English: Angry woman.
English: Angry woman. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Men: try not to think decadent thoughts, even if you are desperate, even though her hair is weird, even if she is prob still more attractive than the last wimmin you were with

* It might help to organize your lies. Or have text files of your pre-scripted responses to difficult questions. Not just for every possible interview question, but for every possible difficult SOCIAL question you could be asked by a friend, acquaintance, or relative, even/espec people you DON’T like. Great examples are when you go to a WEDDING or FUNERAL or FAMILY REUNION and they ask you What You’re Doing. O GOD WHY.

Because we already esta

Love and Anger
Love and Anger (Photo credit: Wikipedia)blished that everyone who wants a Fulltime Job can GET one unless they have something severely WRONG with them, like YOU, they’re a MORAL DEFECTIVE, A MORALLY LAZY LOSER, heh, I joke, well, you tell them lies of course, just like you would to anyone else.

blished that everyone who wants a Fulltime Job can GET one unless they have something severely WRONG with them, like YOU, they’re a MORAL DEFECTIVE, A MORALLY LAZY LOSER, heh, I joke, well, you tell them lies of course, just like you would to anyone else.

Small Believable Tangentially Connected to the Truth Lies. If you have a Useless degree in Sociology then tell them you’re…..that you got a teaching certificate and now you get 40 hours a week Subbing Skool until you find something better, but boy it’s Tuff out there and at least you’re getting 40 hours.

Even if you’re not! And you never WANTED To be a Skoolteacher and you even kinda HATE skoolteachers. But you kn0w for a FACT that most people who actually majored in Skoolteaching and did Student Teaching and got their Teaching Certificate as part of their College AREN’T getting those Cushy, Stable, Lifelong Public Skoolteacher jobs, with sweet Public Union Benefits and Pension. Nope, they’re just subbing too. Because there’s too many teaching degrees, not enough teacher positions, and the greedy baby boomer older generation of teachers have milked the cash cow dry.

ANYWAY. Just try not to talk too much about it, and depending on the situation, you can modify your response.

* Or how about: just PRETEND you got one of the many jobs you’ve ALREADY APPLIED FOR and would have liked to get but didn’t, like Event Coordinator, Computer Technical Assistant, Program Assistant, Data Entry Clerk, etc. And tell them you’re working on your Masters In Data Entry Clerking, you just don’t have enough High Profile Unpaid Data Entry Internships and have to redo your Data Entry Honors Thesis for a better grade in order to maybe finally score a Fulltime Entry-Level Data Entry Job.

* And then tell them you’re doing some Construction on the side just for extra money.

* unless you’ve never done constuction and don’t know a damn thing about construction. Some men seem to get construction jobs when they can’t get anything else. In that way it’s seen as a Loser Job, but don’t believe that Propaganda, that what the Plutocrats, Kleptocrats, Superrich, 1%, The Ruling Class, Oligarchs etc WANT you to believe, to divide and conquer you, to put you 80k in debt by going to stupid COLLEGE.

* Work Construction for a little bit so you can: build something with your hands; develop a good work ethic; build confidence; get a sense of you don’t want to be a heroin addict alcoholic multiple felon roofer for the rest of your life. Plus you will probably get desensitized to the word fag, they probably use it more than I do! which is good!

* It has occurred to me quite a bit that My Own Level of ANGER is TOO HIGH. This is prob correct. Like I said, a LITTLE anger is just fine, quite healthy….but TOO MUCH anger, calling everything and everyone faggots all day and hating everyone and everything, this is prob a sign of TOO MUCH anger. So now I will help you and me reduce our angers to a healthy level.

* take deep breaths.

* take a 2 hour nap if you can afford than Bourgeois Luxury. I just took a 2 hour nap and I actually feeeeeel much less angry than I was before. Had I not taken the nap. I didn’t HAVE to but boy if i hadn’t I would prob be RAGING.

* To take a page from Orwell, and also from a Controversial Blogger, you can try a Two Minutes Hate or a Five Minutes Hate after you get up in the morning. Just rage out for 5 minutes, screaming and cursing and calling everyone a faggot, and thinking hateful thoughts, and thinking about running around punching everyone in the face. Basically the point of this is to control your anger by keeping it confined to only a specific 5 minutes per day….rather than All Day Every Day All The Time. Set Aside a specific time for anger, and then don’t be angry outside of that time. Easier said than done I’m sure!

