* Being MASCULINE generally correlates and probably CAUSES Being a WINNER. Stuff like Lifting Weights and Being Assertive will def make you more Healthy. Heck try being AGGRESSIVE while you’re at it. Aggressively go after what you want, short of criminal activity. Or Stalking. It’s not worth it to pursue WIMMIN THAT Aggressively. I’m talking about Jobs and Your Own Personal Stuff. Entrepreneurship. But NOT Wimmin. Well, you can pursue them Assertively I guess. Masculinely.

* Try going to the SHOOTING RANGE and Shooting a GUN if you never have before. Especially if you are a Fedora Atheist Neckbeard who thinks All Guns Are Evil and Should Be Banned By Barry. However don’t shoot guns irresponsibly. Respect their Deadly Power. If you find yourself acting like a Psychopath/Sociopath, uh….. then YOU NEED THERAPY hahahahahaha.

* It is better to be a “MANLET” than a Equally Short Fat Chubby Neckbeard. Heh. I just discovered the Term “MANLET” on 4chan and Bodybuilding Forums Misc, it means a Short Man with a Napoleon Complex who overcompensates by getting very muscular…but nothing changes the fact that he’s still 5’6″. There is a Happy Medium Sweet Spot here. Excessive Muscles don’t look great on Really Short guys, however if you’re Really Short you can’t really change that, nor should you want to. So just work out and be thin and trim and toned but not RIPPED per se. That will be MORE than good enough, plus you will PROB still be able to pull Attractive Wimmin even if you’re short, but you have the Chest and Abs of Fagan Fagling. Plus you won’t be that Big Of A Fag, so good for you!

* If someone, usually a Wimmin, Fedora, Atheist, or Collegefag, sez You’re like a Playground Grade Skool BULLY because of you calling everyone Fags, and this only shows your own INSECURITY, then tell them THEY’RE an Insecure Fag who eats Bags Of D’s every day and WISHES they could be as SECURE and MASCULINE as you.

When people call other people INSECURE, they’re just PROJECTING their OWN Insecurity!

* If you’ve given an honest effort to calling everything and everybody a “FAG” and it just doesn’t do it for you, then you don’t HAVE to. At least you tried. But if you’re too SCARED to say “fag” just because of what some FAG would THINK of you, then it can be very LIBERATING to start saying Fag. Because think about it. Who has the biggest problem with the word “Fag”? Yes, Yes, that’s right! NOW you’re getting it!

* Your Mileage May Vary on this one, but Try making FLASHCARDS of Awesome Facts about yourself. Like I am a Good Guy Greg, I am a very Ethical and Moral person; When I do work, I work really hard; I am good at doing really nice thoughtful things for people and making them feel appreciated; I am a Hard Worker; I have the power to Pull Myself Up out of this; I Am Entitled to A Nice Attractive Waifu who I both enjoy spending time with AND Am Attracted To; I Will do Over 9000 Pushups a Day; I will get 1 hour of Sunlight a Day; I will get 8 hours of Sleep a day; I will not drink coffee after 12 noon; etc etc etc. Then flip through the flashcards in the morning and throughout the day. Then read the flaschcards onto an mp3 and listen to you saying those awesome things about yourself throughout the day. 578 words.

*Game / PUA / Tactic: Though Treating Women Like Meat IS Decadent and Perverted and You’re Better than that, even though They LIKE Being Treated like Meat, I recall I said I would allow Men to do One Decadent Sex Act a Month with Harlotz. Anyway the Pick Up Line to use is, “DON’T BE A RACIST! YOU’RE A RACIST!” this is very similar to my other patented line, “DON’T HATE! DON’T BE A HATER!” The KEY for All Pick Up Lines, of COURSE, is to say them with an Alpha SMIRK. MASCULINE ALPHA SMIRK. Wimmin are so scared of Haters and Rayciss, that when you call them one in this Playful, Smirking, Masculine, Teasing Way, they get all tingly. Try It Out. But no more than once a month. There are MUCH more important things in life than Getting Your D Wet.

* But don’t fantasize about your One Decadent Sexual Release Per Month too much right now, you have much more important things to worry about, like getting a Fulltime JOB. Not Parttime Jobs. Once you get a Fulltime Job, it will be SO EASY to Pull Attractive Wimmin that your biggest challenge will be turning them DOWN because to Bang more than once a month would be Decadent, Perverted, Shameful, and WEAK. Getting A Fulltime Job Will Magically Transform Every Aspect Of Your Life And Change You From Being A Lazy Loser Into A Masculine Winner.

* If some Wimmin, Fedora, Atheist, or Collegefag gives you sh1t about being SARCASTIC, tell them to Suck your D. 835 wds.

* “Interview Dos and Donts for Job Seekers OVER 80.” I can’t wait till I see articles like that. I saw one today where it was “over 65”, and I can’t wait till that number is 80. If you’re looking for a new job and you’re over EIGHTY, don’t tell them in the interview that you wouldn’t mind working this job till you Retire. You don’t want them to think you just want to Coast By during the Twilight Years of your working life. Faggots. There are some good tips out there in these job search articles, but they’re written by faggots in a faggy tone. I will translate these articles for you so you can take the good stuff from them without wanting to punch the author in the face. I will Defaggify them for both of ours’ benefit.