monday june 24 2013, and tuesday too

* If ever there were a MIRACLE CURE, a MAGIC BULLET for r9k’ers, lazy losers, v9k’ers, it is this: LIFT. LIFT. LIFT. If “BE MASCULINE” are the most important two words you need to know, “LIFT” is the ONE single most important word you need to know. Plus Lifting IS Being Masculine, it IS very Masculine!

* Experts, Successes, Winners, Smug Liberals, Bourgies, Educateds, Graduate Degrees, SWPLs, and other f4gg0ts will give you a hard time over “ANECDOTAL EVIDENCE” because it doesn’t Argumentarily PROVE anything, but I think them saying that is just code for them being a huge f4gg0t. In MY Book, in the College Of Hard Knock Real Life, Anecdotal Evidence DOES count for something. It sets a precedent. A Pattern.

And the pattern I would like to point to right now is: many anecdotes of wimpy r9kers start LIFTING and then things start getting better bit by bit. They get more testosterone, more confidence, more masculine, they start getting Action from Wimmin, start standing up for themselves, look better, etc.

Heh. All those JOCKS in HIGH SCHOOL in the WEIGHT ROOM had the RIGHT IDEA.

If it’s ok for WOMEN to have “Friends with benefits” and “f00k buddies” then you’re sure as hell within YOUR rights to have f00k buddies too!

I just think it’s kinda sleazy and decadent, not a good HABIT to start, and it’s worse for women than it is for men. harmful long-term consequences.

But again maybe it’s just a PHASE of Sowing Wild Oats, then you move OUT of the phase when you’re older and want to settle down. Then you don’t care if your wife has had 900000 partners because you have had 900000 partners too.

Who knows, who cares, I just want to get some Hot No Strings Action!

But I have my other theory regarding Number of Partners: that a man and a woman will be the most Long Term Compatible the Closer Their Actual Number of Previous Partners is. EG a Virgin Man like Us (heh) will prob not get along well with a Wimmin with 900000000 partners.

* Another Great Pro Tip: If you are awkward at conversation and talking to people, just start RAMBLING and BABBLING. Then you won’t gain a reputation as a Nontalkative Sperg, you’ll get a reputation as a Rambler at worst, and, more likely, as a Normalfag who’s not Afraid to talk to people. Just ramble mindless idiot sh1t. People might think you’re BORING, but they won’t think you’re WEIRD.

* But who CARES what other people THINK? Yeah, it would be IDEAL not to CARE what other people THINK of you, but sometimes we ARE in the position where we DO seek others’ approval: for making FRIENDS, for “DATING” or seeking a MATE, for Professional NETWORKING and seeking a Sweet $10 An Hour Fulltime JOB. Especially w that last one, What Other People THINK of us is VERY important and has VERY important RESULTS.

* How did Edward Snowden get such a SWEET Job if he never finished college, let alone MIT or a Top Tech College that you’d USUALLY associate with such a SWEET Elite Job? Some reports say* he Dropped Out of Community College! (*not sure) I would GUESS it’s because he’s such a GOOD HACKER. There is a Hacking Culture out there (and now “HACKTIVISTS”) where Computer SAVANTS essentially do nothing but play with computers all day and become experts beyond the level of MIT Grads, as demonstrated in their coding and hacking skillz.

Like a PRODIGY who just sits down at the piano and writes symphonies like Mozart, and is immediately better than anyone who tries to teach them. Prodigy Savants. I would THINK these people are Outliers/NOT Normal for their Population of Moneymaking Computer Programmers. In other words, Unambitious, Unmotivated Neckbeards like Us have no chance of becoming the Next Ed Snowden making Tons of Money At A Good Job!

And then you get mixed feelings when you see all these Talented Hackers “Throw It All Away” to become Social Justice Hacktivists who would willingly turn down Good Money in favour of Doing The Right Thing! Wouldn’t it be nice to be forced to make THAT decision!

* Note: I AM very concerned with ethics and morality, and don’t want Our Big Gummint looking over our shoulder, so I guess I take the side of the Hacktivists! BESIDES, do you REALLY think they won’t be able to get ANY job doing Ethical Hacking? Maybe they’ll make signif less than with Gummint or Booz Allen or whatever, Microsoft, Google, Apple…….BUT they’ll still make a HELL of a lot more than $11 an hour! Heck they might even make more than the average for STEM grads their age!

* Of course, there’s the trick of Defining a Relevantly-Sized Population. NOT Every Human on earth. then that’s meaningless.

* Now invoking the ridic rule that if you’re 25, you should make 25k a year, when you’re 40 you should make 40k a year, etc. heh.

