* if you start smelling your own B.O. and the shirt you’re wearing is more than X years old, it might just be the shirt. You can wash that stuff every day and it still won’t matter. It’s permanent. Get rid of the shirt and buy a new one that looks just like it, if you can. Or just don’t wear it around QTP2T/QT3.14’s. Or if you DO, don’t get close enough that they can smell you. Keep a decent personal distance.

* A REAL Alpha Move would be the Blame The BO on THEM! O God that’s CLASSIC. “MM. DON’T WASH MUCH, DO YA?” Heh. Yeah that’s funny but there’s probably a better way to tease. Unless the gurl is a Harlot who just had Schweddy Alpha Ballz on her face last night. Then ask her why she has not washed the Alpha Ball-taint-and-4ss-juice off her face yet. Naaah that’s kinda filthy. Just because SHE’s that filthy to do it, doesn’t mean you have to be so filthy to say it. RISE ABOVE!!!

* If you start having a nice actual normal conversation with a Co-Worker, like Small Talk that Lasts Longer Than Average For You, building real good MOMENTUM, you actually get comfortable and could start RAMBLING, well, at that point, pull the plug, and continue rambling like 30 minutes later. Make them WORK for it at this point, hahaha.

* Or if you’ve got your Ivy League Graduate Degree and work in an OFFFFFFICE like some rich fancy f4gg0t, then bring your OWN PBJ so you can make your PBJs RIGHT THERE and not have to worry about making them at home. Maybe if you come crawling into your boss’s office like those mexicans in breaking bad that crawl over rocks for 10 miles so they can pray at the shrine, i LOVE that crawling/praying motif. LOVE it. Or crawl to HR. Supplicate to them, copypaste the following quote into your brain, and then issue for from your lips: “Please master, may I bring my own PBJ, may I bring my own $10 TOASTER from Walmart and put it somewhere.”

*Bread is Bad but I will let you eat a PBJ once in a while, better to eat PBJs than f00king McD’s.

*Get a Bag of 20 Tina’s Burritos and put it in the freezer of the fridge at your office. That way if you ever forget lunch. Heh. these are more Notes To Self than anything! I usually grab a banana but lately I don’t WANT To eat a banana, I would rather eat Burritos or PBJs, then I refuse to eat the banana, and get hungry and grumpy, which hurts my productivity and being the best employee ever. Downward Spiral.

reason #9000000000 not to take out loans to go to college, not to major in anything that’s not STEM or ROI or Fastest Growing, just not to go to f00king college WHATSOEVER until you do my Patented Gap Year or Gap Years. F00k this Sh1t, it’s better to be TWO years BEHIND EVEN when Being Behind will hurt you the most, than to be like these sad sacks. Because now they will be even MORE behind than I am!



So what do you do when PLUTOCRAT PIGS are trying to GENOCIDE you?

*You don’t lay down and Take It Up The 4ss, that’s for sure!

You get MAD and you FIGHT!

NO, Not with violence and terrorism, but by RESISTING, by saying NO! F00k THAT Sh1T! and Going Your Own Way and WINNING and being FREE and not a SLAVE.

DOesn’t that bullsh1t make you so sick and angry you want to PUKE? Christ Almighty, can you imagine BEING those people? No, they’re not innocent helpless victims, but in the years since I graduated HS and first went to college, there’s been incredible worsening of the trends that were already present then: since I got good grades in HS, there was almost NO QUESTION that I would go to college, and this is even worse now, and kids are BRAINWASHED that this is the ONLY way, to gamble at this UNHOLY CASINO, with the increasing odds that you will just become a SLAVE.

Even STEM is not a safe bet at the UNHOLY CASINO!

* Another way to improve your odds at the Unholy Casino: Be a Huge People Person Extravert with 900000000000 friends and join a FRATERNITY so you can NETWORK with a ton of successful people.   But I have a hunch this isn’t the type of guy you are! We introverts need to find Different Ways.

* maybe build a network of Up and Up College Kids…..WITHOUT ACTUALLY GOING TO COLLEGE YOURSELF.

* just a note to self/you on future topics: it’s ok to NOT BE A FAN OF WOMEN. WOMEN? I’M NOT A FAN. NOT. A. FAN. Because unless you had Overall Good Experiences with Women, ie did not ultimately just get Screwed Over and Made A Fool Of By the women you’ve pursued, why the hell WOULD you be a Fan of them? MAKE THEM PROVE THEMSELVES! DEMONSTRATE THEIR VALUE!

* No one likes to play the VICTIM, although many Wimmin sort of DO, AND they want you to forget the obvious truth that MEN HAVE IT HARDER THAN WOMEN. WOMEN HAVE AN EASIER LIFE THAN MEN. TRUE STATEMENT.

* play sports when you are young. Then you will get in shape, get young cute girls, be popular, have everyone like you, have jobs and opportunities served up to you on a silver platter, and you will have to work less hard to succeed.  hehehehe.

* if, on the off chance you DO meet a young gurl who might be worth dating, Ask Her Out To Dinner SOONER rather than LATER.  Although I appreciate that you may be CAUGHT OFF GUARD at FIRST, because you thought you’d never feel positively about another woman EVER AGAIN. Well you’re wrong. Just ACT on it QUICKLY this time. Make her PROVE that she’s not promiscuous, hahaha.