OK I just finished the first post but it really is for the best that I keep these to 1000 words. Believe me.

may 18, 2013: I wrote like 14 posts in 2 days but will just “dribble” them “out one day at a time”, hahaha. So consider these first 14 posts or so “introductory”, and then it gets real interesting (or just boring and rehashy) after that.

So after you’ve cleaned your one plastic shopping bag of junk out, what now.

at best you will clean out 10 bags of trash, vacuum all over, clean your entire house, and develop a habit of not letting stuff build up, and cleaning semi-regularly. at worst you will have cleaned out one small bag of trash, which is better than what you would have done doing your Regular Bad Habits of:

Writing About It

Going on r9k or something similar to read about similar people

taking a nap

eating trash

watching trash

not that all these things are inherently bad. I am glad we have r9k, it is good to know there are other people out there with similar feels. but we need to Temper that with something a bit more productive.

sometimes jobsearching or doing hw can seem like too much for our brains and bodies and soul to bear. it seems a lot simpler and a lot more doable to do something SIMPLE, like clean up one bag of trash, or go for a 20 minute walk.  so just do these things, even if they sound pathetically small!

doing something pathetically small is better than not doing anything at all!

if you’re anything like me, you have given srs thought that maybe the stuff you put in your body might have something to do with your feels.  Drugs and alcohol maybe have helped you escape from your feels, but eventually made them worse, and then you decided to quit them. good for you. that is the smart thing to do, IMHO.

But then you think, maybe i have no energy and want to sleep all the time because i eat too much CARBS, or too much HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP, or there’s TOXINS in muh foodz, or GMOs. Or I’m not getting enough VITAMINS or SUPPLEMENTS or IRON or what have you.

I am always experimenting with supplements. For a while I would take tons of St John’s Wort. Didn’t really do anything for me, hopefully it works for you.

Right now I am taking: 2000 IU of Vitamin D (D3), about 1500 mg per day of Omega 3 Fatty Acids From Fish Oil, which generally comes from Doubling the recommended dose on the fish oil bottle, and a daily multivitamin.

In the past I have tried Iron because I thought I had Anaemia or Thryoid which was making me tired. Didn’t really do anything. Have had blood tests indicating no problems with anemia or thryoid.

Taken zinc in the past since I heard it might boost testosterone, and that my lack of energy and vitality is related to lack of testosterone. this is still prob true, though now i believe the much better way to boost T is with regular exercise, and for T in particular, to LIFT HEAVY WEIGHTS. Not quite there yet!

Have been sticking with the Fish Oil for the longest time. A lot of supplements have come and gone but that one is pretty solid by me.

Along the way I became interested in the Paleo Diet and alot of this fits in with that.

I also would try to eat Organic Foods wherever possible, although if you’re a Loser Like Me, you won’t have a good enough JOB to PAY for the hella expensive organic food.

And some science nerds say that GMO foods are perfectly healthy and safe and us anti-GMO types are uneducated, ignorant, tinfoil hat paranoid conspiracy types, going off a WRONG intuition.

Also try to drink Organic (With the “Mother”) Apple Cider Vinegar when I can remember to.

Try to stay away from BREAD and GRAINS as much as possible, but it’s hard to leave the house without getting smacked in the face by 100000 pieces of bread.

High Fructose Corn Syrup, Corn is not a Vegetable, it is a GRAIN. All the Cows and Chicken and Livestock Meat Animals who EAT corn and hormones and GMO feed.

Paleo Life. Living like a Caveman. They did not eat bread or grains or highly processed foods. nuts and berries and veggies and meat. they also walked around for 8 hours a day trying to get this food, so that was enough exercise for them. You ever tried Simple Walking for 8 hours? You can see how that would work well!

For some evil, unfair reason, it’s not quite the same as Being On Your Feet For 8 Hours A Day At Your Job, walking back and forth there. And I wish it were.

Ideally you would go to nice park or forest or mountain or natural beauty and walk/hike for 8 hours there, relaxed pace, taking in the vitamin d from the sun, enjoying the fresh air and nature scenery. Yes I realize this is a First World Privilege!

Where I live we have crappy weather 7 months a year and Good Weather 5 months a year. I don’t even want to leave the house during those 7 months, not even in the car. It is similar to “Seasonal Affective Disorder” if indeed “Depression” itself wasn’t some MedicalPharmaceutical Industry Myth, to make a Disease out of LAZY LOSERS BEING LAZY LOSERS!

Yes that’s intended to offend. If you’re a lazy loser rest assured I am a bigger lazy loser.

The weather has just finally started to get nice so I would LIKE to walk outside for 1 hour every day, especially when sunny. Really sold on this vitamin D. Because I HATE jogging, plus I’m not convinced that jogging is even GOOD for you. I am sold that WEIGHT LIFTING is AWESOME for you, but that’s too much for me right not. Trying to work up to  it with

PUSH UPS. Push Ups are the SINGLE BEST EXERCISE YOU CAN DO. If you can do NOTHING ELSE – and I KNOW that feel where it feels like you absolutely CANNOT do anything else – JUST DO PUSH UPS.

I will be back. Baby Steps. One Day at a time. Clean One Bag. Do ONE Push Up. Walk for 15 minutes. Take some supplementz. Throw away all the f00king BREAD and cereal in your house. Swear Off Grains.