may 19, 2013

The people you knew from high school that wanted to be winners took out huge loans to go to college. And even Average People took out Huge Loans to get Marketing Degrees from Average Schools. Lots of people Drop out and never finish college. College Is A Minefield and a Battlefield. If you do not have the Warrior Mindset and are just sorta drifting along, I would say, Just Don’t Go. Some people say the Federal Subsidized Loans are Somewhat Reasonable….but are they REALLY? Since when is Ten Thousand Dollars a LOW amount of Debt to be in? And yet it is!

I GUESS Huge Amounts of Debt might be a Good Motivator to Move You during your Job (“Career”) search, but if you could Handle Lots of Stress Well, you wouldn’t BE here!

How to Handle Lots Of Stress Well: I’m still working on that one. I guess just realize things could always be worse: you could be under Physical Attack, or your Boss could be FIRING you RIGHT NOW rather than just Bullying you.

But yeah that can be Draining, so when you get done with Work, and then it’s time to Look For New Work, you’re tired and angry and sad and can’t move from your bed.

And then you have to decide, is it healthier for you to go Take A Walk, Or Look For new Work, OR take a Nap, OR sit there and watch TV?

I would say, if you’re not already currently in the greatest of physical shape, a little chubby perhaps, then go out and take a walk. ESPECIALLY if the weather is nice. You can ALWAYS job search. the weather won’t ALWAYS be nice.

Maybe find some way you can continue your preferred form of exercise in the winter. I for example am terrified of going to the gym. That is a real bad way to me. Masculine Men Conquer Their Fears. They conquer a New Fear Every Day.

How To Conquer Fears: Just realize you aren’t being physically killed or getting fired. Visualize The Worst Thing That Could Happen, prepare yourself for That, and then walk in, and CHANCES ARE it will not be NEARLY that bad, because you’ve gotten in the bad habit of Building Things Up in your mind to be Worse than they’ll actually be.

Like imagine you go in there and you’re swarmed by Thuggish-but-fit Big men, and Beautiful Young Women, then someone pulls your shorts down and laughs at your peepee and everyone laughs at you and calls you a faggot virgin, you will never Get A Girl, you will die a virgin, and then they start having a big disgusting decadent perverted orgy, while mocking you for being a faggot and a virgin.

Then realize there is only a 1% chance of that actually happening!

The only people that even pretend to care about you being a virgin are they Internet Tuff Guys on 4chan. Don’t let 4chan determine your Real Life!

I certainly don’t care if you are a Virgin!

Now you may be asking, yeah, but am I, the blogger, a Virgin? How would I know the pain of Long-Past-Due-Virginity-For-Omega-Males?

Well, I DO know that pain, and I won’t say right now whether I am a virgin or not. But That I have great sympathy and possibly empathy for Old Male Virgins!

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably a big WORRIER. A WORRY WART. They don’t talk about Worrying so much. You might forget that too much worrying is bad; or that you’re even worry at all, when in fact you are worrying way too much. I would suggest trying to cut back your Worrying, like you were cutting back Smoking or something. Even Worrying about IMPORTANT stuff is often not worth it!

When you get thrown out onto the streets, THEN you can start worrying. and then you can just go to a church or a shelter for the night, because you’re not gonna be DRINKING, right?

I would say going to JAIL would be more worry-aboutable than being Homeless, because in jail you are prob more likely to get Raeped or Beat Up than if you’re homeless. So try not to go to jail. But it’s really not THAT hard not to go to jail. Don’t sell drugs, don’t buy drugs, don’t steal stuff, don’t rob people, don’t drink and drive.

Try joining the Army and promising you won’t kill yourself like the guy in Full Metal Jacket, even though you really identify with him! At least you won’t get Raeped in the 4ss like you would in JAIL. If some faggot is f00king with you tell him mind your own business faggot, get out of my face. And try to sign up for the type of duty that will keep you AWAY from being possibly Bombed and losing life and limb.

When I was 18 I had NO desire to join the military but now, uh over 10 years after that, I can say that it probably would have been a good thing. Of course, so would have getting my degree in Electrical Engin rather than Jerkoff Studies.

Don’t try to think what if I did this differently, then everything would have turned out better. Heh. But easier said than done, I know I think those kinda thoughts EVERY DAY and they do not give me good feeeeelz.

While I appreciately that FEEEEEEELING HAAAAAAPPY is not a good goal, There Are More Important Things In Life Than HAPPINESS, I also don’t think that makes Happiness Inherently BAD. Thinking about the PAST and things we Cannot Change is not gonna get us anywhere at all. Heh.

Get a big Serenity Prayer and put it on your wall. It has never steered me wrong.

Put a bunch of inspirational pictures and quotes on your wall so you can see them when you are laying in bed despairing.

If you HAVE to have the TV on to give some sort of background noise, pick the Least Poisonous of the Poison. 99% of TV is Pure Poison. Even THE WEATHER CHANNEL is more poisonous than it was. Probably the best thing you can “watch” is Turner Classic Movies. Heh, of course AMC used to show Old Movies like that, remember that? Now they don’t.

Wean Off Of Bad Habits, Slowly Move Into Good Habits. Getting out of the habit of watching any TV can only be a good thing for you. for all of us.