*TEchnically, you’re ENTITLED to be angry the entire time you’re at WORK. Because you’re dealing with annoying faggots all day in the form of annoying customers/clients, annoying coworkers, and annoying bosses, all of which are abusing you in some way and sometimes even threatening your very livelihood. However I don’t need to tell You that being Raging Angry for 40 hours a week is not ideal, and that you should prob find some mysterious way to control your Anger On The Job. Would be a Win Win.



may 24 2013

* If you’re really bad at staying in contact with Old Friends, and then you’re fortunate enough to have them contact you out of the blue, then be sure to to thank them profusely and remind them how bad you are at this kinda stuff, but that you will TRY to be better, then thank them again and tell them how much you appreciate this, then meet them and buy them dinner to show your appreciation. Then set up another meeting or phone call or email 3 months from then, PUT IT ON YOUR CALENDAR.

* Also give them your Email and get their email, and at the very least, if you’re too Unmasculine to call them, then email them every 3 or 6 months. Put it on your calendar so you don’t forget.

* having a calendar means you don’t have to remember to do anything, YOUR CALENDAR REMEMBERS IT FOR YOU. So use SOME sort of calendar. There are many options: Gmail, Yahoo, iPhone, Android, an Appointment book, A regular old Notebook, a Legal Pad, a Post It Note,

* But yeah. Because we are lazy losers we ARE real good at shutting our friends down, pushing our friends away, so sometimes we need to overcompensate for that, and make absolutely clear to them, that when we SEEM like we’re shutting down, rest assured it’s nothing personal towards THEM, and that we will now promise to Email Every Six Months. I think you can handle that!

* Heh. this is assuming you actually LIKED the person, and still think of them fondly, and wonder what they are doing, and WISH you could still Email Them Once Every Six Months. The good news is You Totally CAN!

* Gotta Check My Non-Friendless Privilege, because I realize a lot of the NEET Wizard Virgin Dwellers I’m writing for probably don’t have ANY friends. So I’m checking that privilege now.



* Better yet, get really Aenal, and after you’ve bought them dinner and drinks and are having a grand old time, say “Yes we have to do this again sometime. Not necessarily every day, but on a three to six month basis. Here, watch me program this into my Google Calendar, repeating every 4 months, RIGHT NOW. See, there you are.”

* Yeah I gotta call from an Old Friend I haven’t talked to in like 2 years, so I am trying to Make Good On This Fortunate Opportunity, to Break Old Bad Habits, and Develop Good New Habits, such as what I described above.

* Some real bad NEETs p!ss and sh!t themselves and vomit during a Job Interview. Yep, that’s real bad, and You know it. It would be 900000 times better to bolt up and run out of the room so you don’t vomit right in front of the people. I think I would be most prone to vomiting, p!ssing and sh!tting would be SO embarrassing. This ties in with the rule of, “If The Interview Is Going Real Bad, You Hold The Power To Get Up And Leave.”

* so should you get a Xanax/Valium/Benzo/Barbiturate Rx that you take ONLY before interviews? Maybe. Maybe. But be careful not to get hooked on that stuff, OR take it regularly. Also, note that the interviewer might rightfully think that you’re On Drugs and you won’t get the job and you’ll remain a NEET Loser. But at LEAST you did the interview, so you’re much less LAZY of a loser, so that’s a step in the right direction.

* Another way of looking at the Art Vandelay / Lying To Get A Job Scam: It’s the same thing as Writing Papers For College. Remember when they told you you would become an EXPERT in BSing. BULLSH!TTING. And you did. It took a little PRACTICE to get the right style of Bullsh!t down, sure, because you have to Try To Sound Smart And Give Your Masters What They Want, but you eventually figured it out. Or you dropped out and became a NEET Loser who couldn’t even Bullshit a paper for College. Anyway, just thing of it as Bullshitting to Employers to Get A Job, if you’re still hung up on the word “LYING”, like being hung up on the word “faggot.”

