a nice decent not-too-old,  not-too-crazy, not-too-dirty Woman there!

* While Normalfags and Nonautists and Nonwizards don’t expect 25 year old women to be VIRGINS, it’s still not unreasonable to prefer a 25 year old woman who has taken significantly less than 25 cox! A woman with a LOW NUMBER, like 2 or 3, NOT 10 or 11! See what I mean?? (This is for long term monogamous mating, possible marriage, children. For short term decadence, it doesn’t really matter. Other than too much short term decadence will make YOU decadent and you don’t want that.)

* Ya know, to be honest, I don’t even know any more. Maybe having a Harem of Young Women that you Bang Without Commitment Wouldn’t Be TOO Decadent. Or maybe its a phase of Building Masculinity or Becoming a Man that Every Healthy Man MUST Go Through, and at the end of this Wild Oats Phase, he can then Settle Down with a Wife and have Children.

* Just saying that in the Modern World, Average Women Sow THEIR Wild Oats more than Average Men, who are becoming less masculine; AND that while Sowing Wild Oats HELPS Men, it does NOT Help Women, and should NOT be included in WOMEN’S Developmental phases.  Q.E.D.

* Or maybe I’m WRONG with the women are sowing their wild oats MORE part (I am NOT Wrong that wild oats is more harmful than for women than for men!). Like if Average College Gurls are only Add a measly Two Or Three Cox to their number during college, that’s A LOT BETTER THAN EXPECTED.

* Pretty Young College Girls have a Competitive Advantage when on Interviews because they are Pretty and Young, so even if they give a horrible interview, they will get hired for jobs You can only DREAM of, just because the boss likes staring at their Pretty Young Bodies. So don’t feeeeeel bad if a Pretty Young Woman gives you sh1t about your Job being Beneath You, because THEY just got their job because of Their T and A.

* Although I don’t think Pretty Young Women are giving you Sh1t about your Job being Unambitious on anything close to a regular basis!

* If one brisk walk per day during the summer isn’t doing it for you any more, try TWO brisk walks per day!

* Don’t be an 4sshole to women who don’t deserve it, but don’t be NICE to women who don’t deserve it either.


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