wed jan 17

june 13

wewlad. took a benedryl immed after coming home from easy but not-real job. around 445 pm it really started kicking in. dont usually take benedryl on Job Nights but today decided to.

was in okay mood until i Botched some friendly small talk at the VERY END of the day regarding job search and job goals and felt retarded and inferior because of that. because the guys son is going to be a successful engineer and his daughter is going to be a successful medical professional and i, the screwup, had screwed up.

but he was really just making innocent small talk and had BETTER things to worry about, like his college age children.

felt bad reading the DS prostitution thread, that That Woman was the best woman i’ll ever know, average women are WAY WORSE, i cant even pull them on tinder because i don’t have an average job. and when i do get an average job, its just a MATTER OF TIME before I SNAP and QUIT. can’t HOLD DOWN a job. i am DISABLED and WEAK.

see the stream of HORRIBLY NEGATIVE thoughts, one after another? not just kinda negative, but really really really negative, cutting to the Core of your Being?

ideally i would be doing Physical Training right now so I couldnt be thinking these thoughts!

well i am going for a powerwalk in a bit. also the benedryl has really made me too TIRED to think ANY thoughts.

basically its better to do ANYTHING than to think HORRIBLY negative thoughts. better to take benedryl and slow all thoughts to a crawl and take a nap in the middle of the day. than to think you are a worthless loser.

its ok to think WOMEN are worthless losers. because 90% of them are.

THOSE thoughts dont actually BOTHER me NEARLY as the ones about ME being a worthless, weak loser.  which i kind of AM, but REMINDING myself of it isnt really HELPING.

hehe negative thoughts lead to negative feelz hehe.

QUOTE from prost thread:

memestrum 18h
An important take-away: do not over attribute meaning to sex.

To a lot of woman: it’s open legs, penis goes in and out. Next!
I’ve over heard women scoff about men who think it’s any more than “just boning”

I know two (2) young men who have hung themselves over break ups. I know the woman in one of those situations: I heard her and her friend scoff and laugh about it. Her friend was also a friend of the young man. They laughed, called him a looser. Makes my eyes tear, just to think about it.  END


I was “in love” once. It’s living a lie. It’s convincing yourself to be totally vulnerable because a soft woman is cooing at you, and smiling, and fucking you silly, and buying you amazing gifts.

But it’s lies, because women only ever LARP. They play loving girlfriend and wife for the same reason we scratch a dog’s tummy to get its leg going. It’s not about the dog, it’s about our amusement. [me: when men rub a dogs tummy, its moreso about we are happy because the DOG is happy. it is much more Other-Focused. The Joy of Giving.]
Women pretend to love a man, and get off on manipulating our bodies and feelings, but it’s never about us. We’re a toy, a distraction. And like a child becomes bored with a favorite toy, she becomes bored with you.

Love is what I felt when I thought the tummy rubs were because I was as special to her as she was to me.


june 14

had dream last night with a woman from the past, woman2, a qt young jooish gurl from my youth. in dream she was being very interested in me. flirting with me, being nice to me, touching me, smiling at me. these are what i call “feminine charm” and what makes a woman Fun to hang out with. Anglin says any man who enjoys the company of woman must be a homosexual. i get what he’s saying, and certainly too many women are boring bullshitting bitches too much of the time, but i think when they are NICE To you, its pretty nice. and its not just a matter of having ot suffer thru 10 hours of her babbling about bullshit while you want to blow your brains out. yeah thats a very real possibility, but there’s also this other reality: where the woman is being NICE, and FLIRTY, and making you feel like a Sexy Interesting Man. I KNOW women can do that when they want to. they did it to ME a few times, by GOD, and I never forgot it! fook no i don’t remember the conversation, because it was small talk at best, and complete bullshit at worst, but all i remember is that positive feeling!

so in the dream the gurl was giving me that feeling. but almost going overboard with it, doing stuff that was not appropriate in public, like grabbing muh d or putting her head down on muh D when we were in a public place. the principal of my high school was there and he looked right at us with an i do not approve, control your bitch face, and I was like yikes, I respect this man and dont want to disappoint him.

on the other hand, i do really like that this qt young gurl is so into me.

but i do wish she were less slutty about it. i didnt know whether to attribute it to her being a slut, or her being a joo.

so i was like that’s great babe, but do you think you could be less BLATANT until we get in private? and then I will bone you with the fury of 900000 suns?

and then she was very offended by that, and turned off her interest immediately, like a light switch, and was ice cold to me, and turned on that interest for the nearest chad. who was not far away at all.

or if she didnt do that, that was the heavy implication and i immediately feared itbecause she gave me a look like YOU DUN FOOKED UP NOW. THAT WAS YOUR ONE CHANCE AND YOU BLEW IT.

main point: it CAN be fun to hang out with women when they give you that Feminine Charm, but its CHILLING how quickly they can turn that off, and how easily they can give that to other men. you’re not special at all. they do this to every guy they meet. it’s easy for them to do this. it doesnt make you special at ALL. VERY soon she’ll stop doing this to you and start doing it to other guys.

so that sucks hehehehe. in that sense they have all the power, of when they give you interest, then that certainly does give you warm fuzzies, happiness, and confidence, then they turn off that interest, and that whole house of cards comes falling down. never base your sense of confidence on a woman’s approval/interest. NEVER.

easier said than done hahaha.

either i was having fun with women during that brief time they were showing me favor, or i was very upset when they STOPPED showing me that favor. I never felt that feel of sitting there while a woman is talking and just thinking “oh god shoot me how much more of this do i have to take before i can fook this bitch.” never. i always enjoyed the small talk, not because it was profound, because it certainly was not, but because i enjoyed the Flirtation and Indicators of Interest the woman was giving me.

that, or i really really wanted the Friendliness they showed me to be something MORE.

that, or i was actually ok with being just friends with them. until that feeling changed over when they became single for the first time in years and decided they would rather fook negros than even consider me hahahaha.


Capt.Trollbait 10m OceanView
All you need to know is that the jooz have weaponised your bodies, minds, and souls against us, and that we’re angry and sexually repressed and unemployed and have been told we are inherently evil our whole lives. The reason the male/female relations topic is such a big deal is because when you strip a man of his ability to feel love and acceptance from the female members of his racial family, it makes him feel utterly hopeless. This is not a good situation for anyone. Now we’re doing something about it.

Don’t worry, when you see us marching in the streets you can go back to not thinking again.


empathy and cooperation is not feminine, its masculine. men work together in teams well, women just bitch at each other like bitches

andrew anglin. my HERO. man of the year 2017 ehehehehehe.

other men of the year have included: MW definitely, possibly weev, possibly mikko aspa, possibly mindweapon. and anglin, like MW, there is no possibly. this is for sure.

weev is probably probably. i mean weev is great.

QUOTE When all you’re good at is deconstructionism, everything looks like a social construct.
That sentence perfectly describes 20th century J00ry. END

all quotes are from DS BBS unless otherwise specified hehehe

QUOTE from actual article by zeiger:

Even if this program of systematic child abuse doesn’t turn boys into actual homosexuals, it’s sure to turn them into weak, effeminate beta-males who will be incapable of being attractive to women or taking control over their own lives.

And they know this, of course.

This isn’t about “helping” boys. It’s about completely destroying masculinity, in order to even the playing field for girls. END

DS is pretty much the perfect “blog” because its like heartiste gone full 1433 and in support of Traditional Morality and not blatantly supporting degeneracy, but also FULLY recognizing what degenerate animals women are, and calling for STRICT, EXTREME CONTROL of them, BUT towards the end of healthy, strong hwyte families. which is the part heartiste doesnt focus on enough.

“Whiteness has already been constructed against blackness. There is no virtue in whiteness, it is inherently violent” say antiwhite phds making 150k a year as FT profs at big skools, tweeting shit like this from antiwhite conferences.

my blog exists simply to give you muh fav threads and quotes from DS. this is why AA is the man of the year. give him money!

oh yeah. i wanted to say. so you know how you are ALWAYS SUPPOSED TO DECIDE where to go to dinner (or wherever) with a woman. you ALWAYS MUST pick the place.

thats FINE. I’m happy to DO that. but then I thought, sometimes I really “have a taste” for, for example, this curry dish I get at the thai place. whereas, other times, I really want some chicken wings.

Now, what if I were a woman, and I really wanted the thai place, but My Man put his foot down and said NO we are going to the chickun place, and the whole time i would be Silently Stewing because I wanted thai curry.

would it be considered BETA or WEAK or generally SPELL DOOM for your Rel, if… said were going to the chicken place. then your gf stamps her feet and say but i wanted thai curry! and then you say yeah I really dont care, if you thai curry thats fine, i could go for either one, i dont have a real preference today, and it sounds like you do, so i could go for some thai curry, no problem with me. because you genuinely DONT HAVE a preference at the moment. and you do enjoy thai curry.

would she dump you one stike and youre out, for CUCKING and BOWING DOWN to her and not being the MAN, for listening to her?

i honestly dont know. but it is exactly the tupe of thing i would worry about. because its exactly the type of thing to happen to me. I dont have a preference, though i KNOW im SUPPOSED to pick the place, so i ask the woman if shes got a preference, she does, we go there, then i look weak, and get DUMPED shrotly after. the end.

i guess the way to do it is, as you’re going out there, spin it to convince her that you really DID choose to go to this place.

also, are you asking HER if she has a preference? DONT DO THAT.

so what if she says, unprompted, no im not in the mood for chicken, lets go get thai.  and frankly, you dont care. you could do either. so should you go for chicken becuase its what you suggested, and to go with her suggestion makes you look WEAK?

i guess you could get thai, but let her know, this has nothing to do with her. say you changed your mind and you could care less if she changed her mind to the other thing. youre getting thai now and then you are gonna bang her so hard she cant stand up straight. and spank her for thinking of dumping you hahahahahahahaha. PROVE youre not a weak man hahahaha.

sven longshanks reading volume 2.

but yeah. just saying. some days i have a strong preference to eat something, then i go eat it and feel VERY happy. other days i dont have a strong preference what to eat and am fairly happy to eat just about anything. so how could this be used against me by a damn woman hahahahaha.

also. they say you can differentiate from Emotional Eating from Actual Hunger Eating, by imagining, are you really hungry to eat a plain piece of chicken right now. Basically, plain baked protein. a plain piece of baked chicken or fish. if that sounds BLAND or MEH, then you’re really not actually hungry. like if youre thinking yummy fried crispy chicken wings. nope. or stir fried curry sauce noodles. NOPE. these would be salty, fatty, savory Comfort Food.





june 11 17

BEAUTIFUL day, 90 degrees, sunny, its a sunday so i can walk around the neighborhood in the afternoon without looking like a jobless bum neet. tried to get some sun. vitamin d.

went to grocery store on a sunday which usu dont like to do. but it was a good people watching thing today. saw some white trash sluts that i wouldnt mind banging. some 25 year old white trash slut with stupid tattoos all over her arms and a 6.8 at best hehehe. right in my wheelhouse hahaha. also saw a woman i thought was that woman but thankfully was not.

wow be perfect day to go to park with a special woman but i do not have any of those hahahaha. so i SHOULD go to the park myself and just enjoy it, but i never do.

well at least i can push myself to go walking outside hehe. listen to MK. finally got into Volume 2, over halfway through, and here its harder to find audio files. i think the english guy reading this might actually be sven longshanks. known pro-white guy and also a huge christian so the intolerant k1ke on a stick people hate him.

azzmador at the houston rally yesterday (june 10). the lefts line was that the rumor about the state taking down the sam houston statue was just “FAKE NEWS” which got the racists panties all in a bunch. who cares.

