May 18, 2013

Hello world of lazy loser NEET autismal kissless jobless friendless gormless virgins. I am here to save your souls, as I save mine as well. We will be working together. That is what qualifies me to help u with your FEELZ, because I am right there myself. At least kind of. I think I’m actually above avg considering some of the NEETs and wizards and r9kers I’ve seen, however I’m definitely not in Normalfag Winner territory.

I mean normalfag in the best possible way. I remember a thread where r9ks were asked about their wildest dreams, and it usually was something breddy reasonable and traditional: having a decent job, a sense of Self-Worth, and very often a Wife and Children. Nothing too greedy. Same thing your Grandparents wanted.

Most of us are huge LOSERS. LOSERS LOSERS LOSERS. It is a soul crushing thing to finally realize in every fibre of your being that you are a loser, you are clearly a loser, you’ve accomplished nothing with your life, you can’t bring yourself to do anything, you feel OLD, you feel weak and soft, you have disappointed yourself and others; you have a crappy job at best; you have a tenuous and awkward and anxious social life at best; you have no love life, and “at best” only “friendzone” or “acquaintancezone”. You dropped out of skool; you got a degree and are now 80k in debt and can’t get a job and wish you had never taken that loan or gone to college; the weight of the world on your shoulders;

or you don’t have any job; you are a BASEMENT DWELLER LAYABOUT well into your adulthood. You know if you had made better choices in the past, had better habits, worked harder, worked smarter, you could have been one of those winners, or at least had a bare minimum of winning, be good enough: an average job, a decent gurlfran/waifu, friends who respect you, respect for yourself.

But somewhere you got off track, took a misstep, and your Trajectory started getting off and now you’re a huge loser in almost every way.

Probably when you were 18, actually probably when you were a child. You can trace back the roots and the indications way, way back until you were an angry weird kid in grade school.

So I am going to help you save your LIFE. We are gonna do this together.

49% of this blog will be me whining like an r9k faggot first world virgin, just like we all do sometimes, just as a bona fide to You.

But we all know that constant whining doesn’t fix anything, even if it is Good for a little bit. Venting. But we have to do more than Just vent. Therefore, 51% of this blog will be Practical, Unambiguous, if not PERFECT, Bullet Points to help you develop good habits. Babby Steps. One day at a time. Become a Gradual Winner. You know this isn’t gonna happen overnight.

try to keep the posts near 1000 words because this is just an ideal length for posts. plus losers also have ADHD and can’t focus on long posts.

But I am not here to fool ya, I am here to serve you up Useful, Good Stuff on a Silver Platter!

For example, and there should be plenty of For Examples:

I am not a HOARDER but I do tend to let Crap and Junk Build Up. Stuff in my room stacking up on tables, then on the floor near the table, then begin to cover with a coating of dust. Stuff like papers, folders, mail, notes, slips of paper, little gadgets, business cards, letters, junk mail, nonjunk mail, wedding invitations from successful old friends, weird USB/electronics cords don’t know wat do, index cards, pens and pencils, post it notes, largish casino cups filled with useless stuff from 20 years ago, like my “dice collection” (????), some foreign coins, paperweights, my movie ticket stub collection, some 3.5 floppy disks from 15 years ago. old shoes falling apart and covered with dust. anything covered with a sh1tload of dust! I THREW IT IN THE GARBAGE and then VACUUMED as much of the dust as I could, in the corners of the room and where the floor meets the wall.

I started out saying I would just filled up One Walmart Plastic Bag with trash. Babby Steps. Well I filled that up in like under 10 minutes, and then said f00k this, I’m moving to a full-blown garbage bag! when the garbage bag started filling up with heavy stuff I put a second bag around it so it wouldn’t break. You could also just use super thick heavy duty bags, because likely you’ll be throwing away bigger things that will eventually break a Normal bag.

I don’t need to tell you that the bag breaking and all the stuff spilling out all over your room would be very demoralizing. buzzkill. harsh the mallow. infuriating at the very least.

the carpet near the walls and corners were gray with sh1tloads of dust. so i went in there like a madman and vacuumed it up. It took less than TEN MINUTES. It wasn’t 100% perfect, but good LORD is it a DRAMATIC improvement.

There is a reason they have the term Spring Cleaning. I have skipped Spring Cleaning for Years because I have been a lazy loser NEET neckbeard virgin can’t get out of bed for the past 20 years heh heh. But boy am I glad I did it this year. And now I can enjoy a dramatically cleaner room and be proud of myself that I have Literally Risen Above the Filth, and that I deserve a Nice Clean Nondusty, Noncluttered Room.

Again not even 20% a Hoarder, but Jeezum Crow I have a lot of junk. I filled up a full garbage bag just from the junk in One Room in under 30 minutes.

You CAN listen to your favourite music while you do this!

OK that’s 1000 words. If you can’t look at f00king indeed.com for another second and yer feeeeeelz are coming back, try filling up One Standard Walmart Sized Bag with stuff in your Room you don’t really need, then see what happens. You might be pleasantly surprised.