* Not saying that WORDS are totally Unimportant and Meaningless, however. Words can be a Very Powerful Tool. I’m PSYOPPING you with Words RIGHT NOW. And you can PSYOP others with Your Words, too. Wimmin, Employers, you can even PsyOp your Friends and Family, them in a GOOD way of course.


* Being MASCULINE generally correlates and probably CAUSES Being a WINNER. Stuff like Lifting Weights and Being Assertive will def make you more Healthy. Heck try being AGGRESSIVE while you’re at it. Aggressively go after what you want, short of criminal activity. Or Stalking. It’s not worth it to pursue WIMMIN THAT Aggressively. I’m talking about Jobs and Your Own Personal Stuff. Entrepreneurship. But NOT Wimmin. Well, you can pursue them Assertively I guess. Masculinely.

* Try going to the SHOOTING RANGE and Shooting a GUN if you never have before. Especially if you are a Fedora Atheist Neckbeard who thinks All Guns Are Evil and Should Be Banned By Barry. However don’t shoot guns irresponsibly. Respect their Deadly Power. If you find yourself acting like a Psychopath/Sociopath, uh….. then YOU NEED THERAPY hahahahahaha.

* It is better to be a “MANLET” than a Equally Short Fat Chubby Neckbeard. Heh. I just discovered the Term “MANLET” on 4chan and Bodybuilding Forums Misc, it means a Short Man with a Napoleon Complex who overcompensates by getting very muscular…but nothing changes the fact that he’s still 5’6″. There is a Happy Medium Sweet Spot here. Excessive Muscles don’t look great on Really Short guys, however if you’re Really Short you can’t really change that, nor should you want to. So just work out and be thin and trim and toned but not RIPPED per se. That will be MORE than good enough, plus you will PROB still be able to pull Attractive Wimmin even if you’re short, but you have the Chest and Abs of Fagan Fagling. Plus you won’t be that Big Of A Fag, so good for you!

* If someone, usually a Wimmin, Fedora, Atheist, or Collegefag, sez You’re like a Playground Grade Skool BULLY because of you calling everyone Fags, and this only shows your own INSECURITY, then tell them THEY’RE an Insecure Fag who eats Bags Of D’s every day and WISHES they could be as SECURE and MASCULINE as you.

When people call other people INSECURE, they’re just PROJECTING their OWN Insecurity!

* If you’ve given an honest effort to calling everything and everybody a “FAG” and it just doesn’t do it for you, then you don’t HAVE to. At least you tried. But if you’re too SCARED to say “fag” just because of what some FAG would THINK of you, then it can be very LIBERATING to start saying Fag. Because think about it. Who has the biggest problem with the word “Fag”? Yes, Yes, that’s right! NOW you’re getting it!

* Your Mileage May Vary on this one, but Try making FLASHCARDS of Awesome Facts about yourself. Like I am a Good Guy Greg, I am a very Ethical and Moral person; When I do work, I work really hard; I am good at doing really nice thoughtful things for people and making them feel appreciated; I am a Hard Worker; I have the power to Pull Myself Up out of this; I Am Entitled to A Nice Attractive Waifu who I both enjoy spending time with AND Am Attracted To; I Will do Over 9000 Pushups a Day; I will get 1 hour of Sunlight a Day; I will get 8 hours of Sleep a day; I will not drink coffee after 12 noon; etc etc etc. Then flip through the flashcards in the morning and throughout the day. Then read the flaschcards onto an mp3 and listen to you saying those awesome things about yourself throughout the day. 578 words.

*Game / PUA / Tactic: Though Treating Women Like Meat IS Decadent and Perverted and You’re Better than that, even though They LIKE Being Treated like Meat, I recall I said I would allow Men to do One Decadent Sex Act a Month with Harlotz. Anyway the Pick Up Line to use is, “DON’T BE A RACIST! YOU’RE A RACIST!” this is very similar to my other patented line, “DON’T HATE! DON’T BE A HATER!” The KEY for All Pick Up Lines, of COURSE, is to say them with an Alpha SMIRK. MASCULINE ALPHA SMIRK. Wimmin are so scared of Haters and Rayciss, that when you call them one in this Playful, Smirking, Masculine, Teasing Way, they get all tingly. Try It Out. But no more than once a month. There are MUCH more important things in life than Getting Your D Wet.