* If you’re still doing Babby Steps like Walking instead of Jogging, or Pushups instead of a Full Blown Lifting Program At Least 3 Days a week….try upgrading to SETS of pushups. Three Sets of like…20 pushups each. that is better than 1 set! Three times better! Three times the testosterone! Three times the masculinity! Three times the benefit!

4 chan /adv wage slave asking for advice on how to deal with crappy job / bad manager, interview process, and employee wants to be able to visit their FAMILY twice a year and this might be a BIG PROBLEM.

* heh. read /adv more, for advice on jobs, women, health, life. heh. real practice stuff. Heh. I should just read nothing but Advice. since technically I NEED it but hate ASKING for it. Would rather read other people giving advice to other people possibly in similar situations.



monday june 24 2013

* if it is an Official Hot Sunny Summer Day, put a Muscleshirt on your Blobby Pasty Body and get plenty of sun on your Fatceps and Neck area. Can’t emphasize this enough. When you walk around the neighborhood you might be pleasantly surprised at the amount of 50 year old men you see with no shirts on at all, who look even worse! Aint No Shame In Your Game! Who Cares if Young Attractive Wimmin think it’s “GROSS”? They think EVERYTHING’s “Gross”!

* so APPARENTLY Women/Wimmin don’t just want you to be in good shape physically, but “taking care of yourself” means that you ALSO have to be in good shape Mentally, and have CAREER PROSPECTS. Heh. This is why I am Taking A BREAK From Wimmin, and why you should too! What Have Women Done For YOU???! Just forget about them. If you are FORCED to interact with Young Attractive Wimmin, (job, obligations), then also FORCE yourself to show Fake Alpha Confidence to them. They can’t even TELL if it’s REAL or not, even if it feels PHONY for you. THEY have no idea!

* Humans can be SO EASILY FOOLED. You think we have Evolved Naturally to Deal With The World Around us….but we really haven’t evolved to deal with THIS Modern World that surrounds us. Humans find it real difficult to be Moderate in a Cornucopia Land O’ Plenty, even when being Moderate is the Obviously Healthy Choice. Humans develop Badass Habits that destroy themselves.

* heh the first part of this sounds bretty MISOGYNISTIC, but really it’s to encourage you to stop putting women on a pedestal, and to have a more NEUTRAL or INDIFFERENT opinion of wimmin, NOT necess a HATEFUL or a NEGATIVE opinion. Just simply Nonplussed.

* Brief Movie Review: “Damnation” by Bela Tarr. Hungarian auteur often compared to Tarkovsky. Huge long slow 10 minute takes, “sculpting in time”, etc. beautiful b&w photog. Very artsy, looks very beautiful. Bleak and sorrowful and pessimistic. Story of broken hearts and failures and love lorn. You’d think I would like it more. But the real slow pace made it kinda boring. Masterfully done though, I could see really being in the Mood for this sort of stuff. might explain why I am sort of excited to watch his “Satantango,” which is a SEVEN HOUR FILM of this kinda stuff. Think I liked “Werckmeister Harmonies” better than “Damnation,” though I was hoping I would like Damnation more than WH. Oh Well. Tarr is talented and a True Artist, but you do have to be in the mood. Wonder if getting Blazed on THC would help. Tempted to think yes. Bela Tarr sez he is retired after “Turin Horse” of 2010 or so (also on muh queue) but I hope not. He also says he has No Symbolism or No Allegories in his films. WHAT A SMART4SS! That statement made me enjoy him more, found that hilarious. Because OBVIOUSLY EVERYTHING in his films is a HUGE MYSTERIOUS SYMBOL of god knows what, and THAT can be kinda frustrating, along with the snails pace, if everything didn’t look so beautiful. 7/10 bretty good but not essential. maybe just go straight to “Satantango.” But I’m skurred to watch that because of the Infamous Cat Torture Scene. I do not approve of Cruelty to Animals, but Tarr has gone on the record to say….the cat wasn’t REALLY tortured?

* “Oh so you think that if you polish your cover letter bit by bit every day, that one day years from now you will Magically Stumble Upon that Magic Combination Of Words that convinces the person to give you an interview? NO! No Magic Combination of Words will do that! It’s pointing to a Deeper More Fundamental Problem, where you have to Fundamentally Change Your Whole Life and then write a cover letter about Your New Life, with New Volunteering Experiences and Internship Experiences and a New Education Path and New Career Path….”

f00k you, i don’t agree. besides you’re not getting the JOB on the basis of a COVER LETTER, you’re getting an INTERVIEW. And you can have a great interview-getting cover letter, but still bomb every interview, because you’re an emo anxious autist.

And  only I am trying to help you with the fundamental problem of THAT!




