saturday, june 15, 2013

* so when I get some free time and want to think COnstructive Thoughts, I will just Crank Out a 1000 word post. not too difficult. If I get too “backed up”, see the first 2 weeks or so of this blog, then I will post 2 a day. otherwise just once a day.  I do not want the stuff to be older than a week, ie, posted from when I first write it.

* heh. no I do not proofread. If I were working on my Masters Thesis or PhD I would be trying a little harder to clean up the writing. Or getting paid $1000 an article. Point is I CAN be a REAL good writer when I TRY. And write Literature Quality Prose. I have an Unpublished Chapbook of Poetry, hahaha.

* I find Visualizations and Imaginations are good for helping to Change your attitude. Close your eyes and imagine yourself in a new and exciting environment. Or an unpleasant one, say if you’re trying to desensitize yourself before something nerve-wracking.

* For example, I was just in a restaurant and visualized myself having NONPERVERTED Sex with the cute 18-year old waitress. Heh. The Nonperverted part is very important. Porn is the rule of thumb. If it looks anything like PORN, it’s PERVERTED. You need to stop watching Porn and start Visualizing Normal Nonporn Sex.

* this is not the best example I admit.

* I want to test out Pastebin. Here I ctrl A, ctrl C, and ctrl V a 4chan /r9k thread I liked this day about what happens to Some Women as they get older and progress from The Prime Of Youth, through their twenties, into their thirties and beyond, and basically how We Men Prefer Younger Women, Ceteris Paribus. Will prefer an 18 year old Girl to an 28 Year Old Woman. This is very politically incorrect and makes wimmin SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEECH like crazy, but honest men know it to be true. The older women get, the more they lose that Radiance, the more cold, calculating, and CRAZY they get, less lovable, much much much more Baggage, etc. And I’m not talking about the Nondealbreaker Pseudo-Baggage that EVERYBODY Men And Women get just from Living More Years, I’m talking about serious Baggage Baggage.  Horrific, Horrifying stuff that would give You NIGHTMARES, that it is Obviously Better for you to Just Live Without.

* I wonder if wordpress lets you upload txt or pdf or rtf files the same way you can upload image files….

Allowed file types: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, pdf, doc, ppt, odt, pptx, docx, pps, ppsx, xls, xlsx.


heh. there is the same file as a docx file, technically an office open xml file (OOXML) (not same as open office! or xml! or the usual docx! and this is why I can’t get hired for $8 an hour part time at geek squad)

* Anyway just playing around there. Anyway it’s not that 28 or even 38 year old women can’t be Attractive….it’s just that 18-24 year old women Have A Special EDGE.  Competitive Advantage. It is easier to Daydream about Younger Women than Older Women, easier to Commit, easier to Fall In Monogamous Love. I spent years trying to force myself out of this “MISOGYNIST” Mindset, only to have it come back. And now I accept it. Because it’s Just The Way Nature Intended.

* “But Nature doesn’t INTEND Anything, nature also intends you to fight everyone to the death for food. what ever happened to Your RISING ABOVE?? just gonna ignore that in this case?”

* Yes.

* Maybe join the Army. Just up and join the army at age 35. if they will take you. probably not, hahaha. go to boot camp with 18 year old kids and do an Assignment for 4 years, have a Job and a Home and Health Care for 4 years and Respected by people. Then make the Military your Career afterwards and get a sweet gummint pension. Heh. if it were this easy how come EVERYONE who was in the army or marines doesn’t stay in after their first 4 years, and then you hear all these stories about vets and military people who are having a ton of trouble finding Civilian Jobs? Then you think, well why didn’t they just STAY in the military? Because it’s not that simple? Because they were not the Best of The Best in their Performance? Because they got their legs blown off by a bomb in Afghanistan?

* You don’t NEED Women, but you DO NEED a JOB. Heh. Have I said this before? Because it’s HELLA true. And as you get older, it only gets more and more true.

* A SEEMING Catch-22 is that, with a Good Waifu / Monogamous Lover, you THINK you’ll feel all recharged and reenergized and thus it will be that much easier to do all the tedious grinding and ass-kissing to advance your career, because you’ll have that “electrical outlet” to “plug into” and “recharge your batteries.” FALLACY!

* Heh actually maybe it’s not an actual fallacy. but since you don’t have this kind of waifu, it MIGHT AS WELL be a fallacy. Because you don’t have that method available to you of Recharging your Batteries. So you need to find other ways. Pref Physical Exercise and Good Healthy Habits. And Quite all drugs and alcohol. EVEN QUIT WEED. You shouldn’t be smoking WEED. Sure, Bill GATES can smoke weed 10 times a DAY (citation needed) but that’s because he’s SUCCESSFUL. He’s MADE it. He’s a WINNER. LOSERS are not allowed to Smoke weed at ALL, it makes them even bigger losers.

* Of course I am being hypocritical, I have the day off tomorrow, it’s a beautiful night, I would LOVE to smoke a Big Spliff and listen to music and watch movies and tv and do a little reading and then smoke another and do some more of that fun stuff and then sleep till like 1 pm. But I’m not gonna. Heh. Because I don’t have easy access to WEED nor a convenient place to use it. And it’s not gonna KILL me NOT to do it. I haven’t smoked weed in like a full YEAR. I just THINK about it every couple of days! And this is the price you pay for drinking too much and smoking too much weed when you’re young. so don’t do that, because you might spend you whole like repenting essentially. serving out the sentence. paying the price. atoning for your past sins.

* Yeah I partially apologize for the slip in “quality” over the past couple posts.