i think azz did some Time in the Pen and he has a somewhat questionable somewhat racist tattoo on his hand that suggests he was possibly in with old school Criminal Racist Gangs, and this of course is NOT the image we want to give…..but he is not COVERED in tattoos and he is a great speaker AND he is open to new ideas IE he is backing the Strong Horse Andrew Anglin. which IMHO is the best thing a 50 year old VVN 1.0 can do right now.

i have that same daily stormer shirt as well HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

the vanguard guys have a great dress code. i like the white polo shirts with khaki pants. that is a good look. wish they didnt have to hide their faces, but its also a good sign in that it means they might be gainfully-employed winners in life.

i mean you can’t wear a SUIT on a hot day in texas.

plain white polo shirt and khaki pants seems to be a great choice however.

this SONG is ILLEGAL in germany. SAD!!!

maybe wear a plain white cloth covering your face and sunglasses. i mean you cant look like K3 wearing hwyte hoods. you have to look like a NORMIE so that normies want to join you. like hister said, you gotta have the masses. white normies.

the nsdap started really taking off in 1920 when hister gave a speech to 2000 people at the munich hofbrauhaus banquet hall. 2000 people out of a population of 700K i think munich had. ok. 666K.  so that is .3% of the city. that is really quite a huge number. you could never get 2K people at a pro-hwyte rally in a city of 666K in 2017.

munich seems nice, wouldnt mind going there. munchen.


from 8pol march 2017

the jooish gully hehehehe


maybe i should get back to 8chan hahahaha. thatsa spicy copypasta!

we need people who are successful AND young. most people in that group are middle class nytimes readers. wapo readers. huffpo, daily show, hillary or bernie voters, think civic nationalism is racist, want to dismantle systemic racism etc, make 50k at age 22, live downtown and ride bikes to their corporate or nonprofit cool career, hook up on the coch carousel. we need to get these young men into the VVN Movement. not neet losers like me! and i think we are getting more of these Cool, Young, Sexy Winners in The MOvement than ever before. but we still need more.

i mean shit. we need any healthy young white man, whether they make 50k a year with a college degree, or 30k a year as a working class slave. so long as they are not into opioids or drugs or alcohol or degeneracy or porn. i worry that the working class is very susceptible to many kinds of degeneracy. well, so are the middle class.

i really dont know many people, let alone young people, so i cant really say what they are. i dont know many people period.

heh. i never used to be Political. everyone else always used to be more political than me. usually HUGE marxists.


my point is, all the people i know that went to college and became successful are also Standard NYTimes reading SJW’s who are ashamed of white racism and always bending over backwards to show how not racist they are and to signal against boorish white racists.

and they will NEVER change or be “redpilled” because they are already past 25 years old AND they are SUCCESSFUL. and when you are SUCCESSFUL you see no need that it might need to change. shit youre an antiwhite nytimes reader and now you make 50k at age 25, so you must be doing something right! you must have a correct WORLD CONCEPT!

so yeah we must influence them well before age 25. like age 18 or so.

have an 18 year old hardcore 1433’er, who then goes on to be successful making 50k a year at age 25, so HE feels vindicated in his own 1433 World Concept. Folkish World Concept hahahaha.

i mean i cant sell the FWC to anyone because i myself am a huge loser. well, i was a huge loser when i was a jooish marxist too. but THANK GOD i reevaluated my world concept and said, you know, this is FOOKING PATHETIC. if im gonna be a huge loser, i might as well not have a Political World Concept that is equally pathetic!

so i made the right decision there. unfort it hasnt made me much less of a loser. it has been a small improvement though, hahahaha.

just saying though. a 33 year old loser is not going to INFLUENCE young kids. unless those kids are Wayward AF and are looking for ANY older adult to influence them. in which case, yeah, i guess i would be happy to steer them the right way, and be glad i got to them FIRST, because they would have just as easily been influenced by a Degenerate or negro or joo or marxist or druggie.

june 12

semi interesting dream. i was in a house with a bunch of college people. i was getting semi-“intimate” with a gurl in the house who i think was jooish, and certainly a slut. i enjoyed cuddling and making out with her and not sure if i banged her. i should have. and her lavishing attention and praise on me and saying i was so cool and interesting and sexy and fun and awesome.

then i wanted to spend more time with her, started to Get Feelings, then she turned off, completely went cold and withdrew and refused to hang out with me, ignored me and was totally annoyed with me.

i was angry and hurt and my female friends gave me the same “advice” that the jooish slut was telling me: it’s just a casual hookup, its just secs, don’t get feelings, its not a real relship, you’re not dating. it’s just secs, it’s immature to get feelings so quickly.

and i was like, its shitty and jooish and slutty to have SECS so quickly then!

and i came across as the bad creepy omega male, and the women were just like, this is the way real life is, either accept it or be a creeper who doesnt get any. this is how women are.

so that was interesting hehehe. this is the way women ARE. have secs FAST and DONT get feelings are the two key takeaways hahahaha.

ok fine.

PRO WHYTE BUSINESS!!!! we need a lot lot lot more of these. pro whyte businesses in every town.


link to DS page that has a bad word in the actual URL heheheh. i guess an article from january where beautiful “smart” hwyte gurl is being cut off by her father because she is fooking a very dark skinned negro and she is doing gofundme to get gibs to support her high achieving academic life now that her evil racist father cut her off

whole thread archive


Hi, everyone! Thank you for taking the time to read this. My name is Allie Dowdle, and I live in Memphis, TN. I’m 18 years old and a high school senior at a local private school, where I’ve maintained a 4.0 GPA since 9th grade and have taken 5 AP courses. I’ve jumped at every service opportunity available to me and completed a 2 month surgery fellowship this past summer at Regional One Health in downtown Memphis. My education has always been extremely important to me, which is why I am willing to share my story:
About a year ago, I told my parents that I’d started dating a boy named Michael, pictured with me above. Hoping to share him with my family, I showed my parents his picture, and the conversation was over before it even began. My dad did not give me an option: he told me that I was not allowed to see Michael ever again. Why? Strictly because of skin color. It wasn’t a quiet “no,” either. I’ll never forget the yelling my parents did, when they expressed how disappointed they were in me, that I could do so much better. I did not know what to do. I couldn’t comprehend how someone could be seen as less because of pigment. I still can’t comprehend it, and I never will be able to.

Michael and I continued to see each other, but discretely. Over the past year, I’ve fought so hard to make my parents see Michael as a human being instead of just someone who is African American. I’ve advocated as best I know how. Finally, about a month ago, Michael and I approached my parents, but their response was much more drastic than I could’ve ever expected. As I am 18, my parents have chosen to no longer support my future, stripping me of all my resources including my personal savings, my car, my phone, and my education and leaving me on my own to pay for college. Unfortunately, I will no longer be able to attend college if I cannot come up with the money somehow. My parents also got involved with my school in attempt to get me removed from the organizations I’ve been a part of, like Coexist and Facing History and Ourselves, clubs that essentially encourage valueing and treating people equally.

I’ve applied and received some scholarship money through financial aid, including grants, loans, and work-study, but I still need at least $10,000 to cover the first year of my remaining out of pocket tuition for college by May 1st. I’ve been applying for scholarships and have tried to get a job, but I am still living under my parents’ roof because I have nowhere else to live, and my dad has done everything in his power to make the world difficult for me. I am not able to get a job because I do not have consistent transportation available.

All of this because I love another human being, as I was taught to do. How could my love for another person be wrong because of his skin color? And why would that make me unworthy of a future I’ve worked so hard for? Because my parents have listed me, their own daughter, as someone who is not worthy of their time and money, I have turned to the public for support. It hurts me to have to ask for money, as I’d rather be out working for it myself, but I currently have no other options. Even the smallest amount helps. I cannot express how much your time and money means to me. I can assure you that I am doing everything in my power to create a future for myself, but it has come to the point where I must ask for help.

Again, thank you so very much for your support.

Help spread the word!


anyway she raised at least 15k of a 10k goal.

so much wrong here. she doesnt seem like fat white trash. the black guy is wearing a suit but is dark as hell.

cant believe i didnt see this until today hehehe but this is horrible. i mean it almost sounds like a huge TROLL.

its sad because the gurl is BEAUTIFUL and probably wasnt a huge slut. its sad because her father did not raise her right in this one way. im not sure the best way to respond to this.  i prob couldnt disown my own beautiful daughter unless she were a huge Problem Child, which it doesnt seem like she is. she just did this one thing and other than that, was a perfect angel. i would probably forgive her hahahaha but she needs to repent for this pretty big thing. a Smart Gurl should be able to see that race mixing is disgusting!

she should be getting married to a nice white boy who himself has aspirations of being a doctor.

antiwhite media article condemning the father

im sure theres plenty of other MSM articles from around that time.


i guess she got it to about 28k.

yet we have white men who cant get gurls that purty.

it really triggers me to see gurls who ARENT typical slut mudsharks, all fat ugly and tattooed. but nice low number white gurls who just start off fooking one negro because they just dont know any better. this is like what happened with That Woman and it broke my heart because she wasnt an ugly high number slut. Good looking, low number, young white women who Fook Their First Negro.  its heartbreaking and infuriating and you really think, why wasnt I man enough to stop this from habbening?

i mean i really really hope that in a few years this gurl is a disgusting fat mudshark with n=600000000000000 and mud babies and neck tattoos and looks like the white trash she is.

thing is, it was probably the one black guy in the whole private school. and he is prob white acting (despite being dark as shit) and will prob get a business degree and make 50k a year and be middle class.

anyway i dont want to research this story more because i will see tons of whites giving her money saying shame on your racist father.

i dont know what is best practice her. she doesnt seem like a bad evil mudshark. as the father i would give her another chance. hell as her cuck white husband i would give her a second chance. i would say we still luv you but damn we screwed up by telling you not to date blacks BUT NOT SHOWING YOU WHY. and to do that you drive a young 12 year old gurl through the ghetto and scare them straight. you show them gross fat mudsharks in walmart. i bet the father was a boomer asshole who didnt do it like that.

fact is, young kids will fook anything that moves, and most young people are phsyically healthy and secsy.  when i was 18 i would have race mixed like crazy just to have any attention from women.

of course i never did, because i had no Game, no Masculinity, no Charm, no Confidence. so i never had to face the reality of Would I Actually Date a Nonwhite.

well, i did want to date a jooess. but at that time i thought well sure, i would get along great with her jooish family, its just a religion, its not a race, and i dont care about religion!

in other words, kids under 25, especially women, DO need to be PHSYICALLY RESTRAINED by their fathers and brothers. does this gurl have brothers? uncles? male cousins?  that would help. or is the boomer father just dumping her off in the private school and hoping that is enough to keep her away from fooking balcks. ITS NOT. HOMESCHOOL YOUR KIDS.

shit it might be worse in the private skools with only 1 black kid. cuz if you see a group of blacks doing TNB in a regular high school, you might be able to train your daughter to see that TNB for what it is, and say, i want no part of that TNBS!

and, for reasons i shouldnt have to whitemansplain, women are given much more opportunities for race mixing than men are. and the consequences are much more dire.

women just dont understand the pain of race mixing because theyve probably never been dumped for a woman of another race. the chad they were in luv with rejected them for a negress. because it would more likely be an asian than a negress. but i imagine that would make women racistly anti-asian, which anything to encourage racism in white women would be great!

do white women care if their white daughters fook blacks? what does this gurls MOTHER think? yeah what women think doesnt really MATTER….but it would be NICE if white mothers dont want their daughters to race mix.

even though in the past i said women have no loyalty to race, they’re just not CAPABLE of it, so NEVER EXPECT it from them. they just dont have it in them. you’re gonna be struggling all your life to keep your wife and daughters away from the BBC. happy life.