  • Kickstarter Apologizes For $16K Raised By Misogynistic Seduction Guide “Above The Game” (
  • I Don’t think he’s condoning Date Rape! I think he’s clever for trying to Pull One Over on these people and get Free Money! Women Naturally are attracted to men who are masculine and not too afraid to Touch Them! (“Kino.”) Of COURSE you stop if they say “NO!” or “STOP!” but if they put up “last minute resistance” oftentimes that IS a “sh1t test” to see how much of a MAN you are. This will involve them waffling and being wishy washy, but NOT using the Key Words of “NO!” or “STOP!”
  • Although I think these books are kinda silly, it could be summed up in two words, you guessed it! “BE MASCULINE!!” But I def went through my own Game / Seduction phase too.  Heh. I bought a book by Famous Pick Up Artist Roosh V!  But now, IMHO, if Boys were Taught to Be Masculine by Strong Healthy Masculine Unalienated Fathers At Home, there would be less Weak Unmasculine Betas, no more r9k, no more Game / Seduction community, etc. Boys would be able to Satisfy their Increasing Urges not long after they start developing them in the first place, they would not put women on an undeserved pedestal, not be obsessed with women, not be controlled by women, etc, just be healthier and happier regarding women.


sunday june 23 2013

promised to talk about giving up. well I give up on that hahahaha. No but I WILL come back to that, it’s unavoidable, it’s staring at us every day in the mirror.

But I might as well share ANECDOTES, of course anecdotes are not PROOF of anything, there’s no right and wrong, nothing means everything, don’t you wish you could be an Intellectually Superior Fedora Wearing Atheist PHILOSOPHER who is Intellectually and Morally Superior to Religious People who are all HURRRRR DURRRR MUH HUMAN DIGNITY, MUH MORALZ. There is no such thing as morality or right and wrong, and if your Gurlfran wants to set up a website of her getting plowed by 900000 dudes, you have no right to get all butthurt and creepy and jealous and buttmad and buttangry about it, you intellectual inferior!

Heh I was thinking of this article on Bad Catholic where an Anon Atheist Philosopher talks about how wrong and intellectually inferior the Catholics are to be against Porn because it Degrades People. Hurr Durrr. Heh so maybe the article wasn’t perfect but god damn I wanted to punch that Anon Commenter in the Face! Go Become a f00king Fulltime College Professor with your PhD, Beotch! Hope when you have a Kid they Consent to do Really Perverted Porn! But as long as it’s FEMINIST Porn THEN it’s ethical.  F00KING MORONS.

So that got me fired up for a few mins.

So I figured stop looking at the more “negative” things of 4chan like r9k, and look more at the “positive” things of 4chan, namely /fit.

the health and fitness board. /fit has the power to turn r9kers into HAPPY HEALTHY NORMALFAGS.

“Normalfags” or “Normies” is one of those words that can have a positive or negative connotation IMHO, depending on context. Sometimes r9kers rage against the stupid moronic normalfags who mock and reject them……sometimes as they cry on a foreveralone nevergf night they wish they could just been born a normalfag because normalfags are happy, healthy, productive members of society, who are able to set and reach goals, have a gf, have a job, not drop out of school, get respect, etc.

so sometimes we hate the normalfags, other times we just wish we WERE a normalfag winner and not a neet virgin foreveralone disglacefur shamfur rosel.

Heh. so this blog is just becoming my own personal 4chan text archive.

“why don’t you lower your standards” on what board do you think, haha

“how many D’s is too many? for a gf? for a wife?”

heh robots ask the most penetrating incisive questions.

I would say if you can get action from a real QT it doesn’t matter how many D’s. but the more d’s she’s had, the less likely you should be to Get Serious about her!

Also, if a Conservative Woman is taking D’s under Conservative Moral CIRCUMSTANCES, ie, ONLY within a Monogamous, Committed Relationship, then because of that, her Number will HAVE to be quite low!

(You Want a Conservative Woman for Monogamous Committed Waifu Gurlfran Relships.)

But I would also say if a QT wants to Bone Down you shouldn’t reject her because she’s taken too many D!x!!! or else you might always regret passing up your Big Chance to Practice Having S with a QT slut. Just don’t f00king marry her or Fall In Luv with her! Make a game of it, see if you can bang her 50 times before you get too beta and in luv and she dumps you. And use the energy from the banging to help you Gain Momentum in Good Habits re Career and Education. Like filling out papers or signing up for so and so program or writing cover letters.

* buy a Calculus Textbook off Amazon for $5 and take your time to work through all the chapters, all the problems, one by one, at your own pace. It will take much longer than if you were taking the actual class, because the class is fast as f00k. Note To Educational College Plutocrats: you could MAKE MORE MONEY if you split up calculus in 4 or 5 classes! in this case the students would probably understand the material better. It would be more worthwhile than making them take a Diversity or Political Sensitivity Class.

