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Guest Post: 5 Things Nobody Tells You About Being Poor | Zero Hedge

Zero Hedge “reblogs” a thing by John Cheese, a Cracked Writer, and I don’t usually like Cracked because of its snarky liberal tone, and I remember being annoying by one of Cheese’s articles in the past, however his name and his style stuck with me. Here he talks about some financial realities of The Working Poors which Successful Winners often forget when they tell you to stop being lazy, just get a job, pull yourself up by the bootstraps. Also Cheese was a Big Drinker who was told by his Doc to stop drinking right now or you’ll be dead by 40, his father was dead by 49 of drinking, etc.

Now we drinkers and ex-drinkers often get very emotional and angry and black-and-white. And certainly Cheese’s language is a bit too salty and perverted for the likes of me. But I do like the whole anti-Boomer, anti-Plutocrat ways of thinking.

Even though I hate socialism and communism and welfare and Occupy Wall Street!

So what’s the reality, Cheese’s Brutal Reality of 1,000,000 people applying for 60,000 McDonalds Jobs, or the “Lazy Deadbeats Not Looking Hard Enough For Work” in my previous post, that people are Holding Out and refusing to take the available low-status, low-wage jobs?

* Point I’m trying to make is, it’s not JUST you being a morally lazy loser. The Rules Of The Game HAVE Changed. Things ARE different than they were even 20 years ago, than they were for your parents. They don’t even KNOW. And they won’t know until THEY lose THEIR jobs. and many of them ARE! I see them every day. So if they haven’t, and are telling you what a lazy loser you are, well, their DAYS ARE NUMBERED.

* commenter saying his friend had a Nice Office Job….but the average age there was 27. Where did all the over-27’s go? Where would these people be in 10 years? Laid off with no place to go? We’re Being Discriminated Against Because Of Our AGE, MAN! AGEISTS!!!

*Not to discount Your Godawful Moral Laziness! But The Greed, Ignorance, Myopia of Plutocrats cannot be ignored. Or the Annoying Wrongness of Possibly-Well-Meaning Elders whose Own Days on the Gravy Train are Numbered, because they don’t have an Elite Masters Degree and they are Not Young. They are a clockwatcher and their job can and probably will be eliminated.

* Heh. I like to watch Wife Swap and Trading Spouses, just to get a look at different Families, how they raise their children and interact. In this one episode of TS a Bleach Blond MILF from Florida with a face like a suitcase but I wouldn’t mind having fun with her body, but was really annoying and obnoxious and rude and selfish, was married to the biggest autistic shy math nerd. Real nice guy but painfully shy. They showed him working at his Job at the Univ of Miami. Something with math or computers. he said he backed up the servers that day. wife had no idea what his job was. Don’t think he was a prof, more like a FullTime Technician/Analyst. Bretty good job in other words. They lived in a solid middle class mcmansion. They should really dissect the family’s finances on  these shows. how much did they pay for the house, what was his monthly payment, how much does he make, what’s his job title, job desc, education, resume, internships hahaha. Anyway he was even more awkward than ME or YOU. It was amazing he had A job, let alone a GOOD job. However he did like to do MATH PROBLEMS for FUN after WORK. He would work the probs in an Abstract Algebra book. (Note for Newbs: NOT the same as regular algebra. Heh. This class is only for Math Majors and people who have taken Calc 2  or Calc 3 or DiffEQ. Which, unless you’re An Engineer or A Math Major, you haven’t.)

He was painfully awkward with his own children, the show with all its cutesyness did not go into his Rel with his Kids nearly enough. I was still amazed that someone with Such Bad Social Skills could have an Attractive Wife AND a Good Job.

Of course she was annoying and had nothing in common with him and didn’t understand him at all and she spent a lot of time going out drinking and dancing with her Divorced Lady Friends. What was The Courtship Process like? I am suspicious she is marrying him For His Money. But was her Materialistic Ways forcing him to “buy” a house he couldn’t really afford?

Anyway I liked him and didn’t like her and I wonder how an 18 year old version of him would fare in 2013. He would probably be a WIZARD NEET on Wizardchan. EXACTLY the type of person I’m Writing For, because they fail at school, fail at career, fail with women, total failures, so they give up.

*when some people fail, the tuff get going, they stay persistent, and fight even harder until they win.

* however others, when they rack up enough failures, just give up. or each failure chips away at them, rather than making them stronger. persistence and resilience vs chipping away.

* So I will try to turn those of us who are chipped away by failure, into those of us who are strengthened by failure, who work harder in the face of failure, until we finally GET that Sweet Entry Level Full Time $10 an hour Upper Working Class Office Job, or GET that Decent Woman we Like and want to Commit to, till we GET some financial stability, climb out of the hole.



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