went outside around 1pm to get Peak Sun. went to neighborhood park to try to get full upper torso sun. took off shirt and laid down on grass letting muh belly soak up all the sun. planned to do that no more than 20 minutes. elderly man from neighborhood came up while i was listening to MEIN KAMPF and asked if i was ok. thank you i said, just getting some sun. then i realize it probably did look weird. i was the only one in the park when i got there.

anyway the point is, it was good to get some sun on muh belly, have to try that again. i usually get good sun on muh arms but never on muh pasty belly and back.

need to find a less suspicious way of doing it i guess.

dont get feelings, because its JUST SECS and YOURE NOT THAT INTERESTING. youre just a fuccboi hehehe. there are TWO absolutely degenerate things here:

  1. the jooish degen shit that secs is hedonistic pleasure and not serious
  2. the confidence shaking thing that you just arent that cool or valuable or special. which you sort of knew but you thought a qt gurl wouldnt have SECS with you unless you WERE special to HER. WRONG. she does this with EVERYBODY, including blacks.

secs is nothing special and therefore just because she does it with you doesn’t make YOU special, ya pathetic wanna special snowflake hahaha.

ok. welp. i couldnt pass up such a nice sunny 90 degree day, to get sun and vitamin d on my pasty yet very beautiful and GOD-blessed white skin. GOD and AH also say its ok to get a little sun on the skin in the summer. and vitamin D is healthy AF. just dont sit out there and get sunburned.

so I just got a folding chair and sat in the backyard from about 2 to 3 pm, reading MK and getting sun on muh bare chest, stomach, arms, even some on the pasty thighs.

well, about 210 to 250 pm. dont think i was out there long enough to get sunburned. good. i dont want to get sunburned. but i do want to get as much vitamin d and sun as i possibly can. i really should get a Sunlight Box for the winter.

maybe i should do muh powerwalks with an increasingly heavy backpack on. dont have a backpack though and dont really want to buy a good one.

QUOTE by Vernon-Roche 1h
Casual sex culture is more degenerate, and expensive/damaging to society than seeing a prostitute. If legalized, there could be strict measures to ensure the whores are clean and treated properly. Organized pornography should be outlawed and masturbation should be culturally shamed. The only sex men should have is between their wife or a prostitute. END

i agree hehehehe

google online thrift store hehehe

i will pay a little extra for higher quality used clothes hehehehe.

tfw when you go to mcdonalds on very hot day for soft serve ice cream cone and see 2 beautiful HIGH SKOOL gurls with 2 somewhat normie looking hwyte (thank god) high school boys, and think, jeez, when you were THEIR age, did you ever think that one day many years from now, you would STILL be looking longfully at high school gurls? they were just beautiful and young and there was not a lot of obvious fakery going on, it was just 17 year old gurls in the prime of youth. this is just how they look! they could seriously get ANY man. sheeeit. these young boys almost dont DESERVE it. also the young gurls really get the protector and provider instinct going. i dont want to do degen things to these gurls. yet chances are they are already making jooish porn videos with the boys giving them opioids for secs!

but these are just average high school gurls, no makeup, no whore clothes, on a 90 degree day. well they might have had tiny little shorts on and little skimpy Tops on, but really nothing super whorish considering the 90 degree weather. beautiful day. i mean you want to see whorish see the gurls when they get to be 20 and go to the CLUB and try to pick up college student afletes hahaha. quintavious and dontravious. sheeeeeeit.

put pictures of ugly mudsharks in your teen daughters room.

i was just glad the beautiful high school gurls were being sluts with white boys and not black boys. it might take them till they are 21 before they start going black.

this is why women are supposed to marry YOUNG.

i guess they can stay nondegenerate enough through their first 2 or 3 boifrans. but after 5 or 6 boifrans/cox, its just another cok in the carousel and they start doing more and more degen shit. the human lives mean less and less to them. yet they still think they can pull the alpha.

AH put physical training VERY high on his list on how to educate children. he believed a good mind in a bad body was worthless. and that a healthy body would in turn encourage a strong mind. so you should devote the majority of time of education of youth to physical training.

not sure his specifics here.

sat jan 13

june 9

actually took a bit of a powernap. it was nice.

but yeah. how can you just force your kids to go to military or FT job when they turn 18. i mean its a GREAT IDEA!!!!!! but what if they get REJECTED from the military or FT jobs? what if they go on interview after interview and never get hired? what if they get rejected from the military because they took prozac once or saw a shrink once?

then i guess it will be clear by age 18 that you have SRS ISSUES and will hopefully start seeing a shrink and getting Intense Treatment at age 18 and not a second later!


a shrink and meds can prob do more help at age 18 than they can at age 25 or older.

also might as well go to a hooker if you are still a hugless virgin.

do scary things that will help you be courageous in the long run. but dont do risky dangerous things like drugs or alcohol.

i guess going into the military is risky because you risk getting your face, legs blown off for isntreal, getting PTSD from seeing brown savagery and maybe even participating in it.

but then there are other stories of people sitting on their ass all day and not getting blown up by IEDs. if you can get one of those jobs, then sure go into the military.

i guess get a mentor who is no more than 5 to 10 years older than you, 7 years older than you, who is essentially living in the same world as you are, and can give you very realistic, very practical, very real world advice for succeeding in the real world in the current year. your family may mean well but they lived in a different time, a different world, and what worked for them wont work for you.

well unless they got masters degrees and make 80k a year and live in a 95 percentile superzip hahahahaha.

met this 30 year old woman the other day who was pretty in a traditional, nonwhorish, nonjooish, kinda mousey librarian way, in some ways SORTA looked like That Woman but i still felt good about knowing that this this new woman would be a MORE than suitable IMPROVEMENT over THAT woman….if this new woman were choosing to Be With Me and not Hoe Me Out.

But she is also married and has a baby. I saw the baby. it was a healthy white boy. i wasnt meeting this woman for the first time, i’d met her first about a month ago and instantly fell in luv with her hahahaha.

but she looked GREAT for 30 and i was a bit jelly of her husby and wished I could have met her first. but husband is more sucessful than me and she prob would have dumped me anyway for being a loser. but she prob would have been NICE about it hehehe. and been like sorry i dont mean to break your heart but youll find someone someday. im so sorry, your not a bad guy. im gonna go marry this more successful guy, give him children, and be a good wife and mother.  buh bye.

also when you are in the military you cant use drugs on your free time to blow off steam, because they give random drug tests and you will be fooked if you have drugs in your system. so your only choice is to drink, and many military people get drunk as shit and beat the shit out of people because their military sluts are cheating on them with the black recruits.

so, just do an hvac or electrician appenticeship and do drugs on your free time but never let it interfere with your work. and maybe alcohol too if you can get away with it. there are plenty of full blown alcoholics who work 60 hours a week and make enough money to support a family and live away from nonwhite violence. they just manage to do their work hungover or even drunk, and not get fired. business owners who CANT be fired and who drink on the job. roofing and painting company owners hahahaha.

they might be drunk degenerates but they also WORK HARD for 12 hours a day at least and make decent money. can pay their child support if they dont blow it on hookers, gambling, drugs, cars, boats.  people spending THOUSANDS of dollars a week at the CASINO. mother fooker. they could be using that money to hire a white man at a good wage. allow a less degen white man to raise a better family.

june 10

the old sun altitude table hehehe. to calculate when the sun angle is highest in the day and most direct. went for 52 minute pwalk to get vitamin d on beautiful warm day.

breaking news. nice!

you should also donate to that freedom front, there are some good people there. dont care if you dont like enoch. the young attorney involved should be bigger than richard spencer IMHO. one of my favorite goys who doesnt get enough press. but maybe he doesnt want it. but the splc already wrote a huge hit piece on him, including news that his wife was dumping him and trying to steal their young child from him because she doesnt want the child raised in a household of hate where they sing the horst wessel lied. wow. sad! i really hoped he would have married a better woman, he certainly deserves a good woman, and now his bitch xwife is gonna RUIN their childs life because her handsome successful race aware husband loves his race. god damn.

anyway. this young man is a HERO and should be a LEADER and i feel is already kind of a leader behind the scenes but i think he needs to be a leader in front like spencer. he is handsome, a very successful well-dressed attorney who hasnt been disbarred, and if we could all be like him the world would be a much better place.

i will try to try to donate to this foundation this year hahaha. wish they had tshirts hehehe.

it is so sad to hear about his bitch xwife trying to DESTROY their FAMILY. sheeeeeit. i just heard about this TODAY reading the guys SPLC hitpiece. guess he didnt do strong enough HWYTE SHARIA at home. that sucks, but he shouldnt be punished like this.

lemme guess. he, as a successful middle class attorney, was meeting other succcessful middle class gurls who no doubt believed that racism was the most vile kind of hate, but she blinded herself to the fact that her handsome successful hubby was a true lover of his race. and it took a room full of men shouting “SIEG HEIL!” to convince this bitch that their baby child would be raised in a “HOUSE OF HATE”.

unfookin believable. is this HIS FAULT because he didnt have a STRONG ENOUGH HAND????? i will NOT blame this on him. I will totally blame it on her.

unless he’s really a MONSTER at home. but i think fewer men are total monsters behind closed doors, than there are evil bitch women who falsely accuse men of being total monsters behind closed doors!

even worse i think they said it was gurl child. so now the gurl child is gonna be raised by the bitch mother to become an antiwhite slut and hate her wonderful white father, when she COULD have grown up to have a wonderful hwyte family herseld. i mean this attorney should have had a beautiful, large white family!!!!!!!!! i hope the xwife gets NOTHING and he marries another young hwyte woman and she is faithful and loyal to him and gives him many more white children!!!!!!!!!

anyway its NOT HIS FAULT. its HER fault. yeah maybe he should have been firmer but its STILL not his fault. this is a great man any woman would be RIDICULOUSLY LUCKY to marry. FOOK THIS BITCH for BETRAYING a GREAT man. she is a TRAITOR and should be publicly shamed and should NEVER get ANY custody of the child.  but she will prob be celebrated for saving the child from the evil racist gun-owning father, and maybe ruin his career in the process. oh god i hope not. we need a LOT more people like this guy. a pro-white attorney. not talking about some neocohen isntreal-loving attorney.

plenty of basic bitch republican attorneys. total shabbos goys!!!! do not need any more of these.

he would probably tell me, we can’t do anything with losers. the BEST thing you can do for your race is to become a SUCCESSFUL WINNER, i don’t care what it is. just get a GOOD JOB and make GOOD MONEY. that is the BEST thing you can do. not be a maladjusted neet virgin, or, a fat hillbilly pill popper with deaths head tattoos who makes 11k a year or is on disability for bad back and then uses all that money for opioids and booze. out of shape, felons, criminals, white trash, white negros, bad teeth, bad clothes, fat, ugly.

no. be a successful, handsome attorney with a good reputation who makes 150k a year and has a nice wife and kids. until his wife divorce raeps him because he was too nice!

i should send his foundation a donation right now along with an email hehehehe.

im surprised the SPLC mentioned HER name!!!!

but yeah. now im really curious about The Dynamic of their Relship. her bitchily mentioning guns and his collection of AR-15’s as if that means he is a bad father or dangerous to the child. that poor, poor child. denied her awesome father because of her evil mother!