* reel fast Movie Review: Brother (“Brat”) by “Alexei Balabanov” A controversial writer whose controversial political and practical ideas I admire recommended Brother 2 as an example of a movie that wasn’t absolute degenerate immoral decadent FILTH, had good values, etc. NEtflix didn’t have 2, so I rented 1. It was not good. 2/5. The young actor was good, but movie became cheesy and silly. blurb sez a cross between lars von trier and quentin tarantino. lolwut. OK I LUV Lars VT, Tarantino not so much, but either way, that was not a very true statement. Started out kinda promising, ended up kinda boring and stupid. But the young actor was good, and he DOES maintain a sense of Morality and Decency and Justice. Letting the people live he promised would let live, standing up for the weak and mistreated, dispensing justice where none is, giving money to people who need it, and then walking away from the criminal life. maybe. Hopefully Brother 2 is better, cause this one was pretty disappointing. If you want a great Foreign Crime Movie, try The “Pusher” Trilogy. All of em are good, esp 1 and 3.  Anyway been a while since I watched a Russian movie.

Welp, Got to practice memorizing Muh cyrillic letters at least. Probably could do it if I studied it every day and had a test and prepped with Flashcards! So C is an S, P is an R, a “pi” is a P, an H is an N, a backwards N is an I, ummm B is a V, that’s all I remember. I think the “X” looking thing is hard K sound, and the thing that looks like a lower case b is a b sound. and the gamma is a G sound or L sound? But I’d say at least 60% of the letters are about the same sounds as they are in English.   Horasho still means good, spicibe still means thank you. Izvinyate means excuse me. Heh. I tried to learn Russian a few years ago and still remember 3 words.

* try to learn a foreign language, it’s a better hobby than neckbearding, neeting, r9k, fapping, eating, crying.

Anyway that was 1997, and Russia had only been out of the communism like 7 years. So perhaps everything western was Cool, the kids like their McDonalds and Blue Jeans. So how now, like 23 years after the fall of communism, is western stuff so cool anymore? plutocrats and globalization and such. also we now have an entire generation of kids in Russia who are getting their MBAs from Russian Harvard and starting their careeeeeers, kids who were born in a Noncommunist Russia. what are they like? ok getting too political hurr. but that is the kind of stuff I am politically interested in. And I might not like globalization or plutocrats, but I aint no Occupy Moron, and am fairly conservative. OK enough.

* heh. if you cared about your CAREER as much as you cared about WOMEN, you’d prob have a better CAREER by now and could thus get the WOMEN you want.

* Read /r9k less, read /fit more!!

4chan founder moot at ROFLCon II
4chan founder moot at ROFLCon II (Photo credit: Wikipedia) moot has a can-do entrepreneurial alpha spirit and has pulled more QT College Tail than you or I can fathom. He probably does not read r9k. also got an A+ in Calculus 4 without whining about it.


* EASY MODE. Some of us are born into HARD MODE and do very well, others of us are born into EASY MODE and royally f00k it up, so 4chan gives us only 2 options, go to therapy or kill yourself, and more likely kill yourself because no one has sympathy for rich posh f4gg0ts handed everything on a silver platter in easy mode! so 1 choice.  heh.

But yeah. how do you f00k up EASY mode? By failing out of school and quitting any job?

Heh there are tiers of easy mode. easiest tier would be having you own TRUST FUND and your fam pays for you to have your own den of decadence, drugs and sex, no job.

or family gets you a Good Job with No Interview, you make good money being incompetent when really you should have a top masters degree for this job. then you blow the job because you go out drinking and Clubbing every night, spending $1000 a night at the club from your family’s allowance.

or your family pays for your college and then lets you live at their house when you finish college and are too much of a loser to get a job, hahaha.

Well, at least you don’t have a TRUST FUND or get an ALLOWANCE or have your fam pay RENT, hahahaha.

Anyway, I certainly did not have easiest mode, but I prob did have some kind of Easy Mode, and I screwed it up just because I was unconfident, unmasculine, lazy, poisoned, cowardly, angry, distracted, could not handle college. did top 5% in high school, down to maybe 50% in college? decent grades in college, but sh1t-tier useless major, no internships, no networking

* well i dunno. just keep sending out cover letters and go for 30 minute walks twice a day and try not to go from slightly overweight to def overweight to morbidly obese neckbeard.

* heh.

* low reps, high weight, lift till you can’t lift any more. Seeing this is a common theme for building confidence among r9k robots and making them normies with gfs and jobs and goals and dreams and such, becoming more masculine. must be the testosterone. I can only support this!

r9k survey thread. demographix and statistix on yer neet buddies.

thinkin i might have Avoidant Personality Disorder and a lot of morally lazy cowardly layabout loser socially awkward autists neets might too!