* But don’t fantasize about your One Decadent Sexual Release Per Month too much right now, you have much more important things to worry about, like getting a Fulltime JOB. Not Parttime Jobs. Once you get a Fulltime Job, it will be SO EASY to Pull Attractive Wimmin that your biggest challenge will be turning them DOWN because to Bang more than once a month would be Decadent, Perverted, Shameful, and WEAK. Getting A Fulltime Job Will Magically Transform Every Aspect Of Your Life And Change You From Being A Lazy Loser Into A Masculine Winner.

* If some Wimmin, Fedora, Atheist, or Collegefag gives you sh1t about being SARCASTIC, tell them to Suck your D. 835 wds.

* “Interview Dos and Donts for Job Seekers OVER 80.” I can’t wait till I see articles like that. I saw one today where it was “over 65”, and I can’t wait till that number is 80. If you’re looking for a new job and you’re over EIGHTY, don’t tell them in the interview that you wouldn’t mind working this job till you Retire. You don’t want them to think you just want to Coast By during the Twilight Years of your working life. Faggots. There are some good tips out there in these job search articles, but they’re written by faggots in a faggy tone. I will translate these articles for you so you can take the good stuff from them without wanting to punch the author in the face. I will Defaggify them for both of ours’ benefit.


may 23

* Delete Your Facebook. Even if you weren’t Friendless in High Skool and Kollige, then you will see all your Friends Upgrade their education and Kareers and Relshipz and Falling In Luv and Getting Mawwied and Having Beautiful Bouncing Babies and get promoted in their Kareeeeers and pictures of their Haaaappy Lives, it’s basically an invitation to compare yourself to them and how huge of a loser you are compared to these winners. And this is completely disregarding the fact that you might be tempted to look at WOMEN you were in LOVE with.

So just DELETE FACEBOOK. No ifs, ands, or buts. YOU’RE WELCOME. I TOLD YA SO. You WILL thank me later, and agree with me that Facebook is the stupidest, worst, gayest, faggiest thing ever.

“B-But Muh FRANZ won’t be able to get ahold of me!” say those of you who aren’t Friendless.

Well, I am thankful to not be A Friendless, and I can verify that if your Friends need FACEBOOK to get ahold of you, then they aren’t your friends. Your friends can get ahold of you by phone or email.

I DON’T recommend boycotting EMAIL. Email is actually very useful. And can help to Reach Out to Friends, which you should try to Reach Out more and not be such a Prickly Pear, or else your Few Valuable Friends might think you don’t like them anymore!

But we’ll discuss that more later.

* Be A Comedian with the main audience of Yourself, getting yourself to Laugh with Stupid Jokes. Try to do this starting as early in the morning as possible. If you’re anything like me, you are not a morning person, and are especially angry in the mornings, calling everyone a stupid faggot, and wanting to go on a punching people in the face spree, and wanting to take a nap, and begging for mercy, praying to st jude, not knowing how you’re gonna make it through the next x hours till you can come home and take a nap; drinking coffee immediately as you get out of bed, having a pot of coffee in the refrigerator so you can take two huge gulps of coffee ASAP; but trying to walk that tightrope of not drinking so much coffee so fast that you get sick.

This is when you should be making ridiculous jokes. They don’t have to be nice jokes. They can involve “hateful” language and inappropriate things you would never actually do, like going on a Punching People In The Face Spree, or calling every driver of every car a Fat F00king Faggot F00k Failure who Sucks Their Daddy’s D.

For example, I take that time to work on my New Mikko Aspa Impersonation. I use a voice that sorta sounds like Henry Kissinger and say “I am Mikko Aspa, I come from Finland, I am A Finn, I am going to Raep your Mother in a Sauuuna, I have nothing but complete and utter contempt and hatred for The Entire Human Garbage race.”

The joke is, I am SURE Mr Aspa is a MUCH nicer guy than that. It just parodies the style of his perverted, misanthropic, hateful Gutter Art. I LUV U MIKKO! 535 words

Español: Mikko Aspa vocalista de Clandestine Blaze
Español: Mikko Aspa vocalista de Clandestine Blaze (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

* But yeah IMPERSONATIONS are a easy and fun way of doing this. Impersonate a Fat Murkan Amerifat from Kankakee Illinois, I don’t care.