Im a 14Words attorney AND a MGTOW attorney hahahaha.

that would be pretty good man.

i dont want him to be broken by this b1tch hehehe. i want him to continue to be a respected attorney. some people know who he is and leave negative reviews, but these are dwarfed by the positive reviews of happy clients. but i dont think they KNOW he is a 14words guy! and maybe HE wants to keep it that way! so i never say his name. but you can find it really easily hehehehe.

i dunno. i hope things work out for him. i think anglin or weev contacted him about representing anglin for the splc case, but this guy was not licensed in montana or something. he has represented good goys like heimbach and spencer in the past.

we really need more lawyers on /ourside/. heh. i should go to a shitty and horrendously expensive law school so i can become one hahaha. but it really is a ton of work to become a lawyer, and then they work 80 hours a week. its not a good life heheehehe.

hister was not some kind of fat jobless neet basement dweller when he was a young man. he was a man of principle, a decorated soldier, a courageous top tier military man. not sure if he could be considered an “officer”. by todays standards he would be. serving at least 6 years. also he respected the german military while he was serving in it. it wouldnt be like a young goy joining ZOG, knowing he is joining ZOG, and trying to game it to his advantage while running the risk of being destroyed by it.

what else. that new clandestine blaze album is better than i expected. i expected a somewhat boring album. but it is not very boring at all. it is perhaps more “atmospheric” or “emotional” or soul-stirring. almost as if mikko is taking a lesson from his buddiez in mgla, who make very spine-chilling and beautiful black metal. there is a sense of beauty and awe to it. i mean its still dark as fook and still has some very very darkthrone/celtic frost type riffs. alongside some quite melodic, “atmospheric,” semi mgla type riffs. most nuanced, more engaging, bla bla. very recommended. the previous album kinda sounded like this too. this one is continuing further down this path. very nice.

i dunno. it just sounds deeper and hits you more in the Feelz. i think CB might just be getting better. which never happens after like 14 albums. usually you just get worse and worse with a few relative “comebacks” in there.

anyway maybe anglin will get more MSM coverage now hehehe. redpill normies. no prob not, he will just get portrayed as a CRAZY PERSON by all news. even fox or breitbart or rebel media. hehehe what if lauren southern made an anti anglin vidya hahahahaha.

actually i dont hate LS, she could be a great recruiter for wimmin and the thirsty betas who want them hahaha. together this is a lot of peopel.



june 6

met this big handsome alpha winner today, seemed like a nice good guy, the type of guy you want to like you, because he is a handsome, healthy, 35 year old, charming, strong, confident, good people person, down to earth, friendly, successful, hard working, principled, good ethics, takes pride in his work, does well in his work, people rightly recognize his talent and skills and leadership and so he is gradually becoming a leader. he better have fooking KIDS. he is about 35 and ideally would have at least 3 youngish kids.

you KNOW that women find him attractive. YOU find him attractive, hahaha. this guy cannot possibly have trouble with women. but you also know that he met his wife in college undergrad when they were both 20. she prob hadnt fooked 50 guys yet and he prob hadnt had many real gf’s yet. so they got to be each others “firsts” at a youngish age, and thats the way it SHOULD be!!!!!! but as a result, he actually LIKES and RESPECTS women. i know for a fact he has done….programs and shit specifically venerating women in the x profession. and the reason his wife doesnt leave him for this egregious woman-loving, is that he also happens to be very handsome, tall, charming, successful, and probably fairly masculine. and she hasnt been with 50 guys so shes actually loyal to him. plus he’s very masculinely handsome. kind of like richard spencer mixed with a young donald trump. if his wife thinks she can get a handsomer, better man for long term, monogamous marriage, then she deserves to be thrown in the garbage and/or banished to the land of mudsharks.

so i think they will be all right. and i while i immediately liked the guy and did not BEGRUDGE him his success, i couldnt help but be a LITTLE envious of somebody who had his stuff so well together.  did all the right things in life. kept a good attitude, worked hard, never got discouraged, struggled, and succeeded with hard work, good attitude, persistence.

june 7

there shouldnt be single “adult” women out in the world. 23 year old single woman living in the Tuff World out on their own, blowing off the stress of their careers by blowing 1000 men.

theyre not SUPPOSED to face the tough world. thats why they do so bad at it. they shouldnt be living without a protector who will PROTECT THEM FROM THEMSELVES. they are as stupid as goddamn FROGGER running into the middle of the road. and that they think bad shit is good.

i am honestly not ready to listen to this album yet. my top two bands of the moment are vapaudenristi and alice in chains. said no one ever in the history of the world, until now hahahaha.

well the production immediately sounds good. good drums and vocals. under 40 minutes. his voice sounds more…. i dunno. more relate to able than the older stuff. more 2 dimensional hahaha. like a real man with real feels hehehehe. in other worlds hes gotten even better as a singer hehehe.

i mean hes never had a problem with his Shouting vocals in Vap, but his black metal vocals in CB could possibly sound a bit lifeless once in a while. but they were supposed to be. well i dont think BM always needs to be lifeless!!!!!

so in other words, CB may be becoming less nihilistic and less lifeless hahaha which IMO would improve an already great band!!!!

or maybe i just think Vap is the best thing he’s ever done and I am subconsciously viewing New CB through that perspective.

well, Vap has only been around since recently, like 2009 at the earliest. CB has been around since like 2000. Vap represents an older, wiser, more mature mikko!

is he bringing this maturity to CB? id like to think so.

also i like knowing that he is a Real Man With Feels, because some of his stuff is/was SO UNRELATETOABLE. how can you listen to NOISE? worse, how can you listen to Power Electronics? It’s singularly degenerate aesthetic that smacks of whites destroyed by the eternal joo. looking into the abyss and the abyss penetrates you completely.

the joo is the abyss hehehehehe.

eric striker, good writer. good point that men are encouraged to not have any friends and women are encouraged to throw men away, and encourage him not to have friends, and easily replace him with the next chad or tyrone from tinder. and what kind of evil bitch encourages her “BF” to K himself?


Here in the good ol’ USA, men are raised to keep other men (their fathers, brothers and friends) at an arm’s length, while emotionally and socially investing everything in a woman. The average white American man only has one friend: his spouse3!

Conversely, women are explicitly taught to hate, exploit and abuse men. They nag and blackmail men into cutting off their male friends, sometimes even their family. The problem is the vast majority of Millennial women rank their long-term husbands and boyfriends somewhere in-between their Shih-Tzu and their gay hairdresser. A new cheap man-thrill is one Tinder swipe away and Katy Perry says it’s okay.

Most women aren’t going to go through these lengths to get someone to commit suicide, but they do watered down versions of this all the time. At least 3/4 of the women I’ve dated claim to be “victims of rape,” and while they always have a heavily embellished Lifetime Channel version to tell, 99% of the time it’s about them drinking one too many Fireballs and hopping into bed with a stranger.

Women love adult choices but can’t handle adult consequences. An unsupervised 8-year-old will choose ice cream for dinner and also act like a victim when the stomach ache follows.

Imagine a world where Conrad Roy III was taught how to be a man, and spoiled brats like Michelle Carter got a slap in the face from a parent every time she rolled her eyes or her mouth got fresh.


well, i dont think children or women (same thing hahaha) should really be slapped in the face, but a good spankign sure.

well, ok, you can slap an “adult” woman in the face once in a great while, but I dont like the idea of slapping children in the face. besides, getting drunk and fooking strangers is a little more serious than eating too much ice cream.

but its the same child mindset applied to very serious adult situations.

so what about jooish IDF army gurls. you can easily find pictures of them posing like sluts. and many of them are very bangable. anglin says only one in 6000000 jooish gurls are good looking. this is WRONG. there are SHITLOADS of good looking 18-22 year old jooish gurls. i wish i could get a HWYTE gurl that good looking!

so yeah i would totally bang a jooish gurl who looked like that. in fact i have hahahahaha. i wasnt nearly as wise on the jq back then though. but even if i were, i would still have banged her! i’d do it again now with another good looking jooish gurl!

but i would never have a Baby with a jooess. those half joos are usually just as bad as full joos.

anyway. SO hard to hit the 1550 calorie goal. usually end up at like 300 over EVEN AFTER Exercising.

WARNING this is fooking disturbing. basically a punch of pedophile monsters on youtube who get millions of views but are not shut down, but pro-hwyte people get shut down. this is probably even more disturbing than mudsharks, because it SHOULD turn any decent persons STOMACH to see POOR DEFENSELESS CHILDREN USED AND ABUSED like this and NOTHING is being done about it. i guess it is not illegal to possess CP in russia. you can do a lot better than that, russia!

june 8

yeah that “bad baby” shit is disturbing af. its worse than degenerate. an oven is too good for these “people.” its so fooked up i dont even know that its evil so much as it is clearly insane. the creators were probably molested as children and now are clearly perpetuating that. but i dont want to help these poor “victims.” (the adults, clearly the children are victims and should be helped.) i figured locking the adults up and letting them starve to deth might be a good punishment.

holy shit. i am going WAY over on muh calories every day without even TRYING.

had a guy in today who was a really nice, friendly, charming white man. great man. honorable. maybe 50 years old. he was a talker and was telling all sorts of funny stories and was just really good with people and very extraverted. very very much so. but he said, the rule when you turn 18 in my house is, you either get a full time job and start paying bills, or you go to college, and im not talking about 1 class a semester, or you take your pick of a military branch. playtimes over.

i like this kind of attitude from the father, i did not nearly have it so rough. however i did great in high school and got into a great college so it was assumed that I would do college. I did, but i fooked up. i didnt do college RIGHT.

anyway. he told of his one son, 25 years old, a fookup working retail in a mall, who said, wow, i fooked up my life, what can i do. and the father was like welp now you see why i was pushing college. maybe try the military before you get too old to enlist. its either that or work this deadend loser retail job the rest of your life. you know youre too smart for this shit. you’re better than this.

so the kid joined the air force and did very well. he listened to his superiors there who pushed him to finish skool. and now the kid is like an officer i think and doing his masters degree.

not sure what his other son was doing.

the guy himself was not a typical client of ours in that he didnt have a masters degree, but he is a very smart guy, very hard worker, and very knowledgeable in a Working Man’s Trade, and I should seek Valuable Training from him and his people at my expense, to learn the useful, money-making skills he has.

trying not to dox anyone. he is skilled in a skilled trade, makes money in it, and trains apprentices in it. HELLOOOOOO!!?!?!!?!?!???!?!?! talk about opportunity knocking!!!!!

i wonder if his children ever thought of following in the fathers footsteps. and if he would help them do that.

but yeah it make me feel pathetic about myself. this guy would think i am a HUGE LOSER and he wouldnt tolerate that if I were his son! but he was also a very likable and admirable man, and I liked him, and I didn’t want him to think I was a loser! Nothing worse than when you like and respect someone but they think you’re a pathetic loser!

i didnt actually talk a lot to him. I just overheard him talking to other people in the next room. I just greeted him politely by name and he was like wow you have a good memory. I really do not, but i have made an effort to Get Good at remembering people’s names.

and we dont get so many random clients, in other words, we get a moderate number of clients, and 99% of them will be back in repeatedly, so it’s good to remember peoples name. not like tyring to remember the names of your 60000000000000000 shitty customers at walmart. but just knowing our top 80 customers or something. and being able to talk to them about what they are doing and how we can help them. relationship building hahahaha.

but yeah it really does help to be busy working all the time because then you wont get hours of free time to feel like a big loser failure. and you might hate your job but at least be making money.

but at my last job, i wouldnt even take overtime because i just wanted to get out of there. i honestly think sitting around feeling like a failure loser was better than being at that job making money!

but its different with this job. by comparison, this job is PARADISE. low low low stress. never SLAMMED with shit. going to meetings regularly. surrounded by people who are competent and can explain shit and dont want to give people the runaround. only one difficult customer and I can usually get Backup in dealing with him.

its stupid to hate women. when you luv white children. we need women to make white children.

maybe i just THINK i luv children. like being in love with the idea of being in luv. but not the reality of it.

well the reality of it, white children ARE the white RACE. thats what it boils down to. the root cause. RACE. and you cant tell me i dont luv the white RACE!

what have whites ever done for ME? EVERYTHING! its basically just an extension of muh gratitude for muh family. muh white family.

prove that race is important.

prove that race isnt important!

wheres the burden of proof here?

prove race is meaningless.

prove race isnt meaningless!

i guess its really like FAITH. what do you WANT to believe in the absence of evidence EITHER WAY.

although i think there is better evidence for race being real, that evidence that no racial differences exist.

the things i want to FIGHT for, you really cant make a JOB out of. fighting for the 14 words, the white race, fighting again the eternal woman and the eternal j00 hahahaha. there is no way you can make an average, 30k a year job out of this. i mean you could become the next andrew anglin but i dont have that in me! i am not as well balanced and mentally/emotionally healthy as andrew anglin hahahahahahaha.

i can just write poorly written screed i h8 wimmin i h8 joos i h8 the blacks i h8 wimmin all wimmin must hang hahahaha.

not all philosophers were greasy joos! the first and best philsophers were hwyte greeks like plato and socrates and aristotle!!!!!!!!

ok, good, but were they DAMN DIRTY ATHEISTS????!!?!?!

cuz atheists are almost as bad as joos. almost as bad as joos. wimmin are like the worst of joos and the blacks COMBINED!

so if wimmin are WORSE than the root cause……does that make WIMMIN the new root cause?

no, that does not logically follow.