* you can get some real good ROI playing E-Z Babby‘s First Love Songs on Guitar for Prime of Youth Girls. When I was a Stupid Easy Mode College Student, I pulled better quality with less effort than I ever did in the real world just because I could play 3 chord love songs. I can’t even remember what the song was. Probably Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits, Van Morrison, “My Girl”.

* Use a classical guitar and pluck with your FINGERS, f4gg0t. People are so stupid they forget how much better the classical guitar sounds compared to the other, standard, normalfag, bob dylan type acoustic guitar.

* It can be tricky to sing while playing, but if I can learn how to do it with a little practice, YOU can learn to do it with a little practice.

* You next step will be to take those EZ songs you can play on guitar and then play them on PIANO. This will make you look even MORE Classy, and you can pull a classier tier of dames. Just play the same thing you do on guitar, but play it on piano. NO you don’t need to learn how to read notes. YES you just play random notes in the chord shapes that your hands are in. BOOM instant musician.

* I should give you a list of songs. Basically anything simple and sweet works. Even legitimately GOOD songs by GOOD Musicians like the ones I mentioned above, you don’t need to play CRAP TIER Miley Cyrus Radio Hitz to get girls. You can play sweet Tom Waits songs, even though they’ve never HEARD of Tom Waits and if they actually HEARD Tom Waits they probably wouldn’t LIKE him. But you being there actually playing the song will go a LONG way, baby.

* Not sure if this works on 25 year old girls with masterz degrees and careeeeeerz. probably.

* Don’t play guitar with a PICK, PICKS are for VIRGINS who listen to METAL all day.

* Lift Heavy Weights, do some kind of strength training.

* but if you can’t do that, just know that going outside for a measly 30 minute walk is better than sitting in front of the computer neckbearding. neckbeards never leave the computer, and there you go leaving the computer, breaking the cycle of neckbeard.

* however sometimes it can be impossible when you are of a Certain Age, to even get in the same room with a Cute Girl and a Guitar. That might be the hardest thing. And why the hell would you want to woo unattractive girls.

* r9k “Why did you GIVE UP”

Yep GIVING UP is a common theme in Our Lives. Giving Up about sums it up. Many times over the past few months I have felt like I have Just Already Given Up. I Give Up. I can’t go on. I can’t keep struggling and failing and trying so hard. I can’t even do the Bare Minimum. I have spit in the face of God and Human Dignity and my Family, I don’t deserve Freedom, I don’t want to try to do anything, I just want easy everything, easy work, then work, eat, sleep until I can’t do those things no mo, try not to be an evil person, then die at the end.

Losing the joie de vivre, losing the edge, giving up, losing the fighting spirit, giving up the ghost. YEP I KNOW THAT FEEL BRO. I FEEL YOU.  What’s the point of even trying. You don’t have the energy to try any more. You used up all your trying energy when you were young. Now that you’re old and a failure, you don’t have the energy to start again. Uhhh I will address all this and more starting tomorrow.


june 22 2013 saturday

* I MIGHT start doing Movie Reviews in this blog just because I’m currently doing this blog more regularly. I will try to keep out my most controversial political opinions.

* turned on the air conditioning in the homestead, which I am grateful to the lord to have this first world privilege. Anyway this is a big sea change, that it’s Officially Summer. And It IS Officially summer finally, started june 20 i believe. Heh. Now all I can think about is the end of summer. That now the days are actually getting SHORTER and SHORTER and then it will be WINTER where it gets dark at 4 pm. O GOD.

* So I went outside for my 30 minute POwerwalk and it was hot and humid and sticky, definite summer Air Cond weather.

* in weather like this, switch to a Muscleshirt when you go outside. More room to Air Out, soak up more vitamin D, get some sun on your Pasty, Weak Biceps.

* Unless you’re SO out of shape you can’t wear a Muscleshirt without looking like a Beached Whale. Landbeast. Ah well f00k it, wear it ANYWAY, you’re a MAN, let it be your way of saying f00k the virgin-hating world. I’m more against WOMEN wearing Sleeveless Shirts and showing off their Fat Arms at the most inappropriate times. Like Fat Women wearing Sleeveless Shirts in the middle of WINTER. come ON.

* Try switching to Shuffle mode on your music player if you’re never sure what to listen to. Then keep skipping until you get to something good. Only listen to the first 2 or 3 minutes of a song if you want. You’re well within your rights!

* Balance the music and the talking. Sometimes you can’t listen to talking, you need to listen to music. Sometimes you get bored of music and would prefer to listen to talking.