* Google / Internet is your friend. It is your Brain. If you are too angry to tired to use your brain to do the things you need to do, like prepare an interview answer for while you are the ideal fit for an Event Coordinator even though you don’t give a sh1t, you just type everything into google and copy and paste. What is an event planner. DONE.

Again this is not ideal, because your MIND is your MOST POWERFUL TOOL IN LIFE, but one of the main Things about being a Lazy Loser is that your MIND has Atrophied and Stagnated and is NOT so strong, so for now we are using Internet as TRAINING WHEELS, with the goal of taking the training wheels off eventually once you start WINNING a little more.

* O GOD THIS ONE IS SOLID GOLD: when you go in for an interview, Buy 3 to 10 PIZZAS for the Whole Office so they can have a Pizza Party Because Of YOU. They ask, who the f bought these pizzas, was that really our boss? and they say, NO, it was that Real Awesome Guy who came in for an INTERVIEW that we don’t even know. That is the coolest thing anyone has ever done, we HAVE to hire HIM.

This is a LOT more feasible than BRIBING the Interviewer or Managers. You can’t just slip them some CASH across the table because Direct BRIBERY is typically FROWNED UPON. So find great ways of INDIRECT Bribery, like instead of giving $100 to the manager, use that $100 to throw a PIZZA PARTY for the WHOLE OFFICE.

Heh. Assuming You have saved up $100 to spend on “BRIBES.” This is a breddy BIG and BAD Assumption, I admit! But just THINK about this idea. If you’re anything like me, you have given LOTS of SRS Thought to Bribing People For A Job, Lying To Get a Job, etc, because you’re a Nontraditional Student Who Hates College and Refuses To Do Unpaid Internsh1ts, and you would rather BRIBE and LIE.


Note: It’s Art Vandelay NOT Vanderlay, AND I’m starting to think you COULD get away with telling Art Vandelay-sized lies. They might not WORK, or they might have a better chance of getting you FIRED……but what if they DON’T? And, it’s possible you might not be PUNISHED for Vandelay-sized lies, because Not All Future Employers will or could ever find out! Just proceed with caution though. Know it’s a high-risk thing. 947 words.


new blog 16 may 21 2013

Well, now that you’ve started Lying on your resume etc you probably have a nice sweet Office Job, making 4 times as much as you did at McWalmart, benefits, health care, staring at a screen all day trying to look busy, being bored is your main problem now, but you are making enough money to live, and can now “date” single momz on OK Cupid, hahahahahaha. Must Be Nice.

Lemme just clarify what I mean by Lying: No Art Vandelay stuff, where you’re pulling stuff out of the ether. It has to be at least tangentially connected to the truth. For example, instead of saying you provided average service to 10 customers a day, say you provided Excellent Service to 100 customers a day. Don’t say you were The Manager and Brought in 100$ million in one month. Little lies, not big lies.

Another Good Experiment would be to buy one of those $75 suits from men’s wearhouse or….what’s the store on the west coast, Price or Perry or something. Will prob look better than the $20 used suits at the second hand store. but these flashy new suits are prob very cheaply made and will get holes in the crotch. but if the hole’s in the crotch, it will be impossible to see. Anyway I support Overdressing to Interviews to Compensate for one’s Interview Anxiety.

Heh. Those Baby Boomer F’s just waltzed out of college with their Party Degrees and got Good Jobs. Meanwhile you have to get Top Grades in Top Fields and Top Internships and do everything 100% perfect. THEY only had to do things 1% perfect, IE, really f00king crappy, and then they call YOU a loser? THEY’RE the REAL losers! They wouldn’t MAKE it in today’s world, in your shoes!

So take comfort in that. They never took Calc 3, they can’t even do Intro ALGEBRA, they don’t even know how to use EMAIL, meanwhile you have to know how to out-code people from MIT to get a job that pays HALF as well as them! Hell YES you’re ENTITLED to be ANGRY! GET ANGRY! 351 words.

It is perfectly ok to get angry! Sometimes when The World is telling you not to be angry, you’re bottling up your anger, when you could be releasing it, through words, at specific things and people. For example, if some wimmin is being b1tchy to you, it’s GREAT for you to say, “God d4mn, what a f00king B!TCH. That B!TCH is a Real C00nt.”

