june 21 2013

health and fitness friday

just looked at v9k (wizardchan) for about 15 minutes

then looked at r9k (4chan) for about 15 minutes

I am DEF too much of a Normalfag for v9k, and lean more toward r9k. The v9k Wizards are WAY too intolerant of Omega r9k men who have kissed ONE girl or had S ONE time. v9k frowns on friendzone feels because friendzone is too normalfag, real wizards get acquaintancezoned or oblivionzoned.

Anyway. I don’t get Friendzoned any more because I am not a Nice Guy anymore. I am a total 4sshole, hahaha.

* rather than Tweaking your Cover Letter to make it sound incrementally better, just throw the mfer into the trash and start it from SCRATCH.

* Find a job posting for an MBA Managerial type, where the posting is full of HRspeak and Bizspeak and Buzzwords, and then just copypaste those words. Fill your cover letter with Manager Jargon, decrease the Self-Motivated Self-Started Job Seeker Jargon!

* Make the cover letter 20% shorter than it was.

* Use at least one GRE word in every sentence so it looks like you’re Smarter Than A Grad Student. Which you probably are, Grad Students are not-so-secretly retards that if they were confronted with the Real World, would all become huge NEETs on v9k, and then rejected By v9k because they had an Autistic Grad Skool Gurlfran once where they had Autistic Sex.

Never AGAIN, but with v9k, even ONCE is TOO MUCH! NOT EVEN ONCE!!!

* So you’re hateful and bitter towards women and women shame you for being so hateful and bitter because they don’t owe you anything for being a Nice Guy, which you’re really not, trying to manipulate them with niceness to get sex.

Well, I hope you know better than THAT, you MISOGYNIST, but really the PERFECT SOLUTION is, Don’t be a nice guy anymore. NO MORE MR NICE GUY! Tell Women “DON’T HATE!” TELL women you’re Not A Fan Of Them! Tell Women when they’re being Retarded Children or Too Promiscuous! It feeeeeeels better to tell the truth than to lie!

* Besides, not CARING what WOMEN THINK/feeeeeeel about you is quite MASCULINE. And Being Masculine really gets the women tingly.

* So just TELL Women you’re DONE with women, and here’s the endless laundry list of reasons why. And they say “NOT ALL WOMEN ARE LIKE THAT”, and then what you gotta do is SMIRK like an ALPHA BOSS and say, “PROVE IT.”

* The Smirking is key. I don’t think enough of you are SMIRKING Enough!! Without smirking, then you look all Butthurt, like a Creepy Niceguy Stalker Virgin Rapist Woman-Hater. Save your Butthurt for behind closed doors.

* OK what this is still all doing is just APPEASING women. Finding another approach to GET WOMEN. Well, I won’t deny that young, attractive women are young and attractive and can still Stir The Loins of the most Butthurt Virgin!

* so just go to the damn strip club already, get like 5 dances in under 30 minutes, then GTFO of that hellhole, and maybe that will be enough Action to get you to stop Obsessing about Women for a while.

* in your cover letter use a ridiculous motivation quotation from a book Managers would read. Like Peter Drucker or The Personal MBA or Tweets from the CEO of some Tech Startup. Just one brief quotation because the CL has gotta be short.

* assuming you’re not a good STEM grad with tons of STEM internships and achievements. In that case, just Tell The Truth and you’ll have a high-paying job in no time and you’ll never be reading this blog, trying to figure out ways to Bribe and BS and Hustle and Swindle in order to get a Sweet $10 an hour Fulltime GED Level Office Cubicle Job.

* Don’t tell women or even people that you’re taking a break from skool. Tell them that you’re Working On A Computer Science Degree because that’s kinda what you were thinking about before you quit school because it sucked so bad. Don’t tell them THAT, but just tell them it’s really, really hard, so you look like some bigass MARTYR slaving away and working real hard to pull yourself up by your lazy bootstraps. Normalfags just don’t understand.

* This also applies to family members you don’t see regularly, so NATURALLY the FIRST topic of conversation is WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE other than being a NEET Loser. And you should be successful by now, you had a decent family, all your cousins are successful. So just say you’re going back to school for a Computer Science or Electrical Engineering degree. Don’t say Cisco Networking or HVAC or Electrician unless you are actually working in that field and making decent money. In which case you wouldn’t be HERE reading this!

* as a motivation to get you off the goddamn computer and go out at least for a goddamn WALK, reach down and feel not your peepee, but your bigass BELLY, and think, god damn, how did I get so fat, well I can turn back the process just as well, and get back in shape. I am Grateful to God that my belly is not as big as some NEET Losers, but it’s definitely Big enough to prohibit me from getting with the QT3.14’s I am attracted to! So close the computer and go outside and listen to f00king animu music while you do it, I don’t care what you LISTEN to, just get OUTSIDE!!

4chan Variety Show
4chan Variety Show (Photo credit: Scott Beale) get rid of your belly and your unmasculine niceguy attitude, smirk and tell em DONT HATE and that you’re NOT A FAN of Women because they’re IMMATURE and ANNOYING, while SMIRKING, and THEN you might be able to play with girls like this. you know you want to, even if she is kinda weird looking, you know she’d still be able to GIT-R-DONE, even if she is in the grey area between HNNNGGG and hrrmmmm!