BUT, even if you removed all  joos, wimmin would STILL be naturally bad. and need the brutal control of men.

sure. but with the influence of the joo, wimmen are 100000 times worse than they WOULD be. and for that reason its worth thinking about removing the joo. peaceably to their own homeland hahahaaha.

that woman would have still dumped me but she would have been better about it because her father wouldnt be a deadbeat loser and her mother wouldnt be a crazy whore hahahaha. and she wouldnt be fooking negros. and she would have been married with children before I ever met her. so i never would have met her. and that would be great. i wish i had never met her. it just wasnt worth it. she was a good person and the good times were good…..but the bad times were wayyyyyyy worse. and long lasting. and i learned nothing except that i am a huge failure at dealing with wimmin the way NATURE INTENDED. a failure of an adult man and there is no hope for me. great lesson thanks.



june 4 2017

to sir with love. 1967. a black engineer unable to find employment in his field takes a teaching job in a tough east london high school.

so we have to assume he couldnt get an engin job because of RACISM.

the first 10 minutes show him surrounded by cockney chav british WHYTES who are probably all racist against well-dressed, well-spoken, educated middle class blacks like sidney poitier.

he goes into the Tough School and it is full of Rowdy Working Class Whites all chattering and throwing spitballs at each other.

i dont hate old quaint jooish movies nearly as much as modern jooish movies…..but you can still see how this movie is STUFFED with jooish ridiculousness.

sheeeeit how much race mixing is gonna be in this movie. it looks like this purty white gurl is immediately interested in black buck sidney. fawning all over him in a way that clearly means she wants to get FOOKED HARD by him. if anything he’s not acting nearly muh dick enough. he’s acting too white! the working clas whites are acting more negroish than him. its interesting and disgusting and absurd.

when has this ever happened in real life.

i kinda like the movie stand and deliver though as far as High School Teacher movies go.

KINDA. i mean theres no way youre gonna get 30 latinxos to get an A in AP Calculus. but I like edward james olmos and his acne-ravaged cheeks.

ok i went and pulled the trigger, bought the CROCS. croc classics. i said i was just gonna get black. when i got to the store i looked around a bit to see what kind of colors and styles were available. i knew they had a lot of ridic colors. right next to the plain black ones were these Realtree Camo colored ones. I was like awwwww sheeeeeeeit, these ones SCREAM “I AM A HWYTE RACIST REDNECK WHO LUVS GUNZ AND HATES NONWHITES and urbanites and arabs and blacks and messicans and im just a good ol boy” which is EXACTLY what I want to be screaming. its kinda ridiculous and obnoxious hehehehe. so i got those instead of the black ones.  i felt really good and happy about it. Camo is Explicitly White, especially Realtree camo says I am a hwyte guy who owns many guns and luvs to go hunting and hates sjw and sissy phaggots.

it may also say im an evangelical christcuck and isntreal is muh greatest ally. but i would simply say nope WRONG to anyone who asked me that.

it was hard finding a good size though. they do not have half sizes. i do not know how snug they are supposed to feel.

should really get some REALTREE camo colored tshirts from WALMART. that is all I need.

its a way of signalling that you have ABSOLUTELY ZERO hwyte guilt and would probably say something like WHAT ABOUT HWYTE HISTORY MONTH? hehehehe.

ate kelloggs Smorz TM cereal for the first time today. it was pretty good. i very much enjoy SMORZ ice cream so I figured smorz cereal would also be decent. it was.

OF COURSE we understand that NOT ALL women/muslims/blacks are LIKE THAT.

BUT WAY TOO DAMN MANY OF THEM ARE. AND the ones who arent need to disavow that shit even MORE. not just disavow but how about using some force to keep your people in line?

of course white men should be keeping white women in line and they are not.

but there was a time when white women were more vocal slut shamers than they are now!

october 2014 – drama between johnson and anglin. looks like johnson may have started it. dam son.

then anglin wrote a very long and well written article where he simply defended himself and didnt witheringly insult johnson. just said, I dont think you understand what I’m doing greg, so please dont bitch about it.

greg IS a very very good writer. but so is anglin! and anglin is better about reaching 10 times the people. including younger and working class and whites without masters degrees in humanities hahahaha.

anglin links to youtuber aaron kasparov who has done a few readings of anglins articles

its not the greatest and i dont like music in the background of readings, too distracting, but the general idea is awesome, that is, taking good writing and doing readings of it. podcasts. audiobooks.  i have done 90% of my “reading” of MK by listening to the audiobook, which is very well done.

hehehehe anyway

yeah what im saying is some of us are audial learners and stuff sinks in better when we hear somebody saying it.

now when i read the MK book, I imagine that english/australian guy reading it. which is fine, he does a great job of reading it.

this kasparov guy, not as great of a voice. it helps if you have a great voice, and read the shit with some enthusiasm. helps if you do not put in distracting music. you dont need to add in graphs and images and shit. most of us just want to LISTEN to these things in the car, in the Weight Room, or while walking Outside.

but it got people talking about doing this for more of anglins articles. and i think they should. shit i would if i didnt care about getting voicedoxed.

would there be less terror attacks in UK if there were better gun laws? meaning responsible law abiding citizens could Carry in public? i know gun laws in uk are strict as hell.

all the coutries where the terror is worst and the people are just laying down – UK, france, germany, sweden – the cuckiest countries if you will – i know they all have SUPER STRICT gun laws. they hate guns almost as much as they hate whites hehehehe.

and i think the comparatively awesome gun laws in the US will prevent Moslem Violence from becoming as big a problem as it is in these western yuropean countries.

david irving, histers war. this is prob worth reading hehehe

welp anglin is now 99% of the way on his wesearchr, so that is a done deal. i just hope chuck johnson doesnt take his Usual Standard 15% fee. how about just 5%. 15% is a little much.

hail hister! hail our race! hehehehehe.

taking me a while to get into it, but vapaudenristis latest album “IK” (wont attempt to spell the finnish words) is starting to grow. At first I didnt superlike the production, now I do. i mean he is a natural born goo producer, its just a matter if “getting” it for any particular album. but theres no mistakes or corner cutting or lack of quality control or laziness with this guy, big reason why i like him.

anyway yeah i couldnt much get into this album when it came out but im glad i am giving it another chance now. this guy would be #1 on my must see concert list but I dont think he would ever do shows in the US. i mean maybe big show in NY, LA, and…..i dunno. chicago. ideally do a double set of CB and then Vap. or maybe grunt and Vap. I think he is fond of his Grunt project. I would more than welcome a couple creamface songs for fun.  but it’d want the bulk of it to be CB and Vap. 35% CB, 55% Vap, 10% other. it would have to be a 3 hour show. and shit yeah you cant do that every night.

so the IK album might be the most “serious” Vap album. its got slow songs that are kinda dark. but its constantly rocking and pummeling. his voice sounds great as ever. drums sound great. that is prob the hook there, along with the bass, which has a great, warm, live sound.  guitar is REALLY fuzzy and takes a while to get into. just pay attention to the drums and bass. and the great vocals, as always.

and i still havent listened to the NEW CB album!!!!!!!

also that art appears to be venerating Motherhood and Children.  Now I’d like to see a Father in that happy finnish family, but from the guy who, in the past, appeared to be venerating evil filth like molesting children, this is a step in the right direction hehehehehe. one of my top guys i would like to meet.

hister, anglin, weev, uncle mikko, uncle varg, i would like to meet them all. mill woes.

but yeah Vap is the first RAC-ish thing I’ve ever heard that I really liked. in that it had great production, great performances, great songwriting. i wish i could see what mikko sees in it and how it inspires him. and i also wish he was MORE racist hahahaha.

i was thinking that hwyte power might be the better book to read than MK. its only half as long, GLR’s writing sounds more like its speaking directly to you, and ultimately its the better redpilling tool. really explains shit thoroughly and applies it to a fairly modern US.  that bears a lot more resemblance to our degenerate world even more than weimar germany, which was supposedly very degenerate. well hister hadnt seen nothing yet!

so yeah. I would ALMOST recommend hwyte power over MK. i mean definitely read BOTH, but read WP first. its an easier read and more of a punch you in the face book.  fooking awful that theres no audiobook of this insanely IMPORTANT book.

sven longshanks reading some of it

full text

read it!!!!!

june 5

there are vidyas on youtube of how to BUILD YOUR OWN pistol, for people in western yurop who cant just buy gunz like we can in gun world USA hehehe.

how hard is it to get a black market pistol in france or UK or germany?

i mean all the black felons have black market pistols in the US! stolen pistols with the serial numbers rubbed off, etc.

this is an excellent 9 part series on joos and p0rn by benjamin garland which somebody should read into an audiobook

so in yurop you can join a GUN CLUB and then you can buy a gun. DO THIS NOW!!!!

oh yeah. so heres my GREAT IDEA OF THE WEEK::::::::::

I was thinking of budgeting money and saving for a $20 Squatty Potty because I fully believe that Squatting is not implicitly nonwhite, and that working class whites used to squat, in a designated squatting area, before bourgeois softies invented the sitting crapper. i dont know if it was jooz. well jooz dont poop they just make it into television shows hahahahahahahahahahahaha stealing a joo woody allen joke there. they make it into TV, media, p0rno, popular culture, education, journalism, articles, art, music, bla bla

hey just because 75 IQ moslems BREATHE AIR doesnt mean whites shouldnt BREATHE AIR TOO, or that BREATHING AIR is inherently moslem or inherently nonwhite!!!!!!

i mean it sucks to breathe the same air that they do hahahahahahahahaha but i cannot deny that yes, we both breathe air and share that in common.

ANYWAY in muh toilet there is a small plastic bin for rubbish and kleenex and floss and beard trimmings and such, a plastic white bin about 1 ft tall. i was able to put muh feet on top of it and sort of approximate a squatting position, or at least get to a much smaller angle than the 90 degree angle from sitting.

not sure if it worked as well as a squatty potty but it seemed to kind of work. you are wise to use your hands to help balance yourself on the seat once you put your feet up.

it seemed to make muh morning #2 quicker and more efficient. so you don’t have the issue of shit or get off the pot. it just comes flying right out HAHAHAHAHAHA.

so i would say, save $20 to buy a squatty potty, but if you dont have that hwyte privilege, just use a $2 plastic bin you can get from walmart and may well have in your toilet anyway.

mother fookin mudsharking on call the midwife. somewhat watchable bbc period drama set in the 1960s with a bunch of nun nurses. adapating to the brave new degenerate world where white english girls are loyal to their black buck husabnds and have 3 shitsprog mixed babies who look much more black than white. and this is all hunky dory. some people, the old racists, dont like it, but they’re wrong, that’s not the way the world is going, thats nto what jesus would do either. he’s say one love, we’re all human, you go gurl.

like mudsharking was super common in the 60s!

