may 19 2013

uhh so squat pooping. this is almost as controversial as no-soap showering/bathing, not coincidentally i discovered it on a comment thread about no soap.

but something about squatting vs sitting makes Evacuating much more effective AND efficient. you Evacuate More, and more quickly, and more easily, without straining or popping a vein or getting massive hemroidz. all breddy gross stuff. stories about “every doctor has seen at LEAST one case of a guy having a HEART ATTACK WHILE POOPING”. that actually sounds believable.

something about squatting opens up your lower intenstine for a nice straight shot, while sitting bunches it up and invites straining.

sitting vs squatting

again, not the type of thing you Tell Wimmin about. ever. They Just Wouldn’t Understand. But feel free to give it a try if you’re willing and able. Prob easiest if you live alone. See the site of the guy who makes the squatting platform you put on top of your toilet.

or you can just squat over a chamber pot and dump it into the toilet. but you’ll notice there’s only a few inches between your bum and the ground, so it’s gotta be a breddy specific design.






heh. try not to read too much at once. especially if you read Draining stuff, like Insane Math Textbooks, or Differently Insane Marxist Mumbo Jumbo about Intersectionality and PostColonialism and Colonizing Sociological Spaces (note: The Modern Social Sciences are By Definition not good for one’s mental health anyway!)






since it’s winter at least 60% of the year and summer at most 40% of the year, when it’s Nice Outside, try to spend as much time outside, because when it’s not nice outside, which is most of the year, you won’t want to go outside AT ALL, AND there won’t be as much sun to give you its Nourishing Vitamin D, which is really good for your body, mind, and soul. If it’s sunny, go out and spend at least an hour a day in that sun. Use sunscreen so you don’t get SKIN CANCER.

It is Much better to be Alone, ForeverAlone, No GF, Nevergf, than to be Stuck With someone you don’t really like, just because you’re desperate and lonely. Choose Being Alone over that. Any day.

Don’t listen to too much negative music. listen to some negative music to get your vent on, but also listen to some positive music. It’s the same as Venting with your writing. up to 49% is ok, but not more. You gotta Temper it. Have something Good in there.

For example, Xasthur is Great Negative music; Led Zeppelin or Grateful Dead is good Positive Music. Just as ONE example.


If it’s a nice day, not winter, not blistering hot, sun, no rain, and you’re lucky enough to Not Be Working, you should try to go to the park and go for a Two Hour Walk because you will only get 10 days like this per year, hahaha.

If you have a nice park within a 15 minute drive of where you live, don’t ignore it for years and years and years like I did, take advantage of it. Try to go at least once every 2 weeks. If not 2 times in 1 week. Drop out of Sh1tSkool and just work your Underjob and Take Long Walks in the Park instead of Cramming your head with Memorized Math Problems that don’t mean anything.

Heh. And save up the money to buy the “Spivak Calculus” book all the real math lovers swear by. There are apparently good Calculus Textbooks and Bad Calculus Textbooks. The most popular/widely-used ones like Stewart or Larson are probably also the worst when it comes to learning math. Sh1tSkools just use them to process engineers like cattle.

My question is, how does a person become a well-paid Electrical or Mechanical or Computer Engineer and just get by memorizing-not-understanding their calculus and physics?

A Churchgoing Agnostic is much less annoying than a Fedora Atheist.

Try out the Prayer To St Jude. St Jude is the patron saint of losers and other Lost Causes.

Try to be thankful for the good things you DO have, and I can assure you, you DO have some. Just go through the motions of saying “Thank You For X, I am grateful for Y”. Something like you still have a place to LIVE, or you don’t have CANCER, or you’re not in JAIL getting RAEPED. OR you have a Crappy Job and not NO job.

Jobs are NOT like Women / Mates. With the latter, it’s better to have None, than to have a Bad One. But Jobs are Mandatory. You Have No Choice. Accept It. Better to have a Bad One, than No One. Jobs are the Opposite of Mates in this regard.

The Strict Punishment you receive for getting Your First DUI will very well be enough to convince you to Never Drink Again, because you never want to endure that Horror ever again.

Before all the Shrieking MADD Mothers Chime in, yes, you should Call A Cab before you Kill somebody.

Try Meditation. It works for some people. Doesn’t necessarily work for all people. But it’s DEF worth a TRY. just sitting in silence for 10 minutes focusing on breathing in, breathing out, nothing else, for 10 minutes.

If someone you hang out with is Crazy or just a Negative Influence, you have to stop seeing them for the time being. You’ve got enough problems of your own to fix, you don’t need theirs too. Doesn’t mean they’re necessarily an awful person…..although sometimes they ARE!

Don’t worry too much about WOMEN. But that’s easier said than done because Men and Women are breddy well integrated in this society. For example, I am trying to find a Better Paying Job where ideally I would not have to look at Beautiful Young College Age Women all the time. These bodies were Designed By Nature to have Maximum Appeal to Men, for Mating.

You’re prob not MATERIALISTIC to begin with, but if you have had a thought for several years like “gee I bet I’d really enjoy a drumkit or keyboard or laptop computer” then just go ahead and Spoil Yourself just this once, because you probably WILL really enjoy that Thing. For example I had wanted a Laptop Computer for years, so I slowly saved up money and then bought a $200 Refurb from the fairly Reputable Company NewEgg dot com. Even if it Craps Out after One Year, it will have been the most worthwhile thing I bought All Year. Easily.



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