* BUT SOMETIMES, it’s best to listen to NOTHING AT ALL and just go out there with NO music player, JUST A MAN AND HIS THOUGHTS. And on these times you can possibly get some productive thinking done! Because if you got a lot of worries on your mind, you might not be able to listen to music OR Talking!

* went to walmart/supermart on a hot saturday to buy some Lipton Tea and it was packed. The Lipton Tea was in danger of Running Out because this is the First Real Summer Weekend of the year, and I wasn’t the Only one who wanted Iced Tea. I greedily bought 2 boxes of 100 bags.

* if you’re like me and you HATE going to The Store, even if it is less than a mile away, even if you always get in and out as fast as possible, well you still gotta PARK, and it might be BUSY, and it might be too hold or too cold, and all those PEOPLE….so I like to buy LOTS of what I need so I can not have to go back to the store soon. Like 2 boxes of tea instead of 1. Try doing this because I’m sure YOU hate Shopping too.

i feel you

* Set up an Indeed Job Alert that emails you every single DAY. Go down into Advanced Options and then create a long, long, longass exhaustive list of every possible keyword you can think of, and put that in the box. It will fit. Put in job titles, parts of job titles, companies, types of companies. I don’t think I’d recommend using the Company Keyword box because then that FORCES the search results to be from one of those companies. I THINK you can just used COmpany Name in the Keyword and then it will pull up stuff from those companies, but also from your other keywords.

* Whenever you see another good keyword when browsing your daily emails, go back to indeed and ADD THAT KEYWORD to your 90000000 keyword list.

heh Great 4chan r9k thread May 17 2013 about jobseekers with no job, and people who have no job for more than 3 months are frowned upon and made into neveremployed/unemployable

* I have been bretty misogynistic / woman hating lately but I actually get along with women about as well as I get along with men. I thought I was real good at communicating honestly, but apparently not! It is just when the woman is Young and Attractive College Age QT3.14, and especially if I have Intradast in them, that things get really difficult and emo. Thankfully this has not happened in 9 months!

Heh. Life would be so much easier if ALL women were Unattractive, not just 75% of them, hahahaha! ( N0te: women still CAN be attractive well AFTER the Prime Of Youth! They’re just not AS attractive, and you are much less likely to Fall In Luv With, Go Crazy Over, or Want to Monog Commit To. )

* heh wish I had saved the r9k thread yesterday that was “are all women nothing but filthy wh0res, yes or no”. But of course you get threads like that every single day on r9k! Which is why we like it!

* No, I don’t think ALL Women Are Dirty Filthy Whores. I’m not even sure of the percentage! Sometimes I’ve thought it’s 99.9999999%, other times 80%, others 51%, or 49%.  I am in kinda a woman-loving mode right now, think there’s various degrees of filthy wh0reness, a girl who had one One Night Stand, then felt dirty about it and never did it again, is far, far less of a dirty sl00t than a sex-positive sl00t who eagerly does ONS’s regularly.

* But I do think Our Mainstream Trash Culture Glorifies being a Wh0re to Women, so Women think it’s OK to be Promiscuous, just like Men think it’s OK to be Big Emo Feely Unmasculine F4gg0t Beta Virgin Losers

* But without Hardcore Reliable Valid Data on Women’s Actual NUMBERS, it’s hard to tell. Like how “hooking up” can mean anything from making out (does not increase number, not extremely wh0rish) to Taking It Up The 4ss First Night (does increase number / very very wh0rish).

* Maybe become an Unpaid Math Tutor for Young College QTs and have them Pay You with Making Out, Cuddling, and even Sex.

* If you don’t have S with a QT while she’s Cuddling with you, because you’re “not ready” or you “don’t like moving fast” or you “like her and want to take it slow” or any of that faggy unmasculine bs, she will dump you for being unmasculine and for not being interested in her (even though you were prob in LUV with her!), and then you’ll never have S OR Cuddle with her ever again! She will forget about you immediately and get with 90000000 guys who are more masculine, and you will never forget about her, hahahahaha.

* r9k thread where he sez joining the Air Force transformed him from A Neet Loser into a Winner:

* another r9k thread: neet gets 1100$ from the US Gummint for having autistm.

* “what’s it like to Cuddle With a Girl” heh heh classic:


* practice saying that mantra until you don’t even have to THINK about it anymore.

june 21 2013 friday

* so I heeded my own advice and got off the computer and went for a brisk powerwalk while listening to a political podcast. beautiful day. almost unpleasantly warm and humid, but i shouldn’t complain given we have 10 months of winter where you can’t even GO outside.  I try to powerwalk as briskly as possible so as to burn off anger and stress and worrying and hatred. maybe by the end of summer I will be up to a jog, even though I HATE jogging. then I did some Yard Work and took a Nice Cool Shower. You can only enjoy a Cool Shower when it’s HOT outside.