Professionals and intellectuals and Grown Ups will tell you, oh using hate language like that makes you a Hateful Racist Rapist, but it really doesn’t. They don’t KNOW any better. They’re IGNORANT. They’ve never had to live in the REAL WORLD.

Of course this does not mean you should let Anger Control Your Life. But just because you control Your Anger doesn’t mean you can’t HAVE anger.

same if some wimmin is being a wh0re, or some guy is being a f4ggot.

Heh. Say you wouldn’t mind having that cushy union “event coordinator” job, but you don’t have a degree in event management. So this is when you start lying and say in your Objective that your dream job is to be an Event Coordinator, even though you don’t give a sh1t what Even Coordination is, you just want to work in an office and have a cushy union job and watch the clock and surf the net all day at work.

Unless Objectives are now frowned upon. I think I heard something actually. That Objectives were now out. I remember when they were IN though, it wasn’t more than a few years ago.

When in doubt, Lie. When you see a job you would actually like…..LIE. Little Lies not Vanderlay lies.

And Never Forget….A Fulltime Job working with Losers and Roody Poos and Idiots and Morons and Human Garbage and Screeching Teens and Annoying Fat People Of Walmart and Fat Murkans and Retards and Faggots and Thugs and Hoodlums and Perverts and Filth and Child Molesters and Pedophiles and Sexual Deviants and Horrible Crap People is more Honorable and Respectable than Working Part Time or being, god forbid, Unemployed.

You are well within your rights to hate every minute of it, to hate all those f00king fat faggots you deal with all day, but at least you’re Doing The Right Thing. Just try not to be violent against them, I’m not responsible for you if you do. But you are more than allowed to call them faggots and even worse. Just don’t go postal. It’s just a job. It doesn’t matter what it is, it just matters than you have it.

Just lift weights like a madman when you get out. Or do Martial Arts. Or Swim. DON’T Drink, smoke w33d, do Drugs, or eat crap food, or jerk off to porn.

Maybe try going to Church and Begging For Mercy. I am still on the fence about the Church thing. I like hardline pre-vatican 2 Traditionalist Conservative Catholics who talk about how 99% are going to hell for eternity because we were not in line with the right god; I like faithless agnostics; I like “god is a loving god who love love loves us all and would never damn us to eternal torture unless we were Reeeeally Eeeevil Like Pol Pot!” I like everything but Fedora Neckbeard Atheists.

Take people with Good Jobs out to Lunch, pay for the lunch, get them talking about themselves. Try to find the NICE PEOPLE too. People where you just look at them and they Look Nice. Some people are honestly just really Nice. So make their niceness work for you. Do nice things for them and maybe they will do something nice for you, like Get You Hired Somewhere. If they ask you about your Career Goals, just LIE. Little Lies. Say you’re studying to become a….Hedge Fund Manager. A Systems Analyst. Whatever you want to say. You don’t NEED to tell them you Hate College and you just want a Clockwatching Office Job. They don’t NEED to know that, plus telling them that won’t help you GET that kind of job!

Also, if an interview is going REAL bad, always know that you have the power to Get Up and Walk Out The Door. “Sorry, I really don’t think I’ll Be A Good Fit In This Position.” Knowing You Have That Power might make you do better and appear more Optimismfag during the interview.


May 22, 2013

First post written in The Actual New Blog. Real Productive Use of time from Day Off, instead of trying to find a new job, huh?

HOPEFULLY posting two a day gets me “caught up”. I do not want to have “spare posts” on this blog.

YES, I will most likely change that “Chateau” theme.


Besides if a CIA Task Force were assigned to Deduce My Identity from the details and anecdotes I share, they prob could. But it would take some serious work.

So here’s an anecdote from the other night. I INTEND to keep the OTHER people anonymous out of my respect for them. But you will see how Biographical Details can Un-anonymize you!

Memorable conversation/argument I was privy to.

Group of 4 men, myself included. Argument between A and B.

A: ~26 years old, white, College Educated, Business/Economics Degree from Average Univ, very intellectual, intelligent, Decent Entry-Level Job in-his-field I am jelly of; argumentatitve

B: ~40 years old, white, argumentative, likes Pushing A’s Buttons, Decent job for 15+ years as Civil Servant, opinionated, politically incorrect, intelligent, sorta anti-college, don’t think has degree or wants, doesn’t really need (but a LOT of people don’t NEED degrees!), he’s doing well.

