heh. may 18 2013. just finished the second post. could prob do 4 or 5 today. on a roll.

My newest experiment is, and this is gonna sound Disgusting and Shocking, especially to the Wimmin, is “No Soap Showering.”

Now I like to be clean and hygienic, and still firmly believe that if you can nothing else, if you’re having a real bad day, for gods sakes at least try to have a shower or bath and scrub the 4ssjuice and Cold Stale Sweat off your body!

Still good advice. but now I’m wondering, how good is it for your skin to scrub it with soap every day? maybe just wash with a real gentle soap every other day. Or a mixture of Organic Lemon Juice or Baking Soda.

Back when I had hair, hehehe, I was breddy vain about it, even had beautiful long hair. I wanted it to be soft and healthy and strong and I got into the idea of “natural oils” and how all oil your body produces is not something bad that needs to be scrubbed away with abrasive soap and shampoo, then replaced with a conditioner or oils or creams developed by Plutocrats!

So I reduced my shampooing to maybe 2 or 3 times a week, still do. Hardcore people do it less, I am trying to get there.

Basically it boils down to not being disgusted by your own body, and having faith that your body has evolved or been designed to keep its own skin and hair healthy without throwing chemicals developed in the past 80 years on it.

Do you really think cavemen didn’t like WASHING themselves in a flowing stream? that they liked being filthy and dirty? NO, of COURSE they WASHED themselves. ANIMALS wash themselves. They just didn’t use all these soaps and creams and oils and stuff.

Again, not something you should tell on the mountain because Everyone Will Think You’re A Dirty Hippie Who Hates Being Clean. But I just suggest it as something to TRY for 30 days.

Unfort this will prob have little effect on yer feelz, but you might feeeeel proud of trying a Paleo Life Experiment.

Instead of wasting excessive time blogging or whining or 4channing or neckbearding or watching TV (THROW OUT YOUR TV! THAT IS A BIG PROBLEM RIGHT THERE!), try to spend some time every day LEARNING, and NO I AM NOT TALKING ABOUT SCHOOL.

[WARNING: I USE THE WORD “f4g” A LOT. MANY TIMES IN EVERY POST. You HAVE to get used to this.]

School is evil and awful and faggy and frustrating and soul-crushing just like work, hahahaha. It is a Huge Rip Off that IS DESTROYING MORE YOUNG PEOPLE THAN DRUGS, making young adults into SLAVES, debt slaves, that can’t get a job to pay off the “Education” that they thought would get them a job. I could have a whole blog talking about how much I Hate College and Education. Good LORD does the whole idea of Education need to be thrown out and began anew. It is HORRIBLE.

I will talk more about this, I can assure you. Later. In short, right now I am all about STEM Homeschooling for Children, followed up by Hardcore STEM University. If not that, then Trade School or Entrepreneurship. But on the whole, on average, right now in Murka, High School and College are HORRIBLE and need to be ERADICATED. Not sure about Grade School. Yeah that prob sucks too. Just Homeschool Yer damn kids. High Investment Parenting. More later.

But I think Math and Science are the Bedrock of a Strong Mind. F00k Lumosity, learn CALCULUS. and then when you’ve learned calculus, learn linear algebra and Diff EQ’s and Statistics. There is SO MUCH MATH beyond Calculus it’s not even funny, and the avg high schooler doesn’t even get to Calculus. The ones who do have a HUGE advantage and usually end up becoming Successful Engineers who make a TON of money and would never be reading these words. Unless they’re “depressed” about being Kissless Virgins, but to them I say, be happy because you make 80k a year and don’t live at home at age 30.

Not that living “at home” at age 30 is inherently bad, but MORE LATER. in short, it’s better to live at home and be thought a NECKBEARD LOSER by WIMMIN, than to Live Above Your Means and go into SLAVEMAKING DEBT just to PROVE something to somebody.

Now I recently have been taking College Calculus and it moves too damn fast and the classes were EXCRUCIATING and I totally BURNED OUT. But I still respect the value of math. just not the way they were taught in your typical Calc 1 or Calc 2 class. Oh God Calc 2 really crushed my soul. Just took that one. It was HORRRRRIBLE. I did the work and got a good grade but GOD DAMN. That came close to killing my interest in MATH, and I just can’t have that.


Use MIT Open Course Ware Vidyas. Use Khan Academy Vidyas. Use Dummies Books. Buy a textbook off amazon for $5 and go cover to cover at your own pace, doing all the problems, even if it takes you a year. it might take you a year to get through that fat Calculus book which prob covers Calc 1, 2, AND 3.

But I’m convinced that if you do it at your own pace, still doing the PROBLEMS because DOING PROBLEMS IS KEY to LEARNING MATH, that will do you a world of good.

I would suggest only taking the particular thing for College Credit only AFTER you’ve done all the material by yourself. because the class WILL go too fast otherwise, cramming too much stuff in, killing your appreciation and understanding.

It would really be best to DO THE PROBLEMS. I’m not joking. But I guess watching the vidyas would be good enough if your main goal at the moment were simply Not To Get Too Rusty. But IDEALLY you would do the problems.

Plus doing problems is GREAT Mental Workout and makes you feel SMART and is SO much better than WORRYING about stupid sh1t or WORRYING about what a loser failure you are.