ALL these fookin british shows. ESPECIALLY the period shows set in the past generations. they want us to think this shit ALWAYS HAPPENED and it was ALWAYS OK. it didnt and it wasn’t!!!!!!! this is straight up REWRITING HISTORY!!!!!

this one woke me up to the most recent vapaudenristi album. had to research the name.

so. alice in chains. great band, staley great singer. i think a lot of millennials are discovering AIC and they are having a bit of a revival. so now you have young millennial gurls falling in luv with staley and basically making him just as big as kurt cobain. who had the more immediate appeal for women. but now the younger women have discovered staley and fawn all over him and want to fook him and SAVE him, not realizing he was a SELFISH, LAZY, PATHETIC, DEGENERATE. who had so much potential as a very handsome, very talented hwyte man, and THREW IT ALL AWAY on NEGRO behavior. shitting on his friends, family, fans, the whole world, just for ONE MORE FIX. and then losing your TEETH and wasting down to 90 pounds, thats just HORRIFYING. and now youtube videos are filled with people talking all this drama.

oh layne wasnt 90 pounds when he died, he was 60 pounds.

oh i talked to laynes MOM a few years ago and SHE told me the TRUTH.

oh i talked to mike starr’s friend who had seen layne the day before he died. bla bla bla.

fact was, layne was holding the band BACK, they should have kicked him out, but cantrell was too loyal and principled of a hwyte man, constantly giving his friend another chance, so the degenerate junkie could disappoint him yet again.

and by the time of their SECOND album “dirt”, layne was fully on the junk.  but he still sounded good on that album.

well hell he sounded great on the mad season album, ok, thats a great album, and that was the perfect blend of he was fooked up on heroin, AND melancholy, AND could still SING. perfect storm there. that was a great album, always recommended, timeless. mad season “above”.

just dont listen to it like a fangirl and be like oooohhh poor tortured layne, i want to save u and fook u. really understand where its coming from, and this is not a place you want to go.

basically too many women love layne too much and dont understand how pathetic and frustrating he is.

well because he’s really THAT good of a singer. honestly. as far as singers go, I enjoy him more and more every year. when i was in high school, i was like yeah, i like AIC, laynes pretty good. NOW i’m like, damn, he was one of the greatest. so yeah thats why you have this CULT of fangirls sucking his heroin dick.

but cantrell wrote all the best songs hahahaha.

and layne sounded best when he was not on heroin.

and he was on heroin for 80% of his time with AIC.

and the other point i wanted to make is, AIC and esp layne PERFECTLY exemplify 90s Nihilism of Gen X.

Note that Layne was born in 1966, the exact END of baby boomers, the exact beginning of gen x.

most of the music I enjoyed was made by gen x people. early and middle gen xers.

i myself am a VERY early millennial that overlaps a lot with late genx. still have a lot of that self destructive, self loathing nihilism.

i think the self loathing began to wear off as the millennials continued, and gave way to pure hedonism and special snowflake bullshit.

and now there’s generation zyklon. kids getting out of high school in 2017 who reject the degeneracy of the millenials and, as young teens, want to fight a race war, not do drugs, not whore it up, want to get married young and have white children. in others, the first GOOD generation since I dont even know when. at least 100 fooking years.


Baby boomers    Typically, they range from the early-to-mid 1940s and end from 1960 to 1964.

Generation X, or Gen X,  starting birth years ranging from the early-to-mid 1960s and ending birth years ranging from the late 1970s to early 1980s.

Millennials (also known as Generation Y) —typically use the early 1980s as starting birth years and the mid-1990s to early 2000s as ending birth years

Generation Z (also known as iGeneration, Post-Millennials, Plurals, or the Homeland Generation in the United States)— starting birth years that range from the mid-1990s to early 2000s, and as of yet there is little consensus about ending birth years.

so yeah. i have been paying attention more to generations as i get older and the kids get younger hahaha and my Super Early Millennial / Super Late GenX status becomes more clear.

and then millennials are degen pvssies, and gen z shows some hope for having full racial nationalist youth. alongside even further degen’d pvssies and trannies.

listened to 52 minutes of vapaudenristi today while powerwalking. cannot do that with much music. this stuff absolutely speaks to muh hwyte soul and is one of muh greatest musical discoveries of the past 2 years at least. you just cant write music like this and NOT be racially aware….even if youre not FULLY aware yet. the guy talks like a jooish phd and I wish I could just get him drunk and talk to him in person and ask him about Being Hwyte. The way I see it, you can’t read EVOLA and luv RAC without having SOME racial awareness! i honestly dont think he’s STUDIED much alt right stuff yet, and there’s a good chance he might LIKE it if he did.

that should be my mission, to turn him EXPLICITLY alt right, VVN. just ask him, what kind of nationalist are you? civic nationalist or racial nationalist? what does being hwyte MEAN to you? What do you think about race mixing? do you want to see european hwyteness preserved? and dont give me some gibberish answer.

what do you think about: alt right, anglin, weev, hister, My Struggle, william pierce, GLR, richard spencer, VVN, the jq, the wq, the 14 FOOKING WORDS??!?!?!?!?!


thats what I would ask him.

why does it matter? because his music is THAT damn good and The Movement needs more good music.

it taps into something Primordial that feels like Racial Pride to me but you can’t really confirm it. but its positive and pure and good and principled. EXACTLY the type of thing that was MISSING in the music of early gen x people like AIC. They desperately were LOOKING for some meaning and tried and failed to find it in drugs.

late gen x guys like uncle mikko FOUND some kind of meaning or Telos. well, i dont know if thats TYPICAL of late gen x’ers, actually probably not. but that’s just the generation uncle M is. a couple years older than me. but probably not THAT many years older hehehehehe.

and the college age kids now are REALLY starting to get it. like to see the Principled, Meaningful, Race-Loving music THEY make!

Heh. if I ever do another song, I would like to do a song like this. the music would be full of pride and purpose and the lyrics would be all about crushing jooish degeneracy, whilst hailing our race and the 14 words hehehehe. something which speaks directly to the european soul and glorifies and hails it as the sacred thing it is!!!! which too many people of my generation and gen x and baby boomers and some millennials have plain fooking forgotten!!!!!

pathetic seeing a race without any racial hygience, racial health, racial awareness, racial pride. kinda like seeing a pathetic junkie throwing their life away on drugs.



sat jan 6

june 2

start of muh weekend, perfect time for MJ, and yeah. cant get any. but its degen anyway. but so fun. its not as degen or as jooish as p0rn. i just wish i knew someone who could get some! its harder to get than heron hahahaha. its harder to get than a 28k a year JOB hahaha.

heard anecdote about someone who who have to pay 21k a year just for health insurance, so they decided to go back to work.  i couldnt even understand the boomer logic. i thought you struggle your whole life so at age 40 you might be lucky enough to Earn a job that gives you health insurance. by probably taking 5k a year out of your paycheck anyway. one does not simply get a job just to get healthcare. healthcare is a privilege thats almost a luxury for only the highest of achievers. you are lucky to just have a FT job that pays you 28k a year. then you should pay 21k of that to get health care hehehehe.

just treat every young woman you meet like a slut who’s taken 50 dicks……BECAUSE SHE PROBABLY HAS.

what the hell are you even supposed to TALK about with women?  how disgusting, slutty, and childish they are? i guess. give it a shot. so, sucked any good dicks today? get any interesting diseases lately, ya disgusting wh0re?

talk about their careers. hows your career going?

that feeling when your stomach wont stop gurgling very loudly. maybe a mix of being hungry, and a mix of drinking shitloads of coffee which can irritate the stomach of course.

tfw you hate women but cant stop thinking about them. obsession. not just with specific women, but all women in general! yet youve spent less than .0001% of your waking ours with women.

well thats not true. what about the women at jobs. there would be women around for HOURS.

yeah but youre not interacting with them directly for HOURS.

shit i dont even mind taking orders from women. besides all the women i work with are competent and actually smart, and decent people too.

although today i had a good day because ____________.

today i did some good because i had a bit of normie chit chat with colleague where I shared a bit about myself, namely that I am very hesistant to get a Masters degree, but I know it could prob help my career, and I know I’m not a total idiot and would like to make 28k one day; but that I had a hard time at muh old job and had a real hard time trying to get to this job, having to job search furiously for months and get rejected at 30 interviews.

this is not a person that could hurt me with this info, in fact they can probably HELP me. they WANT me to succeed. to win at life. they, god help them, think i am smart and a good writer and communicator and that i can be a winner in life. so i Shared a bit about My Struggles the past couple years. not in a vulgar way of course!

tried to explain how I can recognize good writing and that I consciously try to be a good writer but its not easy.

i also cant say I write a crazy blog, and that 99% of the writing I read is hwyte supremacy stuff. MK and daily stormer hahahaha. i dont read books and stuff like normies. so i lied and said that I regularly read the NYtimes and WaPo to get an idea of how Professional Writers write clearly.

well i USED to regularly read the slimes 10 years ago when I was a joo hahahahaha. Now I only read hister and anglin and shitposters on forums hahahaha.

I mean anglin is honestly a great writer and he doesnt have a masters degree. i dont think. weev is a great writer and he doesnt have a masters degree. not even sure he finished his bachelors degree. i know he WAS doing a bachelors in MATH. which is AWESOME.

oh yeah. i wanted to say greg johnson is a great writer too. but he has a phd. and he is a drama queen hahahahahaha. but he honestly IS a great writer.

this is why it helps to have normie interests. which i dont hahahaha.

well i could just say i read breitbart and takimag and…… journal. national review.  wall street journal.  yeah i could say that.

well i tried folks. i really tried the best I could at the moment.

I also KINDA figured out how to do some queries on excel sheets. and google sheets. basically a SQL type select * where A=June OR B=Yes. It was very important to get that OR part to work correctly. it is hard to get actual OR functionality with Mere Filters. and, no problem. or, big problem.

with google sheets, you would say =query(NamedRange1, “select * where B=’June’ OR C=’Yes'”,1)

it was the first time that I had to actually do something so “advanced” in excel since I was taking an Intermediate Excel CLASS 7 fooking years ago.  and I never had to USE this skill on a job until now.

ALso I COULD have just used 2 separate filters and just be aware that there were a couple “or” cases dangling outside the venn intersection.

the Masters Degree Boomers wouldnt have known how to do this. although maybe the GenX PhD Student Manager might have been able to figure it out. no offense to anyone, even these Boomers are very nice people.

this is why i get paid the big bucks of 11k a year!

i just get frustrated when i get a change to Speak Freely, and then i fook it up and dont express muh self clearly and sound like an idiot!

get an opportunity to Connect with someone and sell myself as a likeable, decent, interesting normie, and come across as an awkward idiot who still hasnt learned how to be an adult.

but they really dont care! if they do care, they are judging me positively with Sympathy and Concern and Caring. Rather than let this pathetic dead weight loser die off as a genetic dead end. More like, he still has potential and im gonna help him find it . he just needs a chance and im gonna give him that chance.

yeah i a judgmental as fook, prob more than i should be. but the thing is, heres the thing, if i actually KNEW a real person who was struggling, i would have compassion for them. even if in the abstract, i would say, cull the herd, weed out the weak, might makes right, cull yourself.

especially if they were a white man and they seemed like a decent person, i would show them sympathy and make an effort for them.

i saw a ridiculous bumper sticker yesterday: ITS NICE TO BE NICE.

