* There is a group called DBSA Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance or something like that (search it), and they have Support Groups for Lazy Losers like us. I have been meaning to check it out for the past couple of years. Now I live in a Crap-Tier city, and we have like at least one meeting per month, so if you live in or near a crap tier city or better, you should have one too.

Online forums like DepressionForums and SocialAnxietyForums (I should Blogroll them) are GREAT, as are /adv and /r9k and /v9k, but I would be interested in what an actual Face To Face group would be like.

* You might be able to find one Nice Person There you could Bribe With A Pizza Party for an Entry Level Full Time $10 An Hour Job!!!


There is also a group called EMOTIONS ANONYMOUS which uses the 12-step format.

What better group of people to Appeal To for an Entry Level Fulltime Job than people who are sorta like YOU! Lazy Losers who by some miracle and/or Good Old Fashioned Hard Work, pulled themselves UP FROM MORALLY LAZY LOSERNESS!

*”I object to you using the term Morally Lazy Losers to describe people suffering from a debilitating condition.”

Objection noted. I agree that it’s not FUN to SUFFER from Morally Lazy Loserness, hahahahahahahah!!!

I mix a slightly unorthodox way of Talking, in with my more orthodox Life Suggestions, to create my own approach to fix this problem, for you and me.

* “You’ve got such a sh1tty ATTITUDE, such a Bad Work Ethic, such an attitude of entitlement, you think you’re ENTITLED to an Entry Level Fulltime Job With Benefits, you think this is a HUMAN RIGHT, until you fix this BAD ATTITUDE and develop a good Work ethic, you will remain underemployed, and RIGHTFULLY SO!”

Interesting perspective, SIR. Part of this blog is to Help Myself and other Losers with BAD ATTITUDES like me, FIX our Bad Attitudes into Good Attitudes, so we can move from Underemployment into Full Employment. It’s just as easy as flicking on a light switch! MAKE THE CHOICE TO HAVE A GOOD ATTITUDE!!!

Hahahahahaha, I’m sure you hate these faggots too. AND RIGHTFULLY SO.

* Try Exploring your Ethnic/Genetic Heritage. Find out Where Your People Came From. You are the unique product of hundred/thousands of years of evolution and breeding. your ancestors came from somewhere. find out where that somewhere is. this is good way of belonging to a group, because it’s in your Genes. In your Blood. Nothing you do about it, so you might as well accept it and learn to ENJOY it.

* watch some movies using the language of Your People, read some books on the history of.

* find some stupid meme you find hilarious on 4chan and then research the pictures for an hour. for example right now I am in a Spurdo mood and thus anything spurdo makes me laff. see jokes, humor, comedy, positive feels.


although i’ve been really analyzing comedy/humor lately, trying to discern positive humor from negative humor. this one might actually be negative humor. anything that makes fun of somebody, or is super sarcastic, or degenerate, or promoting decadence, perversion, nihilism, etc.

Note that this is THE VAST MAJORITY of “comedy” as seen in The Mainstream Poison Media!\

For EXAMPLE, I am trying to rationalize to myself my enjoyment of the Mainstream Poison TV Comedy, “American Dad.” From the decadent, perverted, degenerate mind of Seth Macfarlane. Mocking the traditional, conservative, family values I hold dear. The character Roger, a Perverted, Depraved Sex Addict Omnisexual Gambling Drinking Drugging Borderline Hedonist Narcissist Degenerate, I find him especially funny.

Am I not actually Poisoning my mind and soul by watching this trash? WHY do I REALLY find it funny? Well, it’s most certainly CLEVER. And I relate with Traditional, Masculine Family Man Stan, sort of like Hank in “King of the Hill.” (Mike Judge is a good go-to if you’re looking for intelligent, yet traditional and morality-minded, not completely degenerate, comedy.)

Another example: I used to really enjoy the George Lopez show because George was so clever and funny….but the Dysfunction Family aspect eventually started to grate on me, especially his Annoying Mother and how there’s no Moral Redemption there. IMHO Lopez is a decent guy but has been Poisoned by the Hollywood mentality….like much of Hollywood.

Heh heh. You can probably guess that Mel Gibson is my Favourite Hollywood Celebrity, exactly because he stands against that tide. So Mel Gibson, Mike Judge, and maybe George Lopez need to make a Comedy TV Show and establish their own Entertainment Media capital, outside of Hollywood.

Well, my justification then for watching “American Dad” is that it’s not AS depraved as “Family Guy”, MacFarlane’s Other Show, not as Annoying of a style (jump cuts, references) as Family Guy, MacFarlane’s actually an intelligent Humorist MAYBE, underneath all his bullcrap; and it makes me laff.

When I Stop Laffing, I’ll stop Watching.

Have been hypothesizing that to find Good Clean Humor, I might have to go back to the Old Days of TV/Movies, 1930s and such. Laurel and Hardy, 3 stooges kinda stuff maybe.

Heh. I don’t trust The New York Media Machine either. All Mainstream Media has The Poison innit, and the roots of this go way back. So I try to create my own Non Mainstream Comedy. Or the stuff you find on 4chan like Spurdo Sparde. Absolutely hilarious, absolutely not Mainstream TV (although definitely Mainstream Message Board, Mainstream Memes, etc), although alot of the time 4chan humor is OBVIOUSLY mean-spirited.

Just saying it gives Basement Dwelling Losers Like Us a Real Opportunity to contribute Comedy to the World, without Sucking D’s in the Entertainment Industry.

* One Last Tip: “NO COMMENT” isn’t just for people who don’t want to talk to reporters. AND Having the Power to Getting Up And Walking Out during a Job Interview Gone Horribly, Horribly Wrong also extends to You talking to people Talking about Your Failed Career and Total Lack Of Ambition and Career Goals, or any topic you don’t want to talk about for that matter: YOU DON’T HAVE TO TALK ABOUT ANYTHING YOU DON’T WANT TO TALK ABOUT, WITH ANYBODY! JUST SAY, “I DON’T WANT TO TALK ABOUT THAT. NO COMMENT.”

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