might be nearing the end of my Introductory Posts.

may 20 2013

If you are a huge introvert, try to get a job with other Introverts and then practice your Social Skills with them until you are the least introverted person there. Or people marvel at your social skills. Then you can tell them you are actually very shy and introverted, but that its possible to act normal.

heh. this is kinda stupid advice because where the hell do introverted, shy people WORK? well they’re usually either successful because they did good in kollige, OR they work deadend jobs at WALMART. So, good jobs, horrible jobs, or any job inbetween. You might be surprised that introverts are everywhere. That’s a good thing. they are your people, they are your team. Talk to them about being An Introvert and they will most likely get all spergishly happy that you understand them, and the ugly introvert girls will become your creepy stalkers, hahahaha.

when in doubt, just start RAMBLING about nothing for 5 minutes, then people will think you’re the opposite of a Weird Introvert who’s Too Beta To TALK.

Might sound like I’m bashing introverts. Heck no, I love introverts, I am the world’s BIGGEST introvert. I hate extraverts. It is no secret that The World favours extraverts and extraverted behaviour, and this is unfair and unjust. but even the worlds biggest introverts can fake extraverted behavior for like an hour or so and come off as normal. I am not suggesting that you APPEASE people because you’re worried what they THINK of you. However everyone wants to be NOT thought of as a WEIRDO, and I KNOW this fear crosses the mind of many introverts, shys, and anxious types. Because it’s safe to say you are not only INTROVERTED, but you have a bit of the old SOCIAL ANXIETY as well. Probably MORE than a bit!

At my stage in life the biggest benefits of Faking Extraversion is that it allows you to Network with Potential Employers and Get Recommended for Jobs; or it helps you find potential Mates; I guess it’s ALWAYS good for meeting and making Friends, I know a lot of Losers complain about having no friends and how they wish and wish and wish they had even just ONE real Friend.

I would say start off by just being really nice to the people you work your deadend job with, because they are close by, you HAVE to be near them, and it behooves you to have a decent working relationship with them. so PRACTICE on them. Practice Practice Practice. Be nice and charming and friendly and polite and ask questions and make small talk and practice all those things you don’t know how to do. Maybe practice on the people who are especially shy and awkward. Because you can relate to that.

Of course if everyone you work with is a normalfag extravert who only talks about sports and gettin drunk and all that, then that sucks. But it can still be good practice. Get them talking about themselves, that won’t be hard at all. Pretend to be interested. Chances are they’re not really bad people.

This can all be easier if they are Men like you. But Ugly or Weird women can be easier to get along with than Normalfag Pretty Young Women. Women are Weird and I don’t really like them, so I’m doing a 30 day experiment where I just stay away from Women as much as I can, hahahahaha. And that’s ok. I’m not hurting anybody OR being decadent or dishonorable or sinful.

Approach life as if you are a ROBOT or ANDROID with no or limited emotions. Think DATA from Star Trek Next Gen, or perhaps Spock (I know, he was NOT a robot, he technically DID have emotions). They didn’t get angry or sad because they just couldn’t. they just did everything according to logic and rationality. Confronted with a problem, they figured out a solution. Wouldn’t it be nice to try to be a little bit more like that? WHAT WOULD DATA DO?

Your skin drinking in Vitamin D from the Sun will make you more of a Winner. More Successful. Less of a Loser. More well rounded. Your body likes that sun as much as good sleep or healthy food. just go sit out in the sun. but not more than 1 hour a day.

You might live in Finland or Sweden or Canada and be above a certain latitude where you just don’t GET that much sun. Because if i’m not mistaken, Winter sun is not AS good as Summer Sun. however it still doesn’t hurt. Think about getting a Light Box for the Winter.

FORCE yourself to do SOME pushups every morning while you are Getting Ready, before you get in the shower.

Also get up early enough to eat some breakfast while you are getting ready. They aren’t lying when they say Breakfast is pretty important.

So everyone around you is having lots of sex, but you’re a virgin or haven’t had S in 10 years and everybody knows and thinks you’re a mating market loser and you feeeeeel like a mating market loser. Big F’n Deal. Those Decadent Pigs should know there’s more to life than SEX, they should not be separating Sex from its Natural Purpose and Meaning, plus you are Smarter than them. Even just comparing IQ’s you are way smarter. Let the animals f00k each other like animals. RISE ABOVE.

Find a way you can work on music. You might have to experiment radically: learn a new instrument, play with new people, stop playing with people. Imagine the guy from Xasthur if he didn’t or couldn’t play music. He’d be dead for sure. If you get frustrated with guitar, then switch to keyboards. or drums. save some money from your deadend job that you may have previously spent on crapfood, and buy those pads to keep drums quiet so your parents don’t yell at you for playing drums in their basement when you’re 32 years old, hahaha.



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