But i fundamentally agreed with it, quite a bit. this is actually my MO when actually dealing with actual people in actual real life. nobody would suspect that I am a hate judgmental racist sexist whyte supremist neo nazi woman hater; OR that I am a super despairing debbie downer with no confidence. i just seem like a very sweet, mild mannered nice guy, because really I kind of am. but I am also a hateful hwyte supremist woman hater too! WHY NOT BOTH!

the thing that causes me the most TROUBLE is being the despairing debbie downer with no confidence.



june 3 saturday

ok beautiful day, got 10:30 hours of sleep, did a bit of laundry, 12;08pm now, i should be Raring to Go, but I am not. I just want to sit here and ake a nap and do drugs hahahaha. by that i mean do MJ.

alcohol generally makes people more degenerate. sloppy drunk negros. muh dick. who cares about principles and morals and the future of our children, lets just get drunk. i did exactly that.

but what if you are already a principle hwyte warrior like i dunno anglin or weev? are THEY allowed to get drunk? I think so. and i think they DO on occasion. not a problem.

i think when strong hwyte men like this get drunk, they dont ultimately end up compromising their morals or their race. maybe they might bang a slut. big deal.

as long as they arent getting sloppy drunk every day, its ok for them to get sloppy drunk once in a while.

once a week?

meehhhhh maybe once every TWO weeks.

started reading defensive racism by edgar steele. it looks like its gonna be pretty good. very punchy no nonsense writing. and he names the joo pretty heavily.

read it!

might red pill people better than MK, which pretty much assumes youre already heavily red pilled, invested, hardcore.

honestly if its really hard work to redpill someone, theyll prob never get it. it should be easy and natural as long as they are not blatantly ignoring reality. just be like, you know blacks are largely poor violent criminals right? you dont want to live in the Ghetto right? you want to live in a mostly white neighborhod dont you? so you’re already racist, so what does it matter Why They Are The Way They Are? You think you can change them? you’re gonna throw YOUR children under the bus on some utopian ideas that might improve nonwhites lives in 100 years, and it actually wont work anyway? you think the GOVERNMENT is gonna fix this with Antiracist policies from Above? how would YOU solve it? mo money fo mo pogams? or how about mo monay for inner citay skools. its racist that fedgov and stategov gives 1 dollar for every black student in ghetto schools, and 60000000 dollars per student in good hwyte schools.

well we need more jobs. good jobs will stabilize the community.

and it probably WOULD. but youre gonna sacrifice your children and grandchildren in the hopes that The Powers That Be will Fix these problems in YOUR lifetime?

shit yeah more and better jobs would help.

but how about changing The Blacks Culture so that they arent a bunch of muh dick thugs and violent retards. how do you get blacks to do traditional nuclear families. how about by not incentivizing them to NOT do traditional nuclear families hahaha. incentivize what you want, punish what you dont.

how about just sending black boys into the army at age 14? shit send black girls into the army at age 14 too hahahaha.

this would literally improve the quality of life for blacks 100%. and whites too!

ok so what about the mexican problem. welp people voted to build a wall. most people should vote but they were right about this one. the wall is a good idea. and it hasnt happened. nothing has happened with the glorious beautiful wall. BUILD THE WALL NOW.

get kushner out, put bannon in. much more bannon, much less kushner.

oh no. we dont need to restrict immigration. we just need to have more good jobs for everybody.

i AGREE that would be fooking AWESOME. if i could just get a sweet 28k a year job with health care without even trying. like Boomer Steve could. whatever that boomer meme is.

this guy hahahaha.

yes wouldnt it be nice if all the blacks and browns and the god blessed hwytes could all get good jobs like that. average people getting above average jobs.

yeah that would solve a lot of problems. you might even be able to sustain a multiracial society with that.

but i honestly think it would be easier to create a Hwyte Homeland than to create that many Good Jobs for Average People.

i guess one step would be to resist globalization and embrace Civic Nationalism hahahaha.

heh. thats the other thing. aint no use saying youre a civic nationalist because the middle class pigs are still gonna call you racist, because ALL NATIONALISM IS BAD and inherently racist.

so it looks weak as fook to identify as and argue for Civic Nationalism, and heres why Civic Nationalism is a better idea than Racial Nationalism. we can redpill more normies on Civic Nationalism, its not as scary.

WRONG. redpillable people are gonna have a pretty much civic nationalist mindset anyway, i mean an ANTI GLOBALIST mindset. if you need to try to CONVINCE anyone that Globalism is a Bad Idea and must be Destroyed…..dont waste your time with these people!

people who are like “anti globalism is code for anti-semite! racist! alt right neo nazis screeching about the evils of globalism!”



all nationalism is racist, ignorant and evil, including evil civic nationalism! dont you want to Work in a Global Community, hand in hand with workers from other countries! it helps us have the great quality of life we enjoy, goy! like those blacks in the ghetto hhehehehe. like the browns and asians living 50 in a house.

of course some of these mcmansions are big enough that 50 people COULD live in them. so blacks and browns actually DO this now. well hwytes should prob do it too.

again a small house on at least 1 acre of land should be good. of course 1 acre of land is expensive as fook! its also damn small. ideally you would get at least 5 acres.


Linder takes time to personally record audiobooks. for some he adds his personal commentary, but this is prob ok because he is very smart. very smart. but he too does not get along with people AT ALL. which sucks. if he were to work with anglin for example… would make DS even BETTER and BIGGER.  all pro white people need to JOIN TOGETHER hehehe but they NEVER will. linder has been a huge asshole forever. its so frustrating because he is SO smart. GREAT writer, GREAT thinker, and he could do a LOT MORE GOOD if he just partnered up with people like anglin or spencer or even TRS.

heh. i didnt realize linder liked e michael jones so much…..but EMJ is pretty good and it would be stupid to dislike him. I should buy his books. so how come linder cant be so nice to other pro whites.

audiobook of linder reading libido dominandi. EMJ book about porn and sexual morality and prob a lot about the jooz in there too hahahaha. this would prob be the first book i would buy hehehe

searching daily stormer on vnn

i would listen to anglin and linder have an 8 hour conversation hehehe gladly.

weird that AL would like EMJ because AL is a RABID anti-christian and EMJ is uhhhh a pretty big christian.

but yeah. AL is too much of a talent to be Languishing away in obscurity, but he brings a lot of that on himself I think.

Matt Parrott is another EXCELLENT writer, genius levels of autistic intelligence on that guy, outstanding writer as well, but no one knows who he is because he either doesnt get out much or he infights with people too much. he gets along very well with heimbach though.

i mean if i were building a NS Party for the current year, i would want to have all these super smart people….but they all hate each other. its either him or me!!!!! hes a phag enabler! hes a drama queen! hes a joo enabler! hes a joo lover! hes a crypto joo! hes a christcuck!

i mean i think people SHOULD show their 23 and mes if there is ever the slightest suspicion. mike enoch should have shown his months ago, immediately, when the shit first started.

heh.  i am old school. i knew about AL and parrott back in 2012 or even 2011 hehehehehe.  he is insanely smart and needs to pump himself up more.

he had a mini scandal regarding him fooking an arab slut or something, but thats not the end of the world. i think he just doesnt want to work people.

this isnt like me not wanting to be in a Metal Band because I cant get along with other metal people. i would hope most 1433 VVNs would be able to agree on First Principles, and also be interested in Tactical Activity rather than just pure larping and internet jaw flapping hehehehe.  like lets start a movement of real people in real life. get a group of 1000 healthy hwyte men with anglin and others giving fiery speeches.

shit. “just” be more like GLR. that guy had a real movement.

its just frustrating. i think the most important things are

  1. having young people, ie under 30, ideally under 25
  2. meeting in real life

thats it. those two things would go a long way. and I think a lot more young people are coming in, and it seemed like TRS was leading the way in getting people to meet. DS has book clubs but I dont think they are as active as the TRS pool parties were.

BUT AA announced that he will soon be doing a more coordinated system and pushing for book clubs. put more of his limited energy towards getting regular book clubs going.

alex linder i guess has terrible health. i thought he had crohns disease and god knows what else, so he is not very physically strong.

ideally i would like to see a yearly DS convention with tons of  people and speeches from anglin. with regular large book clubs in every major city every few weeks.

this and great podcasts was TRS’s strong suit. but that shit that happened with the joowife really weakened TRS in general. very disappointing!

and so now DS and anglin is the leader of the pack. and I am happy about that. I just hope he doesnt get weakened by something. but he’s not an infighter drama queen. he doesnt start shit. he gets along with people. if peopel dont like him, thats THEIR problem.

but i think he needs to embrace being a leader more. write less and get out in the real world more. start doing more speeches and rallies. his 2014 speech in london was AWESOME. he should be doing something like that every month.

i dont do real life meetups because i am ashamed of my loserness. how can i possibly be a good hwyte warrior. i cant. i literally have NOTHING to offer. except for very limited shekels.

DS thread recently saying that you could use torrents to host websites. distributed systems. so you never had to find some russian company to host your racist website and then one of them drunkenly trips over the power cord and the #1 racist website in the world is down for hours.

but weev said “distributed systems” are ridiculously complex and the top minds in the world can barely comprehend them. so it might not be so simple.

well weve had torrent files for years though and those work pretty well!

and also money. peopel still dont want to use bitcoins and those are easy to use. but i think you could do something better. something more stable, with less fees, and quicker.

like sending checks and cash to a PO box hahahahaha.

mudslim running over 20 people with a van in london. like 2 weeks after the manchester bombings. yep this is it. remember when this sort of thing used to be a big deal. now its nothing.

when will it start habbening in the US?

anyway immediately there are thousands of tweets from Cuckolds defending muslims. were not gonna turn these people. just very basic bitch stuff like not all muslims, these are not muslims, these are evil terrorists, theres a difference, real muslims were giving medical care to the people being run over, real muslims condemn religious extremism and murder etc.

and this happens OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER again, every week, every day, with those same kind of dumb tweets from whites and nonmuslims.

millennial woes london forum 2017 withnail and i speech is very good, well worth watching even if you have never seen the movie. i saw it once like 12 years ago and was probably drunk. i dont remember ANY of it.

hehehe when your hwyte professional middle class friends read stuff like this, nod their head solemnly, and actually talk like that……its time to get new hwyte friends hahahahahaha

SOO hard to stay under 1500 calories. i went above today and i i am about to go to bed and i am still hungry and could eat a big meal right now. 1000 calories. actually ate a 1000 calorie meal earlier and it didnt seem that big!!

so pewdiepie is getting into hwyte sharia now?

or at the very least he is saying women like it when you treat them like garbage. which is a pretty redpilled thing to say anyway. and something the joo absolutely does not want feminized white boyz to learn.








may 31 2017

yep nothign to add here, soon enough this blog will just be me posting links to DS BBS threads that hopefully dont get ovened but prob will

same thread, archive of hahahahaha

pretty soon i will be banned from hahahaha

my struggle today, mein KAMPF if you will HAHAHAHAHAHA, was i was eavesdropping on another colleague today and they were talking about their daughter, a 23ish year old nurse who had just BOUGHT a home and they were all happy. close to their nursing job, making decent money. shit i thought young nurses were supposed to work 100 hours a week and not be able to enjoy their lives. might as well live with your family and pay back your student loans because youre gonna be workign too much at a VERY stressful job to enjoy living in a house you’re paying too much for.

and then i was jelly of the 23 year old gurl who had made better life decisions than me and was able to enjoy a good life.

the mother might have said something about her breaking up with her BF but she is a VERY high energy woman who talks very very very fast.  how can a 60 year old woman have that much energy?

then i thought, oh just throw away your BF, you’ll find a new better one, workign around all those DOCTORS.

then i thought, these women treat MEN like the men are so REPLACEABLE, and for all intents and purposes, they ARE! because they find a replacement and forget about them!

i know these men arent replaceable! I wish these WOMEN were replaceable! I wish we men could replace those women as easily as they replace us! we men arent replaceable!

but even honestly those women arent replaceable either. this womans daughter is the product of 23 years of parenting, tens of thousands of dollars and hours of time, much struggling and suffering and growth and achievement.

i dont want to talk too much shit because i like the mother, who is VERY VERY VERY nice to me, and I APPRECIATE that!!!! and also I think the father died tragically. not the type of thing you can talk about casually hahahaha.

but as a 23 year old nurse she can find a handsome doctor pretty easily. what about the BF she dumped?

