june 5 2013 yeah I kinda have been “on break” for a few days from this. big deal. I can assure You I’m not QUITTING it!

* i read somewhere that the main reason B.O. stinks is because of Bacteria. This may or may not be true but it sounds good to me. so what you can do is spray antibacterial spray, ie LYSOL, on the clothes. You ARE allowed to use Lysol on fabrics. and stuff like Febreze I’m not sure if it’s as powerful. Basically you just spray the Pits section of the shirt and see if it smells any better. Buy one bottle of Lysol and keep it in your room and see how it works. Give it a shot. If you are forced to wear a shirt that might start smelling bad quickly once you start moving around or it gets warm, then spray the shirt before you leave.

* heh. This is for if you’re TOO LAZY TO BUY NEW CLOTHES, which you probably are.

* Maybe there’s a Laundry Detergent that kills Bacteria? I don’t get how if you’re using warm water, THAT doesn’t kill them, or at least wash them away with the water. I guess not. Maybe Bacteria LUV warm water.

* This is all based off a rumor I heard on 4chan that Bacteria are what causes shoes to smell bad, not SWEAT per se. Then you can kill the bacteria by putting your shoes in the FREEZER overnight. So maybe try putting your SHIRTS in the Freezer, if you have Bad BO like me from Sweating Ridiculous Onion/Garlic Sweat from your Armpits all day!

* I also thought about putting a few squirts of Dial Antibacterial soap in with the cuppa laundry detergent. Warning: this might stain your clothes. Or it might not work. But this is for Morally Lazy People that are Morally Desperate enough to try these morally desperate measures!

* But I should clarify, we are not yet morally lazy enough to never wash our clothes! This is just what happens to shirts mainly when you’re running in and out of the shower, cold bathroom, warm house, warm outside, cold outside, warm car, cold car, warm job, cold job, cold in the morning, warm in the afternoon….all these drastic changes in temperature can make you Sweat a little bit! and why the hell should you waste HARD-EARNED money buying New Shirts every couple of months?

* communicating with people and old friends via email can be good, can be great, but if you’re having 4 serious conversations at once it can be Very Stressful and make you say, “f00k this sh1t, Imma Just CALL them!” and that can be good too!

* use a Personal Financial Planning system, be it your own Spreadsheets or or a damn NOTEBOOK where you invent your own style of accounting and ledger.

* Now I’ve stated before that you should go to Unorthodox Extremes to stay out of debt, like taking 10 years to graduate kollige/f4ggige; now what about a HOME. Yeah I’m working on that. You think, why take a loan on a depreciating investment, but if you can find a home that’s gonna Appreciate, then why not? But again, that’s another very risky gamble where the odds are against you. But obv its frustrating to pay 1000$ a month to rent a place when you think, oh well, i could pay $1000 a month and OWN the place…..IN THIRTY YEARS!  IF I don’t go bankrupt,  lose job, house goes underwater, etc. So yeah, trying to find a Third Way apart from Mortgages AND Renting. Might just involve Living in a VAN down by the RIVER.

* But wut’s wrong with say living in a TRAILER? Doesn’t mean you can’t have a nice clean presentable friendly welcoming trailer! So it doesn’t signal to WIMMIN that you’re a PROVIDER?? We gotta get you out of that Pleasing-Wimmin MINDSET! Besides, decent traditional Women might be able to figure out that you’re SAVING money to HELP RAISE CHILDREN.

* What’s better, having money to help raise children, or not having any money and being in debt because you spent it all on a MCMANSION????

* Did I mention the thing I learned from my SuperControversial Blogger Buddy who I can’t name here? That you should practice VIGOROUS HIP-GYRATING exercises. Of COURSE you must do them in private, because such movements send quite a provocative message, basically thrusting your genitalia every which way. But the end goal is to develop a more assertive, masculine posture and way of walking, which will positively influence all your interactions with The World. To be more FLUID and athletic and less Stiff. But you will NOT be thrusting your genitals at people!

* some people say that quitting COFFEE was a great move for them, that they have more and more consistent ENERGY. So it’s worth thinking about. As a 30 day experiment, hahaha. This would be A Real Challenge For Me, but I think I COULD Do it. I have cut back about 50% anyway, I have quit other things 100%. And it’s not like you’re not allowed to use aspirin/tylenol to Halp You with the headaches at first! Anyway it would probably take a few weeks of Cold Turkey for you to be able to feel the positive effects.



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