may 29, 2013

* I read an Anecdote that people who work in LONDON often travel FOUR HOURS EVERY DAY on the TRAIN because their job in the city is not nearly enough to pay for rent in the city so they must like TWO HOURS AWAY by train in one of the suburbs.

* alternatively you could live in the Worst Neighborhoods. Or a Project!

> butthurt because students with High GPA in High School are never encouraged to take a “GAP YEAR” in US like they do elsewhere

>of course europe sucks too, see above

* I heard a piece of trivia that the average person laughs 15 times a day. So you should try to Get Angry LESS THAN 15 times a day.

* I encourage young americans to take a Gap Year. Only don’t TRAVEL like a Bourgeois Rich Faggot, sucking D’s. No, I want You to Work At McDonald’s.

* No, you can work somewhere nicer than McDonalds, Walmart, or Best Buy. Why don’t you work at LOWES. Lots of People Make Their Careers at Lowes (Home Improvement Warehouse Retail Store, National Chain. Like Home Depot or Menards. Sell Two By Fours and Wood and Faucets and Toilets and Paint and lights and kitchens and sh1t.)

* Or join the army. If you get you legs blown off then you’ll be more justified in killing yourself. JUST KIDDING! But at the very least, you get money for college, you get toughened up and MASCULINE, looks good on the resume, gives you people skills, gives you good work ethic, so you can outcompete everyone else for that sweet Lowe’s job when you get back, get a nice $9 an hour fulltime job while everyone else goes 100k in debt to get a social work degree.

* They say that Gap Year is for Lazy Losers, But what if you end up taking SEVERAL Post-College “Gap Years” because you can’t get a job with your stupid f4gg0t loser degree? Then next think you know, you’ve taken like FIVE Gap Years, But they’re not really GAP YEARS, and then you look in the mirror and see a very old face, and Employers would prefer to hire Younger People, Gap-Year-Age people, hahahaha.

* Basically, Why NOT take a Gap Year, Why RUSH College, if College Is Worthless? If College Is Going to HURT You?

* However, if you ARE good at school, I would say continue along that path until you screw up. Just push yourself and compete because it’s much better to be a Young Burnout than an Old Burnout, because Youth is favored over the Old, for Good Jobs, and for Attractive Young Women. If you fail, well at least you TRIED and failed before giving up. But you only have ONE chance, and that’s when you’re YOUNG.

* So what if you blew it, and now you are the shame of your Overbearing, High Expectations Asian or Indian Parents? See Previous post. Do whatever you can to get out of there, and scream at them what huge faggot failures they are, and then never talk to them again. Kinda sucks that you got unlucky with a d1ckhead family like that.

* however they weren’t entirely wrong. it IS a good way to Win In Life to go to an elite school, then get an elite job, then make good money till you retire. that’s all they wanted you to do, and they pushed you hard because even though it SOUNDS simple, it’s HARD as hell to actually do.

* But I argue you can push your kids HARD without being Huge Evil Dickheads about it. I would push my kid hard, but if he/she f00ked up and burned out at MIT or Harvard, I’d say, well, Life is just gonna get harder and more disappointing now, but I still Luv You just as much as I did before, and I’M not disappointed in you. Heck, I can relate, I’m a failure too!

* Heh. Assuming I ever have children assuming I ever bounce back from my OWN failure at life, hahahahahahahahahaha.

* when you are high school age, you should be exposed to Plenty of Adult Losers, to motivate you Not To Be A Loser when you’re that age. Basically any JOB which a young person gets hired at, like McDonalds, any OLD person there will by definition be a loser, because they’re old and should have a better job, but they didn’t try hard enough, or dropped out of college. This is why it’s a problem in Western Schools that the Age Groups are Strictly Segregated.

17 year olds with Lots of Potential should spend plenty of time with 30 year olds who Wasted Their Potential, as a CAUTIONARY TALE: DO NOT WASTE YOUR POTENTIAL, OR YOU’LL TURN OUT LIKE THAT LOSER.

* Do not TRAVEL like those Gap Year proponents suggest. TRAVELING is for F4GG0TS. Use your Gap year to WORK A SH1TTY JOB.

* Get down on your knees right now, and BEG GOD for Forgiveness and Mercy. How could that POSSIBLY HURT?

* Ok how about this one: if you’re tired and burnt out and feeeeeel so bad like GIVING UP, just go ahead an Give Up. But put a time limit on it, say, OK, I’ll Give Up for One Year. And then at the end of that year, when you see how far off track One Year of Giving Up Puts you, then you’ll have no choice but to Give Up for the Rest Of Your Life, because you’ll never get back on track, you’ve fallen too far behind, beyond the point of No Return! FUBARed!

* I APOLOGIZE that this article and maybe the last one too have been real DOWNERS. Heh. I was ANGRY about the J Search when I wrote them. AND REgretting my past mistakes, making the wrong decisions, doing the wrong things, not doing the right things, having too many bad habits, not enough good habits, etc. But at least I’m not such a Big F4gg0t that I’m SCARED to use the word “f4gg0t.”



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