* Now I’m back. feeeel a little better. Don’t feeel like writing cover letters but I NEVER feel like writing cover letters. EVER. Even when I HAVE to write a cover letter I don’t feel like it. That’s when I randomly find a Job Posting that My Gut tells me You HAVE to apply for this, this is too good to be true. These are the classic Fulltime $10 an hour Upper Working Class Office Cubicle Jobs Entry Level that Do Not require a Masters Degree or an Engineering degree with 10 internships. Often call for “High School Graduate” or “Some College Coursework” or the vaunted “Associates Degree.” Anyway these jobs you only stumble across once every 2 or 3 months so you’d BETTER apply to them, and then you figure it’s better to send out your Most Recent Cover Letter with a few minutes of Last-Minute Polishing, than to send out NOTHING at all and NEVER be considered for this job that you’re ACTUALLY qualified for according to the listed qualifications.

* I really recommend Martial Arts. You really master your entire body, develop confidence and discipline AND masculinity from being able to dominate those who try to dominate you. Of course going to a gym and signing up for a martial arts / karate class with a bunch of f00king normies and nonvirgins and jocks and successfuls scares you. Well rest assured you will feeeeeeeeeel 9000000000 times more confident to Conquer That Fear. You don’t have to TALK to the normies or wimmin. Or just smirk at them and tell them you’re working on your Electrical Engineering degree, that will shut them the f00k up, OR maybe even they’ll say, OH I need an Electrical Engin Student to work for me right now for $11 an hour Full time with benefits and I’ll hire you on the spot right now without an interview, you seem like a smart guy! THen you can say, Well between you and be, just so you know, I do have a little social anxiety, and they’ll say, well I have even WORSE social anxiety! Don’t Worry about it!

Moore School of Electrical Engineering
Moore School of Electrical Engineering (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

* You could even meet a nice decent not-too-old,  not-too-crazy, not-too-dirty Woman there!

* While Normalfags and Nonautists and Nonwizards don’t expect 25 year old women to be VIRGINS, it’s still not unreasonable to prefer a 25 year old woman who has taken significantly less than 25 cox! A woman with a LOW NUMBER, like 2 or 3, NOT 10 or 11! See what I mean?? (This is for long term monogamous mating, possible marriage, children. For short term decadence, it doesn’t really matter. Other than too much short term decadence will make YOU decadent and you don’t want that.)

* Ya know, to be honest, I don’t even know any more. Maybe having a Harem of Young Women that you Bang Without Commitment Wouldn’t Be TOO Decadent. Or maybe its a phase of Building Masculinity or Becoming a Man that Every Healthy Man MUST Go Through, and at the end of this Wild Oats Phase, he can then Settle Down with a Wife and have Children.

* Just saying that in the Modern World, Average Women Sow THEIR Wild Oats more than Average Men, who are becoming less masculine; AND that while Sowing Wild Oats HELPS Men, it does NOT Help Women, and should NOT be included in WOMEN’S Developmental phases.  Q.E.D.

* Or maybe I’m WRONG with the women are sowing their wild oats MORE part (I am NOT Wrong that wild oats is more harmful than for women than for men!). Like if Average College Gurls are only Add a measly Two Or Three Cox to their number during college, that’s A LOT BETTER THAN EXPECTED.

* Pretty Young College Girls have a Competitive Advantage when on Interviews because they are Pretty and Young, so even if they give a horrible interview, they will get hired for jobs You can only DREAM of, just because the boss likes staring at their Pretty Young Bodies. So don’t feeeeeel bad if a Pretty Young Woman gives you sh1t about your Job being Beneath You, because THEY just got their job because of Their T and A.

* Although I don’t think Pretty Young Women are giving you Sh1t about your Job being Unambitious on anything close to a regular basis!

* If one brisk walk per day during the summer isn’t doing it for you any more, try TWO brisk walks per day!

* Don’t be an 4sshole to women who don’t deserve it, but don’t be NICE to women who don’t deserve it either.


june 21 2013

health and fitness friday

just looked at v9k (wizardchan) for about 15 minutes

then looked at r9k (4chan) for about 15 minutes

I am DEF too much of a Normalfag for v9k, and lean more toward r9k. The v9k Wizards are WAY too intolerant of Omega r9k men who have kissed ONE girl or had S ONE time. v9k frowns on friendzone feels because friendzone is too normalfag, real wizards get acquaintancezoned or oblivionzoned.

Anyway. I don’t get Friendzoned any more because I am not a Nice Guy anymore. I am a total 4sshole, hahaha.