That Woman in my life has replaced and forgotten about me LONG ago. I wish I had replaced, upgraded, and forgotten about HER, LONG ago too.

and im mad that an amoral 23 year old gurl can achieve more in her short life than i have in my much longer life! be more successful THEN than i am NOW! jsut because she made good education and career choices; and had good interview skills; and is able to throw people away like garbage hahaha; and is not totally destroyed by the passing of her father, driven to whoring and drugs and degeneracy. that she can be TOUGH and do the TOUGH JOB of a nurse. and have enough energy at the end of a long day/week to think about buying a house. that a 23 year old can make enough money to buy a house. a WOMAN.

so that was my trigger.

my other colleague has childen just about to go to college, or in the middle of college, so thats triggering too hahaha.

these kids succeeding right at the age i was failing bigly.

its much much much better to peak at 22 than peak at 18! in other words, much better to peak when you are Entering Grad Skool, than when you are Leaving High School!

because most likely, you’ll CONTINUE to rise to your peak AFTER grad school if you are already doing WELL when you start it. and then hit your life peak in mid-career by like age 49 hahahaha, making 150k a year, giving Plenary Addresses at Conferences and doing 10 Skype Meetings a day.  Have nice shoes and a wife who isnt a fat slob hahaha. and kids who arent loser white trash.

yes, but do you care if your daughter dates nonwhites, or she’ll just do what she wants?

i do not know the intimate details of how the man manages his 18 yo daughters Luv Life.  Maybe she fooks middle class arabs and pakis for all I know. I can’t imagine the father would be happy about that, but i just dont have enough info.

the father seems to me like a good guy, who would use the Iron Fist to guide his children down the Right Path in life, without being overly helicoptery, but also not afraid to put his foot down and say NOT UNDER MY ROOF. YOURE GROUNDED. GET YOUR ASS OUT OF BED. GET A JOB. GET A STEM INTERNSHIP OR IM PULLING YOU OUT OF COLLEGE and you will come home and work construction and pay me rent to live at home. and for muh daughter, no dating nonwhites, no dating at all unless I am chaperoning you. you are gonna be a virgin on your wedding night and your husband will be a responsible, successful white boy.

will he be a hardass to his son but let his daughter walk all over him?

i just can’t say. these are VERY PERSONAL questions to ask a man!

I have hinted, good for you for busting your son’s ass. he will appreciate it when he’s 25 and is making 50+ grand a year and never has to move back home because he can’t make more than 20 grand at age 30! because he’s done 30 interviews and still cant get a 20 grand a year job!

no! because he’ll be doing a 50 grand engineering career! by age 25! 24, 23 even if he doesnt do a masters degree! and theres prob a 50% chance he wont! why does everyone have to do a masters degree?????

because you want to make 50+ grand and HAVE A WIFE AND FAMILY AND A HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


but when i was 21, i was very degen. i was like i NEVER want to have kids, kids are DEATH, then you cant bang SLUTS the rest of your life.

well sure you can hahahaha. also even when i was 21 i kinda wanted a WIFE. and if i got a wife, she prob could have convinced me to have KIDS. but i sure couldnt GET a wife hehehehe.

had dream last night where i was in a college dorm full of young people (common dream location) and i had gotten a delivery of a large box that i guess i was trying to order painkillers or something. and it had stamped right on the box a bunch of stamps an stickers like the painkillers chemical name and customs and postal inspector and you are being watched and you are going to be arrested and there is a warrant out for your arrest for ordering these illegal drugs illegally thru the mail, prepare to get arrested very soon scumbag. and i was like oh shit couldnt they have packed it with a little more STEALTH? wtf am i gonna DO??!?!?!?! and I ran out of the room and snuck out of the building. i did not get arrested.

kind of a weird dream but maybe that was me telling myself never to order anything SHADY off the INTERNET. DAMN. but i kind of want those shady things!

are there ANY fascist, National Socialist, Hwyte Supremists who DONT condemn MJ? I think I might be the only one. And I still condemn it. I just sort of accept that I want to do it, and I will keep it secret from most people.

june 1

beautiful day. need to do some serious 52 minute powerwalk out there today.

had ridiculous dream last night where i was going to a stripper. “she” had a hot young body but the head of a….35 year old beta male with balding hair and scruffy beard. maybe like a more italian-looking version of myself hahahahahaha. the stripper did super degenerate dancing including dildoing herself to Gushing Orgasms. “she” had a few dedicated fans who didnt mind her weird head. i dont know how i was one of them. “she” whined and tried to get me to do capn save a ho with this bad russian men who were after her. turned out she owed tons of money to russian gangsters. of courshe.wav.

we were whisked off to a huge facility where, among many other industrial and production operations, the russians used a machine saw to cut off bitches heads, drop the heads in a box, and have a camera attached the heads that would videotape the whole thing, from the POV of the person who is being beheaded. then i think the bodies were cut up further. this was horrifying and nightmarish.

just another standard dream!

got the edgar steele book today. defensive racism. havent even looked at it yet. i hope it talks a lot about JOOZ but i suspect it will talk about The Blacks a lot more.

supposedly steele got SET UP and wasnt REALLY conspiring to kill his wife. i hope this is true.

well maybe she was a huge cvnt hahahahaha.

then spank her, ground her, take away her phone, and continue to spank her every day until she changes her attitude hehehehe.

this is how adult women need to be and WANT to be treated.

this is a normal, healthy, mature woman. accept it or die foreveralone virgin and childless!

so from like 16-21 women date/fook men around their own age. at age 22 when they are supposed to start being career adults, they start dating men 10+ years older.

so i guess men who are 22-30 are supposed to date 16 year olds hahahahahahaha.

i dunno. i should just get a damn hooker already hehehe. even though all i want is a nice young woman to cuddle with. but that is rare and valuable as hell.  “all i want”, “just a nice woman to cuddle with”, like thats such a SMALL request. hell no thats a 600000000000000000000 times bigger request than wanting some skank to bang.

ok went for 52 min pwalk, finished chap 10 of MK, which is a VERY long chapter. got kind of boring in parts. some talk on the JQ. chap 11 is another long chapter called “nation and race” which I hope will have a LOT of talk on the JQ. at any rate, I agree with every word AH says hahahaha.

he is the greatest, wisest man who ever lived hahaha.

but things are SO much worse than they were 100 years ago when he was describing. what would he say about gays, and oh god feminism and the women. the women alone are 600000000000000000000000000x worse. he might have been driven to Drink by Today’s Women! the single mother homes, the feminism, the sluts, the career women, feminism, pornography, the gays, the trannies, and THEN all the racial diversity on top of that! if he was annoyed by czechs and poles, imagine how he would feel about even LARGER numbers of browns! violent negros! violent arabs! indolent mexicans! turks! asians! indians!

and oh god i bet he never even saw one single MUDSHARK. the only mudsharks that existed were syphilitic whores in berlin and vienna, simply taking paying customers.

AH would have been SO TRIGGERED by the extreme degeneracy today, which makes weimar germany look like……ideal aryan wheat field thousand year reich deutschland uber alles.

the degeneracy is WORSE, so we need someone TOUGHER than AH!!! WOW!!!

AH is gonna look like MICKEY MOUSE compared to the hero we need NOW!

anyway it just sucks that That Woman was REALLY the BEST woman I could find. I really really wish I could find a better woman. because how bad is it when the best woman you ever met dumped you and broke your heart and you never get over it hahahaha. kinda sucks.

she was a decent woman tho, and i was too weak to manage her properly. to do MY job. put her in her place and tell her what to do.

oh come on. wtf is going on NOW.

well it is disappointing that Greg never shows his face. I dont know how he hasnt been doxed. would it really be the end of the world if he were doxed? assuming greg johnson is not his real name. it might be!

i know he had a beef with richard spencer and hunter wallace and i never quite understood that. i cant recall what hes said about anglin. ive never seen a discussion between anglin and GJ.

so in other words, its possible greg might be a Drama Queen, and thats not a good way to be. im not gonna throw him under the bus but he really shouldnt throw other good people under the bus. him and heimbach feuding especially sucks.

and i dont like people bitching about greg. but if he does cause drama and bitch about others….doesnt he deserve it? i mean he shouldnt just get away with petty shit. if he’s done stupid shit he should apologize.

this is what i like about anglin. he rises above all drama or at least most of it. he never says anything remotely bad about other people. i am kidna the same way. when it comes to movement people of course hahahaha.

cuz i hate infighting and drama like this!

but what if its warranted? like its not GOOD for greg to talk shit! and its not GOOD for enoch to be so Circumspect about his wife!

at some point, whether you like it or not, you become a LEADER, and leaders need to SET AN EXAMPLE! sure we can be FORGIVING of them! but to say they are ABOVE THE LAW is too much. LEADERS SHOULD SET AN EXAMPLE.

and when you have thousands of people reading you, writing to you, giving MONEY to you….you’ve become a leader, whether you like it or not, and should show a sense of responsibility to that role.

like i would never say “its him or me.”

so i would tolerate Gays and Joo Fookers?


lets just all join with AA and the DS because he’s got probably the best thing going and his own personal integrity is super high. and he gets along fairly well with people. if anyone has a problem with AA….that’s THEIR problem. he never STARTS shit, he never holds grudges. I respect that a lot.

I mean if I were Greg I would be Reaching Out to AA saying how can I work with you, DS is great and you’re reaching more peopel than I am. so let me partner up with you, support you, you get the full support of counter currents. and there hasn’t been that kind of outreach.

i mean sure maybe greg is jealous of the YOUNGER guy who has ultimately been MORE successful. hehehehe i might be jealous too! i am everyday jealous of young men who are more successful than me!

i would hope i could put aside that jealousy in the service of our RACE.

i mean greg is on real good terms with MW. who is also on good terms with spencer. i HOPE greg does not say “him or me!” to MW!

Heh i left a comment for MW encouraging him to do an interview with anglin or weev. that would be AWESOME but i dont think he will.

unfort if greg really is a gay, that would make sense him being a bitchly, womanly drama queen. believe me im not happy about any of this. greg was one of THE FIRST red pill, JQ, “alt right” people for me. I was reading him in 2012 before alt right even existed. maybe even 2011. before DS, before TRS.

then these newcomers came along and kinda overshadowed greg. not because they do Better work…..but they might Tap The Vein even better. finger on the pulse. really be in touch with the zeitgeist hehehehe. and greg could choose to be friendly with them…………..or not. and have his own little isolated world. kinda sad because greg is BRILLIANT. and it would BEHOOVE him to work better with other people.

he would be more successful hehehehe. like anglin.

this is not a bad idea. OP is a top tier poster on DS, one of my favs, and one of the few who puts MGTOW in a good perspective, wants to build bridges between MGTOW and VVN and makes a very good case for it. he obv understands the WQ all too well. but he is not Consumed by Hate like some of th epeople on the BBS who just flame and insult each other back and forth. stupid as shit.