may 18 2013

heh gonna do one more today. Intro Series.

I will also talk about Luv, Infatuation, whatever you want to call it. I think they’re basically the same thing, and when people say “It’s just infatuation, it’s not true love.” then why does it crush your soul for like two years at least per person?

And I will be talking alot about Careeeeeeeers and Money and How To Make A Living.

So that’s about it. Let the repetition on these themes outlined in the past 5 posts commence.

Luv is when you want to monogamously be with a Special Someone, you put them on a pedestal, you want to marry them, you want to have babies with them, you don’t just want to have S with them, you want to have loving, tender, stare em in the eyes Bond Forging S with them and only them for the rest of your life, you want to Cuddle with them always, they are your Waifu, you are obsessed thinking about them every minute of the day, for years and years.

And you probably have very little experience of these things working out. at best you might “date” the girl for a few months and then she Dumps you, which you take VERY badly and take years and years to get over. At BEST.

More typical I think would be Friendzoning. I guess that would be the worst. I would MUCH prefer just to be rejected outright. Because friendzone is gay as f00k on both sides. The woman should know better, and the guy should know better.

I have been in Luv with 7, possibly 8 women in my life. The last one I was rejected outright and that was way better than Friendzone. I wasn’t gonna TAKE friendzone. I would have said, TAKE your friendzone and shove it up your 4ss. which is the proper response! I honestly don’t understand all this fuss about the Friendzone, when All Guys have the Power (even huge omegas!) to END the Friendzone with that one simple sentence! That does not take 200 credits of Hard Maths and 100000 hours of Unpaid Internship and Years of Grinding. That just takes one simple sentence anyone, even the world’s hugest omega virgin, can say. Never forget that.


Heh. I will talk about The Friendzone more, because it gets talked about a lot, but it’s SO EASY to fix.

It indicates that Many Wimmin are Too Rude, Narcissistic, and Horrible to realize how Bad it is; AND it indicates how faggy, omega, unmasculine, and Sissfied these “niceguys” are.

Women aren’t attracted to Douchebags BECAUSE they’re Douchebags; they’re attracted to Douchebags because they’re MASCULINE. You can be Masculine without being a Douchebag. I don’t see why anyone would WANT to be an annoying douchebag. But I can TOTES see why every man should want to be MASCULINE!

Just Being Masculine will fix a lot of your problems with Women.

I call annoying or awful women “Wimmin”. These are the kinds of women you should STAY AWAY FROM because they Poison Your Soul with their own Poisoned Soul. If you can Use them as “On-Demand Booty Call,” I guess go ahead, but even that has its risks, plus it’s not upholding a good World Morality. In your Ideal World women wouldn’t do that, would they.

I also prescribe NO CONTACT when you get rejected or dumped or Friendzoned (if you weren’t smart enough to use the Immediate One Sentence Fix It, if you got Friendzoned!). NO CONTACT. It’s the best and only way. DELETE EVERYTHING, ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING, and have NO CONTACT, and maybe in about 9 months you can move on. Assuming you didn’t actually Date or God Forbid have Intimate Tender Moments with the girl. Then it would prob take longer!

But you do have time. Unless you’re dying of Cancer. Time that you can use to write a Blog or Book like This and Help Other Men who are having similar problems.

Heh. Time to work on your careeeeer. Sort of joking. Because skool is so horrible and evil that MAYBE you can finally graduate with an Electrical Engin degree at age 80 and then maybe hope for a minimum wage part time dishwashing job.

Some might say, time to work on your Game and Bang B1tches. See I am very concerned with DECADENCE, and that might give away my other blog, hahaha. It’s DECADENT and UNBECOMING of a man to go around Banging B1tches left and right like a PERVERTED SEX ADDICT. There are MORE IMPORTANT things in life. Plus just because Wimmin Like Being Treated As Meat, doesn’t mean YOU should like treating them as meat. Better to SHUN them at this point. But I will let you be Decadent Once A Month. And I’m sure many of you Kissless Virgins would be JUST FINE with that. I know I would!

I’m also generally against Pornography as a kind of Poison. Poisons the women in it, poisons the men who watch it, the more regularly they watch it. How often is too often? Once a day is DEF too often. Once a WEEK might be too often. Once a month is prob ok. But that sh1t is still HORRIBLE, that is NOT what Women Really Are. That Is The Worst Women Can Become….and you’re JERKING OFF to THAT??? Rots the soul. You can only help yourself by cutting back on the Porn.

I don’t care if the gurl you were in luv with sexts noods of herself taking it the 4ss from the whole lacrosse team. Then she’s a filthy f00king WHORE and you should have nothing to do with that kind of Human Garbage. RISE ABOVE.

Heh. As for me, I got better and better at picking women who were Not Whores to fall in luv with. Unfortunately, that didn’t make the luv any more successful. But I do think by Number 9, I will have learned my lesson. But for the first time in many, many, many years, I don’t have ANYBODY I’m Currently In Luv with. A Fresh and probably Positive Feeeeeeling, compared to being In Luv with somebody, and that SUCKING for whatever reason. Better to have NO ONE in that position. So I’m thankful for that.

So yeah. Just invite the girl to dinner at a halfway decent place, look her in the eye, BE MASCULINE, pay for her meal, make charming jokes, look her in the eye, BE MASCULINE, touch her arm a few times, and even if she’s st00pid as f00k she’ll get the hint that you like her.

But even with niceguy faggots who can’t even do Babby’s First Game like above, it’s AMAZING these gurls are so stupid they can’t understand that this Beta Orbiter who’s always around them doesn’t LIKE them, but is too omega to know how to show it, too feminized by the stupid culture and his broken family. “HUUURRRRR DURRRRRR Of course I friendzoned him, I didn’t KNOW that he LIKED me, he never SHOWED that he liked me, he just orbited around me for 900000 hours a day and was My Crying Shoulder.”

THEY KNOW. They HAVE to know. They just have THAT much of a knee-jerk reaction against beta, feminised, niceguy, UNMASCULINE men, that they will never be honest and say “Yeah, I KNOW you Liked me, even though you were too unmasculine to know how to show it.”

So it would be Great if they were more honest, but it’d also be great if You, and me, hahahahaha, were more MASCULINE.


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