update may 2014: yep this is still the most popular page. pretty sure it’s that PICTURE why. or perhaps wizardchan or r9k has a permalink to this particular page. but this page for all intents and purposes is the Front Door to this blog.

i guess all the stuff here is pretty accurate, i’m still a little racist. i don’t mind other races when they behave peacefully and civilizedly. and how do we fix problems of racial disparity? make better schools for blacks? what is the best way to make such better schools?

i have no idea, these problems will NOT be fixed in our lifetimes, the best we can try to do is improve our own loser selves over our lifetimes. that would be good enough for me! Got to fix the self before you can fix society. make yourself gainfully employed, and in good health, and have good Relationships, before you can impose yourself upon others and tell them how to live, hahahaha.

But when you are an Unemployed Virgin Beta Omega Loser, larger social problems are a moot point, you have enough problems of your OWN to contend with. like wtf kind of force is it in yer brain, that makes you lazy, makes you give up, tells you not to try or work hard?

heh. at this time I would say start with the newer entries and work your way back. also I am not writing so much about gambling any more, as I have cut my own gambling WAY back. Gambling is probably not THE magic bullet. Banging 18 yo QTs is a MUUUUUUUUUUUUCH better magic bullet, but good luck pulling those QTs! However you know a good first step: BE MASCULINE!


Hello Friends, Welcome Back.

may 18 2013 heh i could do 5 in one day i am sure. i am on a roll here.

yeah i will talk more about all these topics, math, etc, but just trying to get a good introductory set of posts going here.

scheduling your time so you’re not doing nothing, thinking about negative stuff, would be good. like going for a walk for 20 minutes might be better for you than 20 minutes of JOB SEARCHING, O GOD. Might be, heck, I GUARANTEE it’s better, no matter how bad you NEED that job.

Religion may or may not be useful to you. I hate Fedora Atheists because they’re so liberal and smug and gay, but perhaps you’re soured on the Christian Church, which I guess might be fair. I will have to talk more about Religion later because there is a lot to say. I would just say for now, don’t be a smug Fedora Wearing Atheist Faggot and think you’re above it. besides, if you’re REALLY Desperate for some relief from being a Lazy Loser, you will not be above getting down on your hands and knees and BEGGING to some sort of god! more later.


I am writing mainly for MEN, specifically kissless virgin omega male types. IMHO Women can become lazy losers too, but IMHO they are more likely to become Borderline or Cluster B or Bipolar than just simply “depressed.” Plus it’s a lot easier for women not to be kissless virgins because guys are always throwing themselves at women. You know this is true.

Being a Man who has been unable to get his Heterosexual Wants filled gave me a lot of Angst, it probably gives YOU a lot of Angst, in a way that even Well-Meaning Women cannot relate to or understand. Just be yourself, just be honest, etc.

It led me to reading a lot of Game stuff, Pick Up Artist Stuff, how to seduce wimmin. Which led me to MRA stuff, led me to MGTOW stuff, and now I’m into some different stuff too hehehe.

But I can boil down all the YEARS of study I’ve done on How To “Get” Women, all the trillions of pages I’ve read on Heterosexual Relations, How Not To Be A Hugless Virgin, and it basically ALL boils down to: BE MASCULINE. BE MASCULINE. That’s ALL it is. Women like a MASCULINE MAN. Not a Feminized Wishy Washy Indecisive Sensitive NiceGuy Faggot.

I also use the word faggot and fag a lot. I would suggest you too not be afraid of using these words. It is sometimes GOOD to be angry and hateful. You KNOW sometimes you just want to call some 4sshole a FAGGOT but then you hold back because you think, well, My Waifu Gurl would disapprove of me using Hateful Homophobic Rhetoric like that! and then you hold back and think you’re more educated and enlightened. Might as well break out the fedora right now, FAGGOT!

Obviously I’m not using the term as Homophobic Hate. More like anti-Normalfag hate. the way everyone on 4chan calls everyone fags ALL THE TIME.

As far as ACTUAL Gays. I used to be in LUV with gays, I identified with their Oppression and Misunderstoodness and supported them whole heartedly, and I still appreciate how Gay People can become Cripplingly Clinically Depressed because their Religious Families would disown them.

But I will be writing this from a Heterosexual Perspective. Besides, lots of Gays end up going to College or Cities and “Exploring Their Sexuality.” And I am writing mainly for Heterosexuals who are so socially awkward and unmasculine that they cannot fulfill their Heterosexual Urges.

I am also Pretty Conservative, but I will TRY not to talk about that TOO much.

I am also a White Man, and I have strong beliefs about RACE, but I will try not to talk about those right now. I think that  becoming more Racially Aware might be a Good Thing for Lazy Losers. Sometimes. I know it helped me.  Plus I think Whites have more of a tendency to become depressed because they turn their anger inward, while nonwhites turn their anger outwards. on AVERAGE.

So While my Intended Audience is White Men, I also think that Women and Nonwhites can benefit from My “Advice.” The advice is pretty general, sometimes. except when I’m telling men to try to be more MASCULINE, or for whites to really get into Being White. Then OBVIOUSLY that will not apply to women or nonwhites.

But yeah. I do think we are living in a Poisonous Culture where White Men are especially vulnerable to the type of NEET Lazy Loser Depression which I am trying to help you with. Of course, You might agree we live in a Poisonous Trashy Culture but it doesn’t cause THAT. Heh. Rest assured I don’t think that’s the ONLY thing it causes, so I probably AGREE with you 90%!

But yeah, for any Moral or Freethinking or “Red-Pilled” person, white or nonwhite, man or woman, or Culture CAN be pretty soul-crushing and negative.

Just saying that I am a White Man, I’m mainly writing FOR White Men, and it’s PROBABLY White Men who would identify with and benefit most from this. Say 10 years from now scientists do a study and find that I’ve helped Black Women more than I’ve helped White Men. I wouldn’t be all butthurt as long as I helped SOMEBODY.

Basically I will TRY to leave my MOST controversial Racial and Conservative and Gender stuff on my OTHER blog, which I will not divulge here!

What about Liberals? I didn’t tell LIBERALS to stay away like I did with Women and Nonwhites, haha! What about Liberal White Men? Yep I think I could help them too.  I could probably help a Liberal White Man more than a Conservative Asian Woman. Come on. Let’s not be retarded. I was just giving a FULL DISCLOSURE.

Basically just to say that Racism is held up as The Worst Thing A Person Can Possibly Be in this day and age, but that I think that A Little Racism is healthy, and you should not be ASHAMED of your own “Racist” thoughts. Embrace Your Inner Racist!

That and I think Whites are especially likely NOT to embrace their Inner Little Racist. So go ahead, do it, I don’t mind, heck, I’m ENCOURAGING it. I’m PRETTY sure you’re not going to go out and burn crosses and lynch blacks and suicide bomb jews or muslims.

TL,DR: Whites are My Team and Male is my Gender,and White Males will prob benefit most from this, but if women or nonwhites find it helpful, I’m not gonna stop them. But I am biased towards my own Home Team.