* rather than Tweaking your Cover Letter to make it sound incrementally better, just throw the mfer into the trash and start it from SCRATCH.

* Find a job posting for an MBA Managerial type, where the posting is full of HRspeak and Bizspeak and Buzzwords, and then just copypaste those words. Fill your cover letter with Manager Jargon, decrease the Self-Motivated Self-Started Job Seeker Jargon!

* Make the cover letter 20% shorter than it was.

* Use at least one GRE word in every sentence so it looks like you’re Smarter Than A Grad Student. Which you probably are, Grad Students are not-so-secretly retards that if they were confronted with the Real World, would all become huge NEETs on v9k, and then rejected By v9k because they had an Autistic Grad Skool Gurlfran once where they had Autistic Sex.

Never AGAIN, but with v9k, even ONCE is TOO MUCH! NOT EVEN ONCE!!!

* So you’re hateful and bitter towards women and women shame you for being so hateful and bitter because they don’t owe you anything for being a Nice Guy, which you’re really not, trying to manipulate them with niceness to get sex.

Well, I hope you know better than THAT, you MISOGYNIST, but really the PERFECT SOLUTION is, Don’t be a nice guy anymore. NO MORE MR NICE GUY! Tell Women “DON’T HATE!” TELL women you’re Not A Fan Of Them! Tell Women when they’re being Retarded Children or Too Promiscuous! It feeeeeeels better to tell the truth than to lie!

* Besides, not CARING what WOMEN THINK/feeeeeeel about you is quite MASCULINE. And Being Masculine really gets the women tingly.

* So just TELL Women you’re DONE with women, and here’s the endless laundry list of reasons why. And they say “NOT ALL WOMEN ARE LIKE THAT”, and then what you gotta do is SMIRK like an ALPHA BOSS and say, “PROVE IT.”

* The Smirking is key. I don’t think enough of you are SMIRKING Enough!! Without smirking, then you look all Butthurt, like a Creepy Niceguy Stalker Virgin Rapist Woman-Hater. Save your Butthurt for behind closed doors.

* OK what this is still all doing is just APPEASING women. Finding another approach to GET WOMEN. Well, I won’t deny that young, attractive women are young and attractive and can still Stir The Loins of the most Butthurt Virgin!

* so just go to the damn strip club already, get like 5 dances in under 30 minutes, then GTFO of that hellhole, and maybe that will be enough Action to get you to stop Obsessing about Women for a while.

* in your cover letter use a ridiculous motivation quotation from a book Managers would read. Like Peter Drucker or The Personal MBA or Tweets from the CEO of some Tech Startup. Just one brief quotation because the CL has gotta be short.

* assuming you’re not a good STEM grad with tons of STEM internships and achievements. In that case, just Tell The Truth and you’ll have a high-paying job in no time and you’ll never be reading this blog, trying to figure out ways to Bribe and BS and Hustle and Swindle in order to get a Sweet $10 an hour Fulltime GED Level Office Cubicle Job.

* Don’t tell women or even people that you’re taking a break from skool. Tell them that you’re Working On A Computer Science Degree because that’s kinda what you were thinking about before you quit school because it sucked so bad. Don’t tell them THAT, but just tell them it’s really, really hard, so you look like some bigass MARTYR slaving away and working real hard to pull yourself up by your lazy bootstraps. Normalfags just don’t understand.

* This also applies to family members you don’t see regularly, so NATURALLY the FIRST topic of conversation is WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE other than being a NEET Loser. And you should be successful by now, you had a decent family, all your cousins are successful. So just say you’re going back to school for a Computer Science or Electrical Engineering degree. Don’t say Cisco Networking or HVAC or Electrician unless you are actually working in that field and making decent money. In which case you wouldn’t be HERE reading this!

* as a motivation to get you off the goddamn computer and go out at least for a goddamn WALK, reach down and feel not your peepee, but your bigass BELLY, and think, god damn, how did I get so fat, well I can turn back the process just as well, and get back in shape. I am Grateful to God that my belly is not as big as some NEET Losers, but it’s definitely Big enough to prohibit me from getting with the QT3.14’s I am attracted to! So close the computer and go outside and listen to f00king animu music while you do it, I don’t care what you LISTEN to, just get OUTSIDE!!

4chan Variety Show
4chan Variety Show (Photo credit: Scott Beale) get rid of your belly and your unmasculine niceguy attitude, smirk and tell em DONT HATE and that you’re NOT A FAN of Women because they’re IMMATURE and ANNOYING, while SMIRKING, and THEN you might be able to play with girls like this. you know you want to, even if she is kinda weird looking, you know she’d still be able to GIT-R-DONE, even if she is in the grey area between HNNNGGG and hrrmmmm!