They get into a huge and hilarious argument about Unemployment and Deadbeats and Full Time Jobs. B Sez everyone who wants a full time job can get one, if they weren’t such a LAZY DEADBEAT and took what was available. He knows 15 places that need full time workers. But the Lazy Deadbeat Unemployeds are holding out for their Dream Job, Milking Unemployment, because they think they’re too good to work at such and such a job, or it’s not what they went to Skool for. The high unemployment rate could be drastically reduced if these deadbeats just sucked it up and took one of these jobs that are available.  But they’re MORALLY LAZY LOSERS. Anecdotal evidence. Your facts are f00king bullsh1t. You’re using logical fallacies and making excuses. These Deadbeats are not trying nearly hard enough. This guy could have had 15 jobs by now, oh yeah, he’s LOOKING REAL HARD.

Person A: Employment and Unemployment is a function of Supply and Demand. Labor Markets. Number of Jobs vs Number of People Looking. Factual Evidence. You’re just giving me anecdotal evidence of a couple people you know. You’re full of sh1t, not every one who wants a fulltime job has one. You’re oversimplifying and have logical fallacies and making excuses.

I was equally uncomfortable and amused. uncomfortable because I WAS the Lazy Deadbeat Loser that was Holding Out for a “Halfway Decent” job: Easy, Nonphysical, in an office, health care, 401k, not restaurant, not part time, “typical average” entry-level job 4 NonSTEM College Grad, unwilling to pay my dues hahaha.

Amused because it’s not like these guys are enemies, they just have very different views and pushing each other’s buttons, and it’s very fun to watch. Person B might be exaggerrating his views slightly just to provoke Person A, he admittedly gets a kick out of it. I’ve watched them argue like this before, this one however struck Closer to home than ever before, and that was Harrowing.

I think at the end of the day my own views are closer to Person B, albeit not as extreme as he expressed them that day. Sometimes you SHOULD eat the humble pie and do something Not “In Your Field,” which, unless you’re a STEM Grad, means nothing anyway.

Not sure where the cutoff should be though. Let’s just say any FULLTIME job that’s NOT in a restaurant. Or in Retail. Or Manual Outdoor Backbreaking Labor With Illegals and Multiple Felons. Or this. or that. see how it’s a slippery slope. And you don’t want to have The Dreaded SENSE OF ENTITLEMENT: B-BUT I HAVE A COLLEGE DEGREE! I DESERVE A BETTER JOB THAN PEOPLE WHO DON’T! I DESERVE AN EASY, LOW-STRESS FULLTIME JOB IN AN OFFICE!! AN OFFICE!!

Heh. See how this is a bad attitude. Besides, you gotta have a MASTERS degree if you wanna work in some fancy (or unfancy, heh) OFFICE.

Thankfully nobody asked me why I was such a deadbeat not trying hard enough to get a better job, or asking me about my education and degree. I am VERY tight lipped about my Education and my Job to begin with, and have a bunch of half-truths and deflections I tell about them. Play up my job, Play down my education. Because I am embarrassingly underemployed “for my level of education”, so my not having a better job is Proof Positive that I am a MORALLY LAZY LOSER. A DEADBEAT WHO’S NOT LOOKING HARD ENOUGH, WHO THINKS HE’S ABOVE IT ALL.

Heh. You can see how all this makes Social Situations potentially stressful. But these are all decent people who do not judge me, they did not press me for personal information, even if they did, I could have handled it breddy good. I am grateful these people don’t think I’m a Weird Loser, hahaha.

practicing what I would have said, and what you might say, if you’re POPULAR enough to actually Hang Out With People Sometimes: “Yes, I see where both of you guys are coming from. You both have compelling points. I’m honestly a really traditionally-minded guy and I might be actually closer to B’s point of view than A’s. Though I think B is playing things up a little, and I do think A has great points too.”

And if someone asks you about something you don’t want to talk about, just say, with a Confident Smile, “Sorry, that’s a Sore Subject, I don’t like talking about that much, so all I’ll say for now is